50 minutes to get your voice heard. Vote Ky Griffin for Congress. #txprimary #tx36

Turnout is low! I need your vote


Make sure you get out and vote. Every vote is so important in this race #txprimary #tx36

Election is Today! Vote Ky Griffin for Congress. TX-36

Vote Ky Griffin for Congress

Folks, it does look like The Houston Area Political Establishment And Big Money Are trying to buy Our 36th District U.S. Represenative Seat. Note this article addresses established politicians or big money candidates instead of the issues and the candidate that best addresses them. I was originally recommended by The Chronicle but now I am not mentioned nor is Orange County shown as part of The 36th District. WE ARE BEING MANIPULATED. IT IS TIME FOR WE THE PEOPLE TO STAND UP TO THE ONES THAT HAVE BROUGHT OUR COUNTRY TO THE MESS IT'S IN...IT IS TIME TO SPEAK UP AND VOTE FOR OUR REPRESENTATION TO BE KY GRIFFIN CITIZEN STATESMAN FOR SOUTHEAST TEXAS. VOTE FOR KY GRIFFIN TUESDAY TO MAKE AMERICA RIGHT AGAIN. (For More Information Go To…/New-and-old-names-seek-District-36-s…

Former Congressman Steve Stockman has a question for Republican voters in the new 36th Congressional District: "Would you eat at a restaurant that had to pay people to say nice things about it?" In a similar vein, he encourages voters who receive a voter guide or sample ballot in the mail...

Beautiful day for GOTV. Everyone, if you have not voted don't forget to vote for Ky Griffin tomorrow 7am-7pm. Also, tell a friend. Thank you

Last day to Early Vote!

Dont forget to vote!
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May 24, 2012

Get out and vote for a true conservative small business owner.

"A Citizen Statesman, NOT Just Another Politican"

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Tue 7:00 AM CDTSoutheast Texas

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Elect Ky Griffin, Conservative for US Congress Find your voting location here, Vis...

The Ky Griffin I know (by Rhonda Griffin)

The Ky Griffin I know

Urgent: Early Voting is here, Vote Ky Griffin for TX-36

Vote Ky Griffin TX-36. Find your voting location here, #tx36

This is a great cause and I wanted to share with you...…

Ky Griffin, a 36th Congressional District candidate, and long time member of the Jasper Lions Club, presented approximately 10,000 pair of used eyeglasses to Lions Club President Lloyd Persons on Saturday, which has been designated Eyes For The Needy Day. The presentation also coincided with the 6…

Vote Ky Griffin TX-36. Find your voting location here, #tx36

ELECT KY GRIFFIN TO 36th US CONGRESSIONAL SEAT.…/morning-bell-stopping-the-large…/

The largest tax hike in history is due to strike the United States on January 1, 2013. Known as Taxmageddon, it would impose $494 billion in higher taxes on the American people in the first year. So terrible would be its impact that yesterday Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke warned Senate Democrats that th...