Happy Easter everyone our day was great family dinner and friends !!!

Easter recap - 24dz cupcakes (20dz for softball fundraiser)
5 cheesecakes and 2 flourless chocolate Tortes and taught class last Thursday and finally 2 brown sugar pound cakes and 2 dz cookies and 15 brownies and 4 batches of chocolate covered matzah

180 eggs used !!!! Lol

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This week has been very busy with a class teaching cheesecake and tortes to four girls. Then cakes and cupcakes with my Peppa pig grand finale first birthday and the pig roast dessert table. The dessert table had guava and cheese turnovers, coconut flan brownies
And cupcakes !!!! Now to prepare for next week

Penny Michele Polokoff added 13 photos and a video — with Megan Dawn Kanefsky Winikoff and 5 others.

10am-2pm, sugar scoops, vanilla, melted semi-sweet morsels, and 60 eggs later...

Our girls set out to learn the art of the bake led by Jolene Jody Bolton Wiltsi...e and they have created masterpieces! Kosher for Passover (Flourless, Gluten Free, Low Sugar) Chocolate Tortes and Italian Cheesecakes.

Sometimes our girls resist time in the kitchen and helping around the house. It is ideal for them to develop the skill and creativity to explore food and enjoy preparing for themselves and their guests.

As the mom, I still want Kayla Esther Zakarin to learn the skills that I learned from my mother, stepmother, and grandmothers. So, when she is not interested in doing it together, I create a party for her and her friends and have a professional come to teach them.

A peaceful, affordable, delicious, educational, and most of all fun, experience was had by all!

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Tonight was just a fun class for me and sandy was a great teach enjoyed getting a refresher class

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Ladybug Cake Creations is asking for donations to Pipers Angels Foundation Inc.
March 18

Cupcakes and cookies done for paddle board for a cure cystic fibrous fundraiser ....pipers angels will be paddle boarding from Bimini to lake worth on fathers day weekend !!!

Paddle boards to Bimini if you’d like to donate use the link below

Ladybug Cake Creations is raising money for Pipers Angels Foundation Inc.

Cookies and cupcakes this week

Hi well before we know it easter will be here and I decided to help the Seminole ridge girls softball team - my daughter Jade plays on jr varsity. so I'm baking easter cupcakes from our bakery ladybug cake creations and delivering them Friday and Saturday before easter the $25 a dz delivered and the softball team gets $5 per dozen

Death by Chocolate
Vanilla ...
Red velvet
Strawberry lemonade

Each dz gets 3 flavors I will venmo your invoice or PayPal so I can pay the softball team right away !!!

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Cupcakes this week Elmo did not take pictures of Valentine's cupcakes or flowers

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Jades 16 birthday this weekend
Her cake was great she loved it and ice skating with her friends what a blast

Finally got our new website launched

Ladybug Cake Creations is your source for the best baked goods in West Palm Beach, FL. From wedding cakes to party cakes and special occasion cakes; we do it all.

Fundraiser cupcakes for sameritan 365 kindness matters lisa levitt

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Loved my royal carriage class this am thank you Sidney

Something I needed to do it's been awhile since I've taken a cake class !! It was so much fun chocolate crib. What do you think ??

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Paintball cupcakes and cookies

Baseball fan birthday party cupcakes

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