Houdini 4 Pro, program catur terkuat di dunia saat ini (2014).

<p>Houdini is the unquestionable number one! The program, written by the Belgian Robert Houdart, is known for finding tricks and resources in positions that just can’t be cracked by other engines. Now, with the release of its latest incarnation, Houdini 4, the engine has been improved signifi…
<p>His rise to the top was meteoric and at his very first attempt he managed to become World Champion – if one does not count the aborted title match of 1984 as a failure. He is the youngest World Champion of all times.</p>
<p>The current openings theory with 1,5 million games. The Fritz Powerbook 2013 contains 21 millions opening positions, derived from 1,5 million high class tournament games. Together with each position all relevant information is stored: all moves that were played in the position, by players of wha…
<p style="border: 0px; padding: 0px; margin: 1em 0px; font: inherit; vertical-align: baseline;">The exclusive annotated database. Contains more than 5.4 millions games from 1560 to 2012 in the highest ChessBase quality standard. 67,000 games contain commentary from top players, with ChessBase o…

PRODUK TERBARU dari perusahaan software catur terkemuka dunia...
Chessbase 12 + Mega Database 2013 (berisi lebih dari 5 (lima) JUTA PARTAI) yang akan dirilis pada tanggal 3 DESEMBER 2012...…

ChessBase 12 – Premium Package by Chessbase - Publisher Chessbase, 2012, DVD quot;Release (English version) 1st December 2012quot; CB 12 ndash; Premium Package bull;ChessBase 12 bull;Integrated CB online database with more...
The new version, Houdini 3, goes even further, providing the chess world with yet another increase in playing strength: at least 50 Elo points, thanks to a host of improvements in its search algorithms. They manifest themselves in different ways, in vario

HOUDINI 3 telah dirilis beberapa waktu yang lalu dengan peningkatan kekuatan sebesar sekitar 50 nilai ELO dibandingkan dg Houdini 2...

Houdini Chess Engine

The Houdini 3 release will be made next Monday 15 October, sorry for the delay.
We're currently trying to figure out the best way to offer Houdini 2 customers an upgrade discount, unfortunately PayPal doesn't propose discount codes by default.
Have a nice week-end and see you on Monday!


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Houdini Chess Engine

The Houdini 3 release will be made next Monday 15 October, sorry for the delay.
We're currently trying to figure out the best way to offer Houdini 2 customers an upgrade discount, unfortunately PayPal doesn't propose discount codes by default.
Have a nice week-end and see you on Monday!

Progress update about the Houdini 3 Release.
We're currently finalizing the Houdini 3 Documentation and web page. The release will be this Friday 12 or next Monday 15 October. Stay tuned!

BERITA TENTANG HOUDINI 3... Rilis pertengahan Oktober 2012!

The new version shall, "if all goes well, in the first half of October," appear. A "tactical mode" was announced on Facebook:


Houdini 3 Tactical Mode

Last month, near the end of the Houdini 3 development, I noticed that despite being 50 Elo stronger over-all, Houdini 3 was not more proficient than Houdini 2 in solving tactical puzzles. That is no disgrace, as Houdini 2 is currently the best tactical engine available, but still I set out to improve the tactical solving ability and decided to create a dedicated Tactical Mode for this, as this would allow for some clever tricks that would otherwise reduce the normal strength of the engine.

The Houdini 3 Tactical Mode is now ready, below some results with two popular tactical test suites. All results are obtained by running at 30 seconds per position using 2 threads on a Core i5-750 with 512 MB hash:
1) Arasan 14 Tactical Suite, comprising 197 medium to hard positions
- Houdini 1.5a solves 148 positions, total solution time 34 minutes.
- Houdini 2 solves 155 positions, total solution time 35 minutes.
- Houdini 3 Tactical solves 177 positions, total solution time 22 minutes.
2) Die Tactical Suite, comprising 100 hard positions
- Houdini 1.5a solves 29 positions, total solution time 40 minutes.
- Houdini 2 solves 33 positions, total solution time 39 minutes.
- Houdini 3 Tactical solves 56 positions, total solution time 30 minutes.

These are quite spectacular results, Houdini 3 Tactical will undoubtedly be the strongest tactical position solver available. To activate the Tactical Mode you'll simply need to enable a checkbox in the configuration window of Houdini 3.

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Houdini Chess Engine
Publisher of high quality chess programs and databases. Offers a free access to a regulary updated online database.

Salah satu software catur terbaik yg saya ketahui adalah CHESS POSITION TRAINER (CPT) karya programmer dan sekaligus pecatur Jerman bernama Stefan Renzewitz. Saat ini versi terbarunya adalah CPT 4.1 Pro... Fitur2 yg ditanamkan pd software ini menurut saya sangat baik sekali, utamanya untuk BELAJAR OPENING CATUR, juga untuk MENGEKSPLORASI kemungkinan2 penerapan teori2 opening catur terbaru!…/en/b…/item/cpt-41-released

More than 50 new features, improvements and bug fixes are waiting for you. Some new features are big and long awaited like the UCI engine support, some give significant performance boost (users with big databases can tell) and others are for some people critical like no admin rights to install the p...
<p>When White doesn’t want to get involved into tons of theory, when he thinks that he is better than his opponent and can outplay him in a long game, then he uses 1.c4, the opening called English. From the basic principles of chess two moves are ok for Black - 1...e5 and 1...c5, since both a…

Engine Catur Hoduni memang terkenal sebagai Engine Catur paling kuat di dunia komputer catur saat ini... Tidak puas dengan kekuatan engine catur Houdini terbaru (Houdini 2.0c Pro), para hacker dan programmer mencoba mengoprek engine catur ini agar bisa lebih kuat mainnya dari versi standar. Alhasil muncullah engine Houdini 2.0z Pro x64, Houdini 2.0t3 x64, Houdini 2.0s2 dan lain-lainnya yg memang ternyata lebih kuat mainnya daripada Houdini versi standar (Houdini 2.0c Pro)!

Rank Name Elo + - games score oppo. draws 1 Houdini 2.0t3 Pro x64 6c 3368 12 12 1505 71% 3209 39% 2 Houdini 2.0z Pro x64 6c 3366 13 13 1500 72% 3193 36% 3 Houdini 2.0s2 Pro x64 6c 3362 16 15 1000 74% 3176 34% 4 Hou...
<p>World Champion Vishy Anand successfully defended his title for the third time. But against Boris Gelfand it was closer than ever before. The WCh match in Moscow - with, e.g., analysis by the challenger - constitutes the main theme of this issue. The WCh special on the DVD: Anand's second Rus…

Teknologi tercanggih untuk manajemen TURNAMEN CATUR produk DGT JERMAN!…/serial-tourn…/256-caissa-system

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