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Sheila R. Lambert
May 3, 2013
Jesus always comes to visit.
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"You are Responsible"

Key Verses:
Ezekiel 18:1-4, 29-32


There's something in our nature that prohibits us from living out what we know God requires. We are accountable to God for our own sins: we can't blame other people! God desires for us to turn and change, not die in our sins. Some times it takes adversity to correct us and cause our surrender to God. We must individually respond to God's call: we can't save other people, nor save ourselves based on someone else's salvation; we must save ourselves by responding to God! You can rush your life through wickedness. We are responsible first for our obedience to God then relating correctly with others. God will judge us according to what we know and the Holy Spirit is our guide. Repentance is necessary and acknowledges our sin and need for change. Don't harden your heart! If you name the name of Christ, live it out right because you are being watched by others and God will hold you responsible! We are without excuse and there's no reason to die: the way has been made! A new covenant through the Holy Spirit was made: we have access to God and His grace. Be baptized, receive the Spirit, live out the life God has purposed for us! It's a simple plan of salvation through faith in Jesus Christ and God's grace.
- Minister Donna Grant Oden

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