This Lance Bulldog community is now 1000 strong!!! Thank you everybody for your enthusiasm and support.

A very festive season to all Lanz Bulldog fans all over the world. May you enjoy peace, warmth, friendship and kindness where ever you are.


To all the Lanz Bulldog fans all over the world a happy festive season and an exciting and prosperous 2012!

The membership of this fan club has now passed the 500 mark!

Happy New Year to all the Lanz Bulldog tractor fans!!!

And we keep growing! This fan club has now reached the 300-member mark. Congratlulations to all the members.

Yet another milestone! This fan club has reached the 250-member mark!

I am absolutely delighted that this fan club has reached the 200-member mark!

Anlassvorgang eines LANZ Bulldog erläutert und demonstriert.
Lanz Bulldog @ Oldtimertreffen Hollen 2007 - Video 4