This evening I was inspired to go shoot a time lapse of the sunset from the Zion Canyon overlook on Utah Highway 14. Things are warming up again here in Southern Utah and all the snow will be gone soon. So this was a rather ambitious undertaking as I decided to do this with HDR images. At 24 frames per second my 8 seconds of video is made of 192 images comprised of 3 shots each. Add to this the fact that the light changes rapidly at sunset and my exposures were coming every 37.5 seconds. So for ninety minutes I was watching the sun set. Adjusting my camera and freezing my butt off. I was in sheer bliss.

I am so very proud to be a part of my hometown's Century Foundation Art Exhibition. Brentwood is turning 100 years young in 2019 and the Foundation is busy raising money to make the event truly memorable. If you find yourself in the Brentwood area on January 25th please stop by the Hawthorne Ballroom at the Drury Inn in Brentwood. I haven't been home in a very long time and am looking forward to catching up with old
friends and neighbors. Aside from the raffle, all of the prints that I am bringing to the show will be on sale to help raise money for the BCF.

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By far, my favorite place on earth. The Grand Canyon has been a place where I run off to when the rest of the world gets too crazy. I spent so many years exploring and photographing this powerfully inspiring place and I have barely scratched the surface of all that she has in store.

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Latest works from Michael Titus updated their cover photo.
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On my last outing to Dartmoor I spent most of the day along the Dart River. The weather was for the most part typical for england with a mix of spit and sunshine. It is rare that i get to truly capture the presence of light like I did this day. It was there but for an instant and then it was gone. That instant is etched forever on my mind and in this shot.

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The Dart river is the principal drainage for the Moors of Dartmoor. During the month of October it is swollen and flowing high through a land of colour and lushness that fills your head with the scent of the wood it meanders through. You littlerally can't walk a 100 feet without seeing some little wonder your want to photograph.

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The Dart River is the principal drainage for the moors of Dartmoor. this amazing wetland is filled with beautiful little pockets of wonder at every turn. This shot from the marshlands surrounding the bend in the river called Spitchwick was screaming at me to photograph it...So I did.

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So hurricanne Ophelia passed a good distance away from Torbay on Monday. In fact we had a virtually cloudless day. What we did have was insanely high winds and storm surge. With the big surf and clear skys, I had to get some pictures right? It's what I do. This shot from around Meadfoot Sands was classic for the day.

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Autumn has hit the meadows and field in and around Dartington Hall near to Totnes, Devon. While most of what I saw was pastel and visions of Monet, this bit of fire brilliance certain caught my eye.

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Fall in Southwest England has to be one of the best times to photograph this lush and vibrant landscape. This low tide back water invited me in for a quite introspection and added its content to the little bit of my life was spent there this fine autumn day in Devon.

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I am so excited about this tour! We have partnered with Fareharbor as our booking service and can now book your tour and education experience directly from our website or from our facebook page. If you ever wanted to shoot photographs like I do or maybe one of your favorite professionals, this is chance to learn how.

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While I was exploring the burn zone of the Brian Head, Utah fire, I was taken aback by the contrasting beauty I saw in spite of my overwhelming sense of loss. The fire ripped through here in a draw known as Steam Engine on its way to The ski resort village. Thanks to the massive efforts of the firefighters of the area, Brian Head was spared the devastation.

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The absolute devastation of the Brian Head, Utah fire will be felt here in Southern Utah for at least a generation. The Aspens, Junipers, and Pines all went up in flames in an afternoon. These have long been one of my favorite places to photograph and explore. There was a surprise waiting for me yesterday in the contrast between the unburned Aspens of this grove and the surrounding carbonized forrest. There was a beauty in this starkness.

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My new company "Photo Tour Pros" is having it's innuagrial event beginning this July 20. Unlike many other tours of the American Southwest, where you visit some of our amazing National Parks and maybe luck into a few good snapshots. Your will be instructed and aided in capturing a professional quality image for yourself. You will learn tips and tricks of the trade that photo professionals use all the time. If you ever wanted to make a photograph like the ones you see on my site, now's your chance to learn from me personally as well as other image making professionals. Contact me by message here to find out ticket and travel details

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This is the last one shot I took over the weekend. I was so pleased with this when I shot it, even more so when I got to see it full sized. This could end up in this years gallery collection.

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This little secluded stretch of Duck Creek is so amazingly peaceful. I love the light play back here. When I look at this picture I can still here the wind blowing across the trees and see the light changing each second as the clouds go whisking by.

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OK! So this shot is not black and white, but it is fairly monochromatic. Sometimes it just takes me a while to find my old style. God knows I love colour!

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