Lisa Peyton Caire
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Thinking about my Mother this morning. She was a wise one. She could read a person and their 'story' in 3 seconds flat. She could especially peep a liar, a user..., and a trickster in record time. She would on occasion pull me aside to warn me gently about what she saw to be the motives or intentions of "friends" or others attempting to get close to me. She'd tell me and my Brothers who to watch, to keep an eye on, or who she thought we should steer completely clear of based on her reading of their character and behavior. Many times I took her advice, other times I didn't, and in a few cases, I was too caught up in my feelings for others to see what she had already peeped out from day 1. Whatever the case, she'd never judge my choices, but quietly tell me, "all right, it's up to you who you allow into your life, but just remember what I said and keep your eyes wide open. Don't let nobody use or misuse you, drain your energy, get you off the path God set for you, or drive you crazy while taking your kindness and loving heart for granted". She turned out to be right in 99.99% of cases, and luckily, when she approved of my friends, she embraced them like Family. But when she felt you were a shady or dangerous character, she'd nod to you and give you a side-eyed look that said "I see you, uhn huh, I got my eye on you"--all while handing you a plate of her home cooked food with her petite 5"1' frame but with a force so powerful that you knew she wasn't playing. I miss these things about her, her power of discernment, and her maternal instincts that served as a force field of love and protection around her children and Family. There are so many layers to a Mother's love. Listen to your Mother.

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Our LTYM shows are right around the corner! Here's info for the 5/12 Northwest Indiana show!

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Gay Men's Chorus of Washington

We are thrilled to announce that joining us for our TransAmerica concert, will be special guest soprano, Breanna Sinclairé, who returns to sing with us after wo...wing audiences during our Duruflé Requiem concert in March. Also joining us will be special guest Vanessa Ford, who will narrate one of the pieces in the concert, “At the Heart." Ms. Ford is an educator and advocate, and a board member for The National Center for Transgender Equality. She has had pieces published in The Washington Post, New York Times, and Newsweek. So thrilled they will be joining us on June 2nd and 3rd!

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LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER updated their cover photo.
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Hey fellow mamas of soon to be college freshmen - if you're sad, I'm here for you. If you can't wait until they leave the house, but you're still secretly sad, I'm here for you too! Four months for us, and I'm not sure what we're going to do.

This is my son. In a few short weeks he will be 18 years old, and in a few short months, he will be living away from us during his first year of college. I’m not quite ready. He was born to me in 2000, when his dad and I were just babies ourselves. We had no idea what we were doing, and we had no ...

Join The Foundation for Black Women's Wellness for a community forum as we engage your voices and ideas to improve the health of all Black mothers and their bab...ies in Dane County.

Your feedback is needed to identify the causes and solutions to low infant birth weight among babies born to Black Mothers (and Fathers) in Dane County, and to inform efforts to be created to change these outcomes.

Currently, babies born to Black mothers in Dane County are two times more likely than whilte babies to be born underweight, a condition that raises their risk of childhood illness and early death. This is unacceptable, and we aim to uncover the reasons, risks, and solutions for preventing this pattern--with your input.

Register today and tell other Black mothers to register too.

Lunch will be provided, several $25 gift card drawings, and a swag bag giveaway to all attendees.


For questions, call: (608) 709-8840 or email

The Dane County Health Council

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May 5 1:00 PM CDT · Urban League of Greater Madison


1. “If I’m an asshole it’s only because I’m under siege from my hormones.” 2. “Yes, I’m eating again. Stop judging me. I’m growing.” 3. “My jacket ...

Sheila Quirke has kept her daughter Donna’s story and spirit alive as a writer/speaker and an advocate for families facing childhood cancer. Now she and her son are lobbying congress for pediatric cancer research funding!

Sheila Quirke's daughter, Donna, died from a brain tumor at age 4. Now she's joining a group of moms to lobby Congress for better research funding
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Carrie Miller Bedwell is with Heidi Van Howe and 15 others.

Meet the cast of LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER Northwest Indiana 2018! Have you purchased your tickets? This is one show you won’t want to miss!

Photos by: Photographic Reality

Janelle Hanchett is even more wonderful IRL as she is on the page!!

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Mom 2.0 Summit

It’s the perfect day to share our community’s documentarian of brothers & sisters, Sibling Revelry Project. Check out Elizabeth McGuire’s gorgeous studies of si...blings in all their beautiful and complex forms & combinations. #Repost @siblingrevelryproject
We interrupt this series to celebrate #NationalSiblingDay! On the blog I’m looking back at old photos and reimagining the moments with my brothers as if they were part of my current #siblingrevelryproject.

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Read Scott's latest article published in the Washington Post today! @S_Lutostanski

Want to raise kids to be capable, organized adults? Try stepping back a bit.

Congratulations to #LTYM Madison and #LTYMBOOK contributor Rebecca Anderson Brown on her debut novel releasing this week!

Besides the fact that they got my initial wrong... yay Flying at Night in the news!

Rebecca K. Brown has written three other novels, but this is the first published novel. She has a two book contract.
The Mother's Bill of Rights is a collection of ten rights that we are assumed to have relinquished when we became mothers. Reclaim your rights.
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Robin Plemmons

It’s Transgender Day of Visibility & these are the very basics. #TDOV #supporttransrights

We’re happy to share that Mom 2.0 co-founders Laura Mayes & Carrie Pacini are featured in Heifer International's Community Leader Series! Lots of people know ab...out Heifer's amazing animal gifting work, but the tools and resources they provide to help women thrive and grow change communities are powerful as well. Click over for the Q&A, that includes shoutouts to women making a difference in our community, including Jeannine Harvey & Isabel Kallman of Feed our Democracy, Ann Imig Productions, and Brené Brown.

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We are thrilled today to introduce you to two groundbreaking community leaders as part two of our Women’s Empowerment Community Leader Series, Laura Mayes and Carrie Pacini.

Congrats to Dianne Blomberg, PhD, Diann Logan and Ellen Nordberg Author! getting to present for LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER is a great honor!

Three CAL members have been chosen for the 2018 cast of the Boulder Listen To Your Mother Show – Dianne Blomberg, Diann Logan, and Ellen Nordberg. Listen To Your Mother is the live stage show…