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I appreciate the Veridian Event Center ( 8030 S 1825 W, West Jordan) sponsoring my "Earn $40-$100 an Hour from Scholarships" workshop on Tuesday, April 18 from 6:30-8:00. The workshop is free to the public. Parents, youth, and adults will learn how to find 60-100 scholarships and say the right thing so the committees want to give them the money. I hope you can attend.

I recently attended Man of La Mancha. It reminded me of the importance to "see things as they should be and not as they are" and "to dream the impossible dream." Dreaming, however, is not enough. You must act to make your dreams come true. Taking positive action, recognizing setbacks will occur, enh…

Deliver Results

Three key actions will advance your career and earn you the biggest raises or best promotions: 1) Do the job management expects--and more, 2) Fit into your work team and organization, and 3) Regularly communicate your return-on-investment to management. Focus on each of the three keys to improve you…

Keep Your Skills Current

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Be a Positive Influence with Co-Workers

Analyze your actions, conversations, messages, and communications with co-workers. Seek to ensure that you influence colleagues in positive manners. Focus on up-lifting, encouraging, and supportive communication and action. Look for better smiles, confidence, and countenances to verify success.

Create a Mastermind Team

Meet once a month with 3-4 other people who want to improve their lives. Each individual states their goal, lists what they did since the last meeting to achieve the goal, the results, and outlines actions they will take before the next meeting. Each one presents a challenge or idea. The group brain...

Calculate Your ROI

Each employee business must give an ROI, or return on investment. Communicating your ROI indicates you understand that fact. To calculate your ROI add the total employer costs on your paycheck. Calculate how much money you make/save the company. Divide the 1st by the 2nd. That is your ROI.

Watch a Ted Talk Each Month

Today's workplace expects continual improvement. You can expand your mind by watching speeches on It costs nothing to hear experts on a variety of subjects. The talks will entertain while teaching topics that include technology, business, science or more. Try it today. Apply what you learn…

Examine Management's Trust in You

Management must trust you to give you the biggest raises or the best promotions. Stephen M.R. Covey's The Speed of Trust teaches how to build management's trust in your integrity and competence. Use home run statements to highlight your capabilities and results and show you align with their directio...

Impress Management with Your Potential

Management needs to recognize your potential to fulfill their future needs for them to promote you. Home run statements spotlighting your past successes for the company imply your potential benefits. Share home run statements with your boss about skills you think they can use in the future.

Verify Management's Expectations

Companies raise their goals for profit, production, and sales each year. Management probably expects you to improve your productivity, efficiency, effectiveness, and quality. Ask your supervisor what they expect from you this year. You may need to ask multiple questions. Plan how to meet expectation...

Verify Your Current Company Can Satisfy Yo

Examine whether your current company can satisfy your long-term career wants. Will they ask you to spend more time on the skills you love to do best? Does the corporate culture match your values? Can the company provide fulfilling tasks and responsibilities now or in the future? Do you want to stay?...

Recommit to Your Values

You value, or place importance on, certain parts of life. You may become frustrated and unhappy when the values you most care about conflict with your job. Dick Knowdell's Values Test can identify which values mean most to you. It's free at