Thank you to who ever adopted these wonderful boys!!!
This is what you leave behind when you just give up a cat. They don't understand, they're terrified, they want to go home; back to where they know safety. But it's okay, we will find them the homes they deserve; the love they need. Visit Mason County Animal Control and please give cats like this a home. No one deserves to be this scared.
All 3 have been adopted <3
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Camie Kay Bay
· December 28, 2017
I adapted 2 kittens they are awesome... I would go there again to adapt. Kathy was very friendly and checked up on how they are doing...very well taken care of...thanks again.
David Radel
· July 28, 2017
Very nice place to adopt kittens or cats, very clean, well fed and they are played with, have a nice size house of their very own, no cages,Kathy is very nice and helps so many cats in need.
Gloria Hagerman Thompson
· January 27, 2018
Love the holiday bake sale!
Great organization ��
Tammy OBrien
· August 16, 2015
Awesome organization!!!!! They do so much for our furry friends!

These are the cats/ kittens available at mason county animal control. If you are interested in any of them or would like any information on them- please call mason county animal control at 231-843-8644

Caramel is at Animal Control. Call 843-8644 for details if interested

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Mason County Animal Control
5 hrs

Caramel female adult

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Lakeshore Animal Friends updated their cover photo.
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Great idea. Great job students.

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TriState Noah Project

We’re at Twenhofel Middle School and our humane club is making shelters for stray and feral cats! We encourage everyone to follow suit and get a styrofoam coole...r, cut a hole and fill it with straw. Winter is hard on all animals.
Anything below 32 F is dangerous for cats and dogs. These shelters save lives and is a minimal investment to keep our furry friends who are left to fend for themselves safe.

We are looking to get in more schools with various projects. Please message us if you would like us in your school or if you would like to be involved with one of our #Giving projects this holiday season.

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Toby was found on Hogenson Rd. He's a handsome black cat guessed to be about 4-5 years old.
He's available at mason county animal control at 231-843-8644.

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This beautiful dog is available for adoption at Mason County Animal control. 231-843-8644

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Melissia Lockhart to Mason County Mutts GROUP (MICHIGAN)

May have been spotted in Ludington area.

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Lakeshore Animal Friends updated their cover photo.
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Gus is available at mason county animal control. Male, neutered and declawed.

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Mason County Animal Control

Gus neutered male, declawed
Current Vaccinations

Yesterday I was able to visit Eliza at her new home. She's doing wonderful and is so spoiled. Her new mommy is amazing and loves her so much. Thank you Melanie for adopting her.

It had come to our attention that a kitten was in dire need of some help. After seeing pictures of her- we had to step in. She was taken to Manistee Veterinary hospital where she had surgery. But something wonderful happened- a wonderful lady who works there- fell in love with her. She never went to a foster home- she went to her furrever home. Thank you Melanie for adopting Eliza. She's going to be spoiled and be loved.

From its inception, it has been Lakeshore Animal Friends’ goal to help place unwanted animals in homes, find lost pets and educate people about the ethical and humane treatment of animals. In recent years, Facebook has become a valuable adjunct in achieving these goals. In preceding months, however, LAF has experienced an increasing problem with statements made on its Facebook account. Some of these statements are merely in bad taste. Some of them impugn the character and of others in the animal welfare community. At LAF we cannot and will not allow our Facebook account to become a forum in which other groups or individuals can be disparaged or attacked. For this reason, we have reorganized the way in which our account will be handled in the future. From now on only our administrators will be able to post and comment on our page. Anyone may like and share our posts. We invite everyone to participate by using Messenger to communicate their interests, concerns and ideas which our administrators will be happy to consider and, when appropriate, share on our page. All inquiries about animals in need can be addressed through Messenger. Inquiries can also be made by calling the LAF phone number (231)843-1414. Please leave your message and phone number so that we can return your call

LAF would like to sincerely apologize to Mason County Mutts, MCAC and anyone else whose organization or members have been negatively impacted by comments made on our Facebook page. Jody and Lisa, our new administrators look forward to hearing from you and sharing your ideas.

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