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John Curran
· November 10, 2017
I signed up through a special plan at work to this location. I also had an existing membership. The staff didn't setup the new account correctly initially and they also told me I was "all set" in the ...beginning of the year. Turns out I was still getting billed monthly. My bad for not catching that. I showed proof of the membership through work, but was denied a refund from HQ. In fact, HQ accused me of lying about when I signed up and said that I was not charged twice despite having the documentation in the system. Poor customer service. I will be cancelling my membership. See More
Linda Logan
· August 20, 2017
There is new staff on duty, even worse than the previous if that's possible.
Charlie sits at the front desk while the receptionist on duty rubs his head! So unprofessional!!
Today Charlie was playin...g volleyball with the group from 3-5pm. We waited patently until 5:15 so we could use the basketball court, then Charlie proceed to argue with us about why "his team needed to finish the game".
What ever happened to the customer is always right.
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Chris Pivinski
· July 19, 2017
I've been going to this gym weekday mornings at 5am for 3 years. For the most part, the gym is good but lately things have been going downhill. The trash cans in the men's locker room are overflowing ...some mornings, and most sinks don't have soap and paper towel dispensers are empty. I know it's encouraged for members to rack their weights but shouldn't the nighttime staff at least try to organize things for those coming in the next morning? Most mornings, dumbells and the preweighted barbells are are all over the place.

I showed up at 5am this morning and nobody showed up to open the gym. I waited until 5:50 and still no one was there. Members were pretty upset and most had given up and left. Maybe have a second person scheduled in case someone oversleeps?
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Christine Gebicki
· July 17, 2017
Front desk staff need training in customer service - never acknowledge members, never smile, never a hello or a good morning. They are more interested in texting and looking at their iphones to care ...about members walking in. Rarely is a greeting given and this is not just from me but other members expressed this as well.

This past Sunday no one showed at 8am to open the doors....I waited 40 minutes and finally left. That was a big waste of my Sunday morning.

Personal trainers bringing in boom box while training a member and blasting music. So not only do you have the music coming from the house speakers - members are now bombarded with music from the trainers speakers...omg how can one concentrate on working out.
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Nia M-a
· January 13, 2017
truth is that this gym is pure shit! I have been in this gym for about 9 months starting early 2016. Back in July 2016 my husband had knee surgery and I could not go to the gym as I was taking care of... him, therefore I called to freeze my account but they did not let me do that. I have been paying $195 a month for the personal training(4 session a month) and membership for months I could not go. This past Sunday (5 days ago) It was his first time coming with me to the gym and they asked for his ID they told us it was no problem for him to come to the gym for they following 13 days( the 14 day guess pass). They also tried to sell him a membership which he didn't buy He told them " sorry I don't need a mermbership, I don't really have time like that to come" The person at the desk trying to sell him a membership kept trying after being told no, and again my husband said no thank you. So Today he comes with me again to the gym and they didn't allow him to come in, when we asked why the personnel accused him of having 2 prior guess passes in the last few months. This would have been his "3rd"guess pass if they allowed him to get one. (Remind you he had knee surgery back in July 2016 and didn't even go back to work till October 2016 and was not allowed to work out by himself). The staff was very rude, rolling their eyes at me when I came into the conversation asking how that was possible. See More
Laszlo Keszthelyi
· October 19, 2016
Great clean club with most everything you need. I happen to like the pool and spin classes and sauna. I have not found it to be overcrouded even during busy morning rush and it is open late enough to ...get a workout in after a longer than usual day. Juice bar has a good variety and even daycare for a fee (I thibk they should offer a monthly fee for that as daily use will add up fast). Training is offered but I have not used it yet. You can use other clubs which have other ameneties like raquetball in select locations so variety is nice option. I think it is a good value. My onlyvgripe is somehow my kids wound up having membership monthly fees moe that my membership fee. Still trying to work this out with them but sounds ridicilous that for a child family member you added to your base membership costs more that your own membership. See More
Diane Marschall
· February 19, 2016
La Fitness...
No accommodation for "visitors" more than 25 miles from their location?? ( I live in the Pocono Mountain area of Pennsylvania)
There goes my workout plan for today: I was gonna join my sister at her NJ club as I had
~already printed my guest pass~ on my home computer and everything was set to go, or so I thought.
I received a phone call from
Gonzalo Borreani, I assume the manager, just prior to my trip there. He called looking for information about my intended visit. He then said point blank that no one from that far away (said I must have a New Jersey drivers license) is allowed a visitors pass, and the was extremely curt while saying it!!!!!! It seemed quite clear to me that he only wanted guests that would end up as potential members, therefore increasing his sales quota.
Told them point blank that was ridiculous. I belong to Retro Fitness in Pennsylvania and they are extremely accommodating to visitors.
P.S. I scoured the fine print on my guest pass for anything pertaining to mile/state limitations... There aren't any!!
I would attach copy of my pass, but no way for me to do that here.
Just bad business.!!
The ramifications against future member sales at your location is great. SMH Very bad sale and marketing move dude.
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Chris Wilson
· June 10, 2016
Ive been going here for 3 years and the other day this one employee with a shaved head about 5 foot 6 wearing white collared shirt and glasses was not helping the other lone employee at the desk who being surrounded by customers. I did not sign in because I was in a rush and he stopped me and said i have to sign in in a very nasty attitude and seemed like he did not want to be there at all but he was not even helping his own collogue at the desk who were taking care of a long line of customers but was so fast to stop me. I am currently looking at other gyms due to this situation. I never had a problem in my 3 years until this disrespectful employee who is incompetent at doing his job correctly with a customer service tone. I work in sales and know very well how treat a customer and this is not how you treat customers. Worst customer service ever. However the rest of the staff other than this one employee has treated me very well in the past and I have never had any problems prior. See More
Maria Vermont
· September 10, 2016
It's just ok. Staff is rude tho. I was doing a little workout in a small corner in the personal training area Bc no one was there. I took one weight with me and the trainer was loudly bitching about h...ow people shouldn't be using this area and he's "fucking tired of it". So rude. Parsippany is so much nicer. They never bother you if ur using the training area when it's almost empty. And there's no wifi ! See More
Tommy Dimi
· January 2, 2018
Great gym and friendly staff. A lot of different class options. Gym very clean.
PhDan Iwaniuk
· November 5, 2014
I have been to many LA Fitness locations along the east coast and this is by far the dirtiest facility I have seen yet. The locker room floors look like they had never been cleaned, you do not want t...o touch the shower floor or walls, and you do not want to drink from the water fountains in the men's locker room. Also, the front desk staff never seems inviting. The actual gym is pretty standard for LA Fitness, maybe a little on the smaller size. The pool seems to be well maintained. See More
Iris Serlin Kippycash
· June 28, 2014
I joined because they have a beautiful pool and had excellent water instructors. Brooke and Nancy and Karla really know how to give you a good workout in the water. Now Nancy is gone and Brooke is Karla is there on Saturday mornings, but there is no one who teaches permanently on weekday mornings. There are a large number of people who only joined for the pool and will quit if this continues.
Another issue is that the club was very clean. There was a lady cleaning locker rooms and showers. Now we don't see anyone there and it is not very pleasant to see bandaids and hair lying around.
This club is a new facility and has the potential for being the best in the area, but management is not doing a good job. Hopefully they will change their methods.
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Jason Rock Fields
· August 23, 2014
My first and probably only visit to this gym. I had plan to visit this one in the wintertime but may now go to the Parsippny or Wayne location. I called an hour ahead to find out if the pool and spa... were working. They say YES! So I went to the spa and guess what? IT WASN'T working. So I got my towel and put it around my torso (no body really wants to see mine) and went to report it. Only to be greeted by a cocky employee that stated first that "I should be wearing a shirt in the gym". Nobody cared about my shirtless body. But I felt him to be less concerned about my concern. Needless to say I doubt I will be returning to a gym where the employee is sitting in a chair and didn't seem to have any concern about the issue that their equipment is not working properly. See More
Danielle Ann
May 8, 2013
Someone on your staff needs to start regulating the dismissal of the Tues 7pm yoga class. When the class ended, i didnt even make it half way across the room to put my mat back before 50 people who wa...nted to take the 8 pm zumba class came charging in. Its not fun getting shoved and stepped on by people who are trying to run to the front of the room when im trying to put my mat back. if the customers at they gym do not have enough common courtesy to allow the people taking yoga to gather their belongings and leave the room before they come barging in, then your staff needs to regulate. its rude, unsafe and someone is going to end up getting hurt. See More
Melissa Díaz
September 16, 2013
I went to the front desk to complain to the young lady on staff this morning about the drink machine not dispensing the zico bottles and she said sorry about that then I added by saying its not the fi...rst time, she said oh then began to. Speak with another patron that just walked by effectively dismissing me the way a teenager would do instead of using her words to say anything other than oh and turning away. What are we savages? See More
Shahram Dabiri
· February 13, 2017
Nice place, well organized, clean.
Wish they had spray bottles so you could spray down the machines and weights after you were done.
But other than that it's a very nice gym.
Highly recommended it.
Matt Korman
· December 2, 2013
My fiance got tricked into doing a training program where she was told it was $120 a month come to find out it was a bi weekly $120 she has been going to the trainer for several months and 4 trainers ...she liked have since left on her. They will not allow her to cancel the remaining session. I wouldnt recommend this place to anyone especially someone looking for a good trainer you wont find it there! Check out CrossfitRandolph if you want good training at a reasonable price. See More
Spi Gui
· April 29, 2017
Dirty locker rooms and nasty employees. The guy who works in the front desk has a nasty attitude and should be replaced ASAP. I made countless complaints about him without anyone addressing it. All... they say is "that's just the way he is." Make him clean the freaking lockers. They are full of hair and trash. Just like him. See More
Von Atienza
January 18, 2013
This place recently opened up and needs to really step it up more IMPORTANTLY in their gym security.

Last night on 1/17/12 between peak hours of 6pm to 8pm, my locker (which had a lock) as well as ...over a dozen men's lockers were broken into having valuables stolen, and items moved from one locker to another.

Obviously, like in any other gym i've been to - the gym is not responsible for personal belongings - however, the degree and the magnitude of the people affected was alarming! This couldn't have been a one man show - with the foot traffic of the locker room there had to have been more than one dochebag scouting the area. I'd also keep the benefit of the doubt that this was not massaged internally - there are janitors and porters in the place to make sure its clean, just 'very' odd that this was not observed.

Furthermore, I was shocked to have found out that the gym has no security cameras at all (according to the management). Of course - no cameras in the locker rooms, however I would have hoped that at least there were cameras to the entrances of the locker rooms as to narrow down who went in the locker and at what time. In addition there are no cameras outside in the parking lot.

This experience won't deter me from continuing my membership - however, I will remain EXTRA cautious of where I place my belongings. I suspect that people who place their belongings in lockers on the bottom half (which is where I had my stuff) are more susceptible to lock breaking - as I believe angling up a wrench to the top locker is way too obvious. In addition, I may begin to use the outside mini cabinets of the locker rooms - on the actual floor, to store my belongings.
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Leonardo Calle
· August 11, 2014
Yes turn over is huge. Can't blame maintenance LA Fit. is to blame. Really disappointed pool is alway closed. I joined LA (because of the pool and they don't charge $60 a month like YMCA)

Yes service is very rude never friendly always such a frown on their faces. But anyway machines are fine and clean and I hope they keep up with the pool ISSUES!!! See More
Herman R Zabkatzky III
· July 6, 2016
My favorite part about going here is that the trainer's will hog the machines for you. I'm seriously I didn't use the machine for a full 10 minutes and no one used it ( sweat free yeee :) ) it's like... no one cares that it's not being used fairly See More
· July 7, 2015
The spa has been closed since before Christmas with no opening in sight. Now there is a board missing from the seating in the sauna with several nails sticking out. Are they waiting for someone to h...urt themselves on it? Management blames all problems on the elusive "Corporate". Maybe someone needs to step up and take ownership to run this gym properly. See More
Chad Michael
December 31, 2012
La Fitness should provide compensation to the members that attempted to go to the gym today and found it closed... The website states that it is open from 5am-11pm just like any other Monday yet the f...acility was pitch black and the doors wouldn't open at 6:30am this morning. At the very least, LA Fitness should pay for the gas that was wasted driving to the retched facility See More
Lina Rodriguez
February 15, 2013
What a great VDay class with Eneida Orama!!! Beautiful, talented, sexy lady thats a hidden gem in the Zumba World. Always encouraging every single member to do their best and most of all just have fu...n!! She raffled off a gas card yesterday, which had absolutely nothing to do with LA Fitness. This was from her golden heart!!! She is always trying to make it exciting and cares that each and everyone is enjoying her class and thats hard to do with over 150 people 2X a wk!!! We LOVE YOU Eneida!!! See More
Carmen Carrero
· March 19, 2017
Love working out here. The staff is great and the trainers are super qualified and attentive!
Ana Milena Rendon
· September 2, 2016
I like the clean enviroment,restrooms are clean,dressing rooms and swimmig pool are spotless lately..I think the new team are doing a great job..!!��
Jennifer Jones
· February 4, 2016
La Fitness Randolph. No hot water today Feb 4 . Hard to take a shower with no hot water and very little water pressure. Arrrrrgrgrgrgrgrgrrg.
Ryan Pizzo
January 8, 2013
Should probably train your front desk personnel to learn your membership rates. No reason why they can't give me a sign-up fee and monthly rate over the phone. I have to talk to the sales associates...? No, I don't... you may have lost a new customer over something so simple. See More
Gail Sims
· June 10, 2014
Really good instructors and group fitness classes but frequent turnover. Unfriendly and unwelcoming staff. MANAGEMENT AND FRONT DESK RECEPTIONIST IS THE WORST!!!! Maintenance is lacking, dirty bathro...oms, broken fan in group fitness room, constant issues with sound equipment, dust bunnies and hair all over the group fitness room floor at 8:30 am. Really??? No such thing as customer service. See More
Pamela Milkewicz Sutton
· May 6, 2013
Love the yoga classes, but it would be great it you could put a 15min break after Saturday morning yoga so we can enjoy that good relaxed feeling without having to rush out for the next class.
Christine Powell Vones
· February 24, 2015
The employees at this location will lie to you so you join up. These employees then get FIRED or TRANSFERRED because of reports of this to the "higher ups". When the customer (who was lied to) calls... to rectify the issue, the new employees then say (AND I QUOTE) "It was your fault you believed them". OH... isn't that some LOVELY CUSTOMER SERVICE!!! If you have has similar issues, please report them to the Better Business Bureau and give them a POOR Review on FB!!! See More
Magali Layman
· May 12, 2016
Manager (Mr. Fernando) incredible rude! I just cancel mine and my daughter membership! The guy believe he owns the gym! I don't recommend send your teenager daughter alone to that gym! Beware!
Steven Bodenweiser
· April 29, 2014
At first I was not thrilled with La Fitness but I have found some good instructors. That is the secret to any gym. Thanks Brooke, Loretta & Rachel.
Barbara Cadmus
July 23, 2013
They need to have separete rooms for kid care too many older ones up to age 12 in with infants n toddlers much to rough. I won't b takimg my little 1 again. 1
Mitchel Ramirez
· September 26, 2016
Except for Alex ,the rest of the people there should work where they don't have to deal with customers.very rude people
Christine Syzonenko
· June 20, 2014
Too often I get there for a 9 am aqua fit class, and the POOL is CLOSED!
Need to hire a better pool service!
Maria R. Taylor
January 14, 2013
Loving the gym so far, but management should start adding more evening classes. I've had to turn around a few times because cycling class was full. Zumba classes are crowded also, not to mention wee...kend yoga! More classes please! See More
Diane N Andy Corvey
· April 27, 2017
Plenty of equipment and staff always professional
Jordi Pineda
· March 25, 2015
Worst customer service ever! Recently, left The Club at Morristown for this same reason and within a week of joining, I'm arguing with personal trainers and member service manager.
Donna Smith
· April 22, 2017
Boot camp it was an ok class not as challenging as I thought it would be though

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LA Fitness is proud to announce that we are building a 52,000 sq. ft. club in your neighborhood. Together, let’s watch this beautiful club being built from the ground up. Stay Tuned Randolph!

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LA Fitness is proud to announce that we are building a 52,000 sq. ft. club in your neighborhood. Together, let’s watch this beautiful club being built from the ground up. Stay Tuned Randolph!

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LA Fitness is proud to announce that we are building a 52,000 sq. ft. club in your neighborhood. Together, let’s watch this beautiful club being built from the ground up. Stay Tuned Randolph!

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LA Fitness is proud to announce that we are building a 52,000 sq. ft. club in your neighborhood. Together, let’s watch this beautiful club being built from the ground up. Stay Tuned Randolph!