I write, and toil, and edit, and write, and toil while my characters take over my life. The question is when will Tina face Robert Creepy Crawley and beat his butt, and when will he try to make her pay for her actions?

The further I get away from it all, the further I get.


I'm envious of the big gun writer who has an editor at his or her dispisal. Editing and rewriting is such hard work.

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I think I've exceeded 80,000 word and have written 56 chapters of my Novel "Starcrossed". There is still lots of editing to do.

I am interested in recruiting Beta readers for the first draft read of the novel. I'd love to hear from you if you are interested.


I wondered what would happen if astronomical events and astological signs influenced my characters beginning with conception and then at birth.

#astonomy, #astrology, #coincidence, #fate, #YA

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I keep getting reminders to post to my fan page. Tonight is the night. I write, I write and I write. My protagonists are taking shape in my head as they evolve through my novel. I think a novel eventually begins to write itself and the characters you create mature like children, becoming adults in the space between the first sentence you write and the last words to leave your pen

I just looked back in the record of my posts to see when I started my current novel writing project. I began writing a year ago, but I took of about 21 weeks or some online writing courses and some vacation in Mexico.

The nearest I could figure is that I have been writing and restructuring the first 30 chapters of my novel for about 31 weeks. That means I could be finished my first draft in another five months.

Starcrossed is approaching the 50000 word mark. I'll get there this weekend for sure.

I would also like to report that the Niagara Falls Public Library memoir writing workshop held on Tuesday, April 11, 2017 was a success. It was a pleasure to work with such naturally talented people.

I have not posted for quite a while. When I was in Mexico, my tablet ceased to work, so posting became difficult. The other reason is that I have been writing, writing, writing. New novel in progress now is at 40,000 words as of today.

I've probably been working on Starcrossed for about six months now and after an extensive restructuring, I am adding more material.

Writing is such a joyful activity, and at the same time, a lonely one.


Sea Turtle Eggs, Turkey Vulture, Egret

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I've been studying fiction writing. The first course was a MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) given through The Open University in the UK. It's a great course and I recommend it. The course I'd called Start Writing Fiction. Now I'm taking another course, Writing Fiction Now. So far I'm working on week one. The course focuses on developing great characters. I'll write more about this course as I progress through it.

It took me a while to remember how to bring this box up on the page. That goes to show everyone how lax my posting schedule has been. In addition to working away on my novel, I have been taking an online course re: Fiction Writing. This is week seven of eight. The course has been interesting and informative but it has taken some of my free time that I use for social media related activities. The course was well worth the time. I have learned a thing or two from it. It is call 'Start Writing Fiction' and it is given on a sight called Future Learn through the Open University in the UK.

This has been a whirlwind of a week, or should I say, it seems like rationality has been sucked up by a whirlwind named Donald Trump. Am I ever glad the election in the USA is over. Now the only thing one can rely on is that sanity and the system of checks and balances the is built into the American Republic will prevail.

I can get back to writing and editing my novel without the distraction of CNN playing in the background. GOK why I had it on. The talking heads and pundits ...were just speculating and their opinions aren't worth a damn. I am anxious to get on with my novel writing and work on my Open University course in Fiction Writing.

I have one chapter to go to finish the first third of the novel, but that chapter involves a palm reading and I know nothing about the topic. To that end I have been reading several sources and should be ready to write soon.

BTW (by the way), GOK stands for God Only Knows. I'm not sure if that sprang from my brain or an acronym I read elsewhere in my travels though the labyrinth of social media domains. This is one of those times when GOK is most appropriate.

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It is a wonderful rainy day in Carlisle, Ontario. A rainy day gives me time to think and write. It gives me time to catch up on my social media files and write some responses to things I've read. A rainy day bestows the gift of time, and I don't plan to waste a minute of that gift. Who knows,, the sun my shine tomorrow and outdoor work will summon my attention one again.

Hello to all who liked my posts in the past and all that will like it in the future. A while back I announced that I had started work on a Young Adult/New Adult fiction. I am just about to complete the first part of the book which includes the first 22 chapters and is about 26000 words in length. Writing this section of the book has been an experience because I am writing about the experiences of young women. Last night I listened to an mp3 of my work as I review the text to some fine tuning. Once this section is finished some volunteers are going to read my work and comment. I may look outside of my circle for some other readers. If you are interested, message me at

It has been a long, hot summer here in Ontario. It was a summer when global warming was reality. We were only a few days short of the all time record for days with temperatures above 30 degrees C. Hopefully the hot days of the summer are over and the record will remain unbroken. Where the jet stream sits in a La Nina year will determine the type of winter we have. This is definately not Camalot.

June 26th finds me celebrating my eldest granddaughter's 17th birthday. Tempes Fugit. On the 21st of June, I indeed delived my first official memoir writing workshop. It went well, and the feedback I receied will make the next workshop I give even better.

To all those wouldbe authors out prepared for very few book sales, unless of course you are the next J.K. Rowling, which is always possible, albeit remotely. I will earn more by giving workshops than I ever will f...rom selling my book. One workshop = 20 books sold at full price ($22.00 CDN). That's the reality of it.

Today, I also completed about 17500 words of my novel just before writig this post. I should reach about 20,000 words by Wednesday or Thursday. By the time I finish the second section of the book I will have completed 14 chapters, and about 22000 words. Can't wait to get working on Part Three.

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On the 21st of June, I will give my first memoir writing workship at a local seniors centre. I am excited about that. I'm just waiting to hear how many people signed up for my work shop.

Meanwhile, I continue to work on my novel. I just completed Chapter Eight and have written about 12,300 words. I'm on track for completion in a few months.

I keep getting reminded to post to this page, but I'm always writing something. Even though I am retired, getting time to write is someti...mes difficult. That's why it is already 12:15 AM.

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I finished Chapter 6 of my novel. I've been proof checking the first six chapters for consitency, redundancy, structural flaws, and flow of language. I hope to get going on Cahpter 7 by the weekend. You can read some of the character sketches I have posted on Wattpad under LAWeiss1946. I welcome you comments. #amwriting #fiction #mystery #crime #astrology #youngadult #newadult #wattpad