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Ted Williams on the importance of hitting "Pepper"

The Splinter explains how he grew up next to a man with a lot of children and how that man would stay out until dark almost every night throwing him and the kids pepper. He contends that hitting Pepper is one of the best ways of training the hitter's eyes and learning timing. I agree.

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This is a message I sent to one of my more advanced successful students who has hit a HR and gotten into the habit of lifting weak pop flies. (Along with a video and the drawings and pics below.)

I couldn't have picked a more perfect drawing to show you what you are doing that is causing you to lift so many weak pop flies.

This drawing might be of a perfect swing "if" you have the unbelievable, (strength, power, bat-speed whatever you want to call it), and timing of Carlos C...abrera. As you can see between the second and third pics in the drawing it is obvious he "DROPS HEAD OF THE BAT" so that he can get under the ball and "lift" it out of the park. As opposed to how you should be doing it, matching the plain and "driving" it. Obviously the artist is trying to show him hitting a home-run. But a player only hits 30-40 HR's a year out of over 500 at-bats! So if he pops out 460 times he is pretty much a failure. Much better to keep the bat head above the ball, match the plain of the incoming pitch, and hit line drives, some of which will go out of the park, but most of which will go for hard line drive hits!

1) You are dropping the bat head and having to come back up to the ball like in pic 3.
2) YOU ARE OVER SWINGING! The hardest thing to do, especially in a game is DO NOT SWING AS HARD AS YOU CAN! Swing hard but always under control. Control the bat. Be smooth, loose, and quick to the ball.
3) On the videos you were out in front of most pitches. Maybe that's because we were throwing slow but you need to TIME the Pitch so that you hit it at exactly the right time. Better to swing half-speed and have perfect timing than swing full-speed and be out in front or late.
4) You need to extend your arms out toward the pitcher into the Power V through contact. 1,2, and 4 you can practice on a tee with a net. Timing we will work on at your next lesson.

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That's the kind of numbers any ball player would be proud of.

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The 2013 BBWAA NL Most Valuable Player is ... Andrew McCutchen.‌

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All Star Hitting Instruction updated their cover photo.
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I like the orange jersey the best. Far left. And Orbit's okay with me. I love astronauts and would have loved to have an astronaut mascot, but mascots are for kids and anything that gets/keeps kids involved in baseball is great with me.

While teaching, or trying to teach, really young players, I've found the best advice I can give their parents is show them movies like Sandlot or Angels in the Outfield, then as they get older Bull Durham, Field of Dreams, The Natural, etc, a...nd watch baseball games and MLB Network, Baseball Tonight on ESPN or the news WITH THEM!

And save their money. You don't need a baseball hitting coach until the kid is at least nine and then only if the kid is really into baseball and willing to work on his swing WITH THE PARENT almost daily. 11, 12, 13, 14 and up are the most important times. Till then it's make the kid love the game. And that means making it fun for him. NO YELLING! IT'S A GAME!

As for the mascot; Orbit, is for the kids, the team is for us. Now keep up the good work and get us a winning team!

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Watching the Cowboys game today I noticed something the players didn't do very well: If your coach, parent, or boss is talking to you you need to learn to look them in the eyes. Not stare a hole through them, but make solid eye contact, only looking away from time to time. Because no matter how hard you are listening to what they are saying IF you are staring off into space it "appears" as if you aren't paying attention to them and don't care what they are saying.

...The same goes for teachers, 'in job interviews', and or WHEN TALKING TO GIRLS! I've done ion chromatograph sales for over 20 years and making eye contact is one of the most important things they teach you in sales. Here endeth the lesson.

There's also some things you can do to learn how to relax in "pressure situations" but I know y'all can't stand more than one lesson a day so I'll save that for later. Now; GET OFF THE COMPUTER AND GO HIT BP!

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Jared McWilliams at the plate.

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Start training for baseball try-outs in the Spring now! Appointments available. 832-444-5724.

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Titans Fall Ball Tournament Champions

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Me (Coach Myers) and three of my Titans. Tanner, Scooter, and Chandler.

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