Just an update: Grandpa is doing very well. For the last six weeks he has made the journey to Indy twice a week for check-ups. Everything looks great. He will continue to have check-ups in South Bend, and just go to Indy if something doesn't look right with the blood draws/check-ups in South Bend. His immune system is still very weak and he gets tired easily, but every day it gets better as his body continues to heal. Amy, his donor, is also doing well. She is back to work and will soon go down to Indy for her check-up. While she still has to limit what she does and how much she lifts, she says she is doing good. Please continue to say prayers for both Grandpa and Amy as they continue to heal. Also, spread the word about kidney donation and encourage people to 'share their spare!'

Tonight at 10 on Fox28 they will have the full story from Grandpa and Amy's surgeries.


Amy and Grandpa just saw each other for the first time since the surgery. There was a friendly competition between Amy and Grandpa of who would make it down to the other's room first. Amy won!! Its a very long walk and she did amazing! We took some pictures which we will try to post later.

Thank you to Melanie from Fox for all your work with our family and for following us on this journey. If Amy did not see the story you did on us we would not be here today. Also a big thank you to Ian, for shooting amazing footage of the transplant. Picture 8 in the gallery below is one of my favorites. By covering this story they are helping us bring to the attention of others that live kidney donation can truly save a life!…/man-from-kidney-for-grandpa-billboar…

Jerry Graf's family has been waiting for this day for years. Graf's kidney has been failing for over eight years and he's been on the transplant list for over two. Back in January the family spent

Everything went beautifully! Amy is recovering well, though sore as expected. The first things she asked were 'How's Jerry?" "Where's Jerry?" and was not satisfied with any answers until her partner Mary went to see him! The surgeon said amazing things about her kidney, and as he connected it to Grandpa's he said it was as if it was meant to be-we truly believe that it was. The kidney started to work immediately! So far Grandpa is doing well. The toxin levels in his blood that were there before the transplant are decreasing, and true to character when I left last night he had yet to take any pain medication. They even had him UP to weigh him! Please continue to pray for Amy and Grandpa as the road to recovery is a long one, but well worth it!

Amy's kidney is beautiful!! (We'll try to post some pictures later). Amy is doing well and is in recovery. They are finishing up with Grandpa and we are waiting to talk to the surgeon.

Wow. We are so overwhelmed with emotion today and feeling so blessed. The surgery started later than expected because someone unexpectedly received a new liver. So many lives are changing today-National Donor Day April 19th!

Amy went back to surgery about two hours ago to get prepped and Grandpa followed an hour and a half after that. After they get Grandpa prepped and ready to receive, they will take Amy's kidney. Wow. Please when you see this take a moment and pray or think positive thoughts (feel free to share with your friends and family so that they may take a moment as well for Amy and Grandpa). While we will get updates, surgery will last from 4-6 hours and recovery 1-3 hours. We'll keep posting.

Yesterday Grandpa and Amy had some final tests in preparation for the transplant. We also heard wonderful news that Melanie Yuill from Fox will be coming down to cover the transplant. We are less than 24 hours away and are feeling so blessed for our angel, Amy! Thank you for all the positive thoughts and prayers that everyone has been sending our way! Please keep them coming!

Thank you to all those following our story. We are one week away from grandpa receiving an extraordinary gift from Amy Pitrowski. We hope that our story will inspire others to consider donating!

We were very happy to see the update in the South Bend Tribune today!…/sbt-grandpa-finds-needed-…

Perhaps you saw it while driving through town. The huge sign on a busy street asked the community for a big favor.

Another follow up last night and this morning on WSBT. Thank you to Ted and WSBT for coming to share more of our story as it unfolds.…/wsbt-billboard-attracts-kidney-donor-…

SOUTH BEND -- Perhaps you saw it while driving through town. The huge sign on a busy road asked the community for a pretty big favor.

Here is the link to the Fox story.…/kidney-for-grandpa-billboards-find-m… Thanks to Melanie and everyone at Fox! Amy saw our story on Fox and was compelled to call. After a few phone conversations and a meeting at Martin's, Amy knew that she wanted to donate to grandpa! She is 100% a match! The surgery is scheduled for April 19th, and then grandpa will have a long recovery. We are grateful beyond words for Amy's willingness to reach out and help our family. Grandpa will tell you her family is now a part of our family.

A Michiana man is getting the kidney that will save his life, all because his family went to extremes! We were first to tell you about their unique billboards back in January. They featured Jerry G

Be sure to watch Fox News tonight for an update! Grandpa's donor will be on!

Grandpa's birthday is today! We're hoping that with the help of a donor he will celebrate many many more!

Grandpa had a doctor's appointment today and his kidneys are functioning at 14%, which anything below 15% means kidney failure and usually dialysis. However, because he is still feeling okay the doctor will just keep monitoring him every month unless he starts feeling ill. Life expectancy is longer if a patient has a transplant and never has to go on dialysis, so Grandpa is right on the edge. If you haven't called IU Health now is the time!!!!!

Billboards are back up! Thank you Burkhart.

We just received a call from Burkhart and they have offered to run the billboard for another week free of charge! WOW! Thank you Burkhart!