My word it's been a busy year! Can't believe Halloween is so close already!
Hope you all have been having a good year so far with your little Newfidor's~! What are your plans for Halloween? Have you got a costume picked out for your little furry ones?

Holy cow this summer has gotten away from us. We're half way through July already! Delilah has certainly been enjoying herself with her friend Taylor that's sure. How have your newfidor's been spending the summer months so far?

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Delilah's definitely been enjoying the grass this month. She even occasionally takes a little rest in it after eating it While grass is good for your Newfidors upset stomach there are always some tasty alternatives you can bring your furry family member on your warm weather picnics and family outings What sorts of things do you like to bring for your pooch? Delilah here just LOVES tomatoes herself

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April is coasting by with spring! Delilah is pretty happy about the weather; when it's not raining out of course. How are your Newfidor's spending their time in the sunshine?

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Happy March everyone~! Who else besides Delilah is looking forward to a little break this month?

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It seems as though there were a few messages we missed the last little while? So sorry about that everyone! We try to answer everything we can but we do end up missing some sometimes haha. Hopefully we can catch your questions more often this year so if you have any and we can give you any tips from our own experience with our newfidor we certainly will~!

Whoops, looks like we missed our first post of the new year! To make up for it we'll start off by sharing the first photo of the new year! Here little Delilah is contemplating whether or not she truly wishes to get up from her comfy spot for a cookie lol How have your newfidors been spending the new year?

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Welp, that's another holiday come and gone Hope you all had a wonderful holiday this year ^^ Here's to more love and life with your newfidors next year!

It's that time of year again! Christmas time is here at last and with it the numerous other holidays celebrated at this time of the year To everyone celebrating Christmas this year we here hope you all have a merry Christmas! And to those of you not celebrating it, happy holidays and we hope your holiday season is wonderful!
So how are you and your newfidors celebrating this year? Lets see those pictures!
We'll start. Here's our mopey girl enjoying her new scarf from grandma

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Halloween is fast approaching and that means its time to get those tricks, treats and costumes out for your pups~! Remember to take care with the treats your babies get from strangers this Halloween and check them over before you give it to them! You never know what foolish things people can try over Halloween. Now then, lets see some of those costumes your puppies can rock~!

We'll start Here's Delilah showing off her bone skirt in the park

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Not a newfidor but still sending the word around! If you're in Victoria BC Canada please help keep an eye out for this kitty!

Get the whole picture - and other photos from Ember Peckham

This isn't a newfidor but if this is your kitty and you're in the Victoria BC area please pick him/her up soon!

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Rescue Pets

Are you in the Victoria BC area? Do you recognize this cat? If you do you best act fast because this baby needs his/her family!

Labrador Newfie Dog Mixes is feeling awesome.

Happy National Dog Day everyone~!

The school year is fast approaching and with it comes the lovely fall weather. How do you and your newfidors spend the fall season? Let's see those fall fun pictures! We'll start ^^ Here's our little Delilah posing pretty for a fall portrait

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It's summer folks, that means it's time for some fun in the sun Please do take care with your furry friends and make sure to bring plenty of water (and treats) for you and your Newfidors while out and about. Have a safe and happy summer! Let's see those puppies out in the sun!

Delilah doesn't always like sharing her bed with her puppyhood friend Libby lol

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It's Christmas Day one and all~!! Here's to hoping for a wonderful holiday and a Merry New Year for you and your Newfidors this coming 2014~!