A prayer for today:
Rescue me, mighty Deliverer,
from my callousness to the world around me,
from my blind eye turned away from your world,
your people, your pain....
Save me from dispassionate ears listening (without hearing) to news
of violence and hunger and despair, not recognizing
your call to engage my gifts in service
to participate in healing,
to partner with love.

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Thank you for all the wonderful prayers you are posting. Keep them coming - they are a blessing to read!

Rain down on me, blessed Creator,
Rain down with mercy and grace
for the living of these days....
Rain down on me, blessed Savior;
rain down with love and strength
for the walking of this journey.
Rain down on me, blessed Breath,
rain down with holy fire and faith
for the empowering of your disciple.

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Dear Lord,
Thank you for the beautiful day. Thank you for your love. Help me to keep my eyes trained on you, who is and was and ever shall be, full of love for all of your children.

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• Caffeine:
Wake up!
Wake up, my soul,
From your winter slumber
and stretch your tired limbs to savor this season


Shake off your routines like bedcovers
Plant your feet on the ground
For the journey

Clear your eyes of sleep
Take in the sight of a new day
For loving your God

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