Oh, I'm sure that now that those millions of users know the government will punish them they'll be clean by church on Sunday, said no one ever.

Opioids are a public health emergency, Donald Trump says, but he hasn't acted on the White House opioid commission's recommendations to expand treatment.

Nunes: Fine, the FBI Didn’t Lie, But Its Font Was Too Small #FontGate

The author of the famous memo scales back his accusation.|By Jonathan Chait

Purges. Ryan is calling for purges at the FBI. Christamighty.

House Speaker Paul Ryan called Tuesday to “cleanse” the FBI as he openly backed the release of a controversial memo that purportedly details alleged surveillance abuses by the U.S. government.
Trump sets no-protest condition for visit to UK.

What do you want to bet they can find money for a champagne toast of the anniversary of Trump's inauguration? #TrumpShutdown

Trump promised to bring back coal. One year into his Presidency the entire industry has added ~130 jobs, or about the number of people that work at a Walmart store.

Decision to close coal mine near the West Virginia-Pennsylvania border will cost 370 jobs, or most of the jobs industry added in Trump's first year.

A quick explainer on Gerrymandering and why the Courts are so important in stopping it

How to subvert American Democracy for fun and profit

Reminder: just because it's cold doesn't mean the earth isn't warming.

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The real problem with #MAGA is that the morons who keep saying it don't understand WHY America was great in the first place.

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It's almost like the tax bill won't help the middle classes at all....

The telecom titan recently announced $1,000 bonuses for 200,000 U.S. employees, while others were laid off

Republicans are literally calling for "purges" of the FBI.

Rep. Francis Rooney (R-Fla.) said there are "deep state" figures at work in the agency.

Long Island Iced Tea share-price soars after changing its name to Long Blockchain. #tellmeagainhowthestockmarketaddsvaluetotheeconomy

There’s a new leader in the sweepstakes for the zaniest name change in the crypto craze.

This asshole in a "bags-of-money-shirt" is who the #TaxScam benefits. Republicans own this and the mandatory cuts that'll happen in 2019 because of it.

The billionaire heir of conservative industrialist Bill Koch stands to benefit mightily from the newly passed Republican tax overhaul.

That moment when you realize @AnnCoulter and @SenSanders agree that this tax bill is a terrible idea.

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And the GOP tax bill is now even worse with the top %1 getting 83% of the gains and more than half of Americans seeing a tak hike in 2027.

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Oh look, Republicans Senators are literally just voting themselves money.

The last minute provision is said to benefit those with real estate income.

Oh, look who showed up in the FCC's comments section with a suspiciously robotic comment in opposition to Net Neutrality! Why, it's our 44th President Barack Obama. Nothing to see here, right @AjitPaiFCC?