SOCHI DOGS UPDATE The LUCKY13 have now arrived safely into Moscow and are patiently waiting with volunteers before boarding their Lufthansa Airways flight out of Russia! We hope to have some photographs shortly, but in the meantime, here is some footage of the pups getting ready to leave Sochi
Gerda was found running on a busy motorway by Elena. Gerda had been injured by a car and was pregnant. She has a friend with her, Goldi, who was also in a very poor condition. Elena stopped the car, took both dogs and brought them home. They are now both well and we have paid for their sterilisation do that Elena can rehome them. Here is Gerda enjoying her bath at Elena's home.
This is the latest update from shelter Berta, a very poor shelter in Moscow region with over 200 dogs. You can see the conditions for yourself. Pups used to be born by the dozen there and the mortality rate was very high! However, since we started our sterilisation programme there last year, there has been a huge progress! There are no newly born pups at the shelter at the moment and we are closely working with the volunteers to prevent pregnancies.

These two girls, Klyopa (the ginger dog) and Lapka (the dark grey dog), are residents of a private shelter "Loyal Friends" in Kaluga, Central Russia. They both share one small misfortune – their time on the streets before they were rescued had resulted in both dogs having injured paws. Luckily, the injuries are not serious so although they both have a slight limp, they love going for walks and playing with their shelter mates.🐕🐩🐶

Both girls are very affectionate and are desperately waiting to give all their love to someone who wants to be their friend and look after them.❤️

Both dogs live with other dogs in their kennels in the shelter and we have paid for their sterilisation to keep them healthy and safe.

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Today we are ready to announce 🎤 our sterilisation results for the financial year 2017/2018 (from 1 April 2017 to 31 March 2018)! 📊

We have spent 1,393,196 Roubles on our sterilisation project. This is approximately £17.8k or $21.5k (based on the average exchange rate throughout the year).💷💶💵

We have sterilised 410 animals which include 242 dogs 🐕 and 168 cats 🐈. As a result, these animals were spared from continuous suffering of a never ending cycle of giving birth, looking ...after their young in the streets, watching them die and being in great additional danger of being pregnant or being a feeding Mum with a litter of babies to look after in the streets of Russia 😢 This also means that we have prevented the birth of thousands of kittens and puppies who no one wants…🐱🐶

Most of the animals sterilised have found new loving homes or remain safe and looked after in foster homes.👍 Responsible shelters would not put animals up for adoption until they have been sterilised. 👍 When the money is tight, some animals have to wait for a long time before they are neutered and only then they get their chance of being adopted, By sterilising shelter animals, we try to speed up this process so that the animals can find a loving home quicker and more animals can be rescued from the streets.

Those animals who after sterilisation had to be released back into the streets (because, unfortunately, there are not enough resources to take them all in and they are least vulnerable compared to others) continue to be looked after by volunteers. Now that they have been neutered, their quality of life is going to be a lot better and their health too.

We have attached for you pictures of some of the animals we have sterilised this year. There are so many gorgeous looking animals – it is hard to choose which pictures to share with you.❤️❤️

We thank all those who help and support us in our work. 🙏 Please continue to support us – we cannot do this without you! If you would like to make a donation, here is the link to our donation page: Thank you for helping us to help those who need us. ❤️🙏

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