Smoky eye tutorial
As promised, here is one of my Switzerland videos! I mean, the Swiss Alps were asking to be serenaded! (Yes, I know Sound of Music takes place in Austria) I flung myself into mud for the sake of comedy for you guys. Hope you appreciate it!
I wanted to repost this great video that shows what microblading is! It's a semi-permanent tattoo (2-3 years) for filling in Brows without looking fake! This will be the next skill I plan on adding to my portfolio! Starting in February, I will be training with @phibrows for 7-ish months to learn permanent cosmetics, starting with microblading and hoping to expand to lips/shading. I cannot WAIT! I am so excited!! #microblading #phibrows #microbladingeyebrows #brows #permenantmakeup #pmu

I know I dont post enough on this page, but I wanted to share something I got to work on thanks to the amazing advertising team for Arby's! Much thanks to them for including me!
I had so much fun revisiting my favorite pokemon with my favorite trainer.
Don't over analyze why the pokemon is the mom, its cosplay.

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From one generation to another

Well this is kinda neat!
I’m number three in this compilation album, with my tribute to my Grammy photo. 😀

It always cracks me up that every time this photo is posted on the Internet, everyone says my grandmother is hotter than me. LOL I mean, they’re not wrong…


New photo from TJR Photography! I wanted to do one more shoot of this costume before retiring it, with a more editorial look and make the boat, and with me modeling it this time. I love how they turned out, TJ did an amazing job!

Character: Grandmammare from Ponyo
Costume and makeup: By me

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Wanted to share a finished photo of my Princess Bride costume group from Dragoncon!
We had so much fun, and it was very well received!
I had fun having no one recognize me as a sexy evil dude~

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Dragon con is coming up this weekend!! Who will I see there?

Here is my costume lineup for my 2 new costumes this year....Youll just have to wait and see how these translate to real life 😏

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Today's makeup acomplishments! @london2191 as Endor Leia and @ridd1e as Black Cat. Makeup by me.

#mua #makeupartist #cosplay #starwars #blackcat #makeup

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Did makeup for these 2 lovely ladies today, and will be doing more all weekend!
@ridd1e and @london2191 are guests this weekend at @bostoncomiccon and I'm their indentured slave err...I mean makeup artist on call! (Psst theyre keeping me hostage...CALL THE POLICE!)
#entourage #mua #cosplay #makeupartist

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The best perk of working in the spa industry is freeeeeebies!

Yesterday I got a free lash lift by Kimberly here at Blue, and omg I have another beauty addiction! 😑
I'm not wearing any mascara in the bottom after pics...and it lasts 6-8 weeks!

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Yayyy Kat Shea came to see me today and be my guinea pig for our makeup line, Gorgeous Cosmetics at work! ❤️

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Want to learn how to do a day to night look? Check out our demo with Gorgeous Cosmetics with our makeup artist, Lindze's CosMedix!

New photo (and its actually of ME!)!
TJ R Photography has been doing a "Dark Water" series for the last year and asked me to come over and model for it in a spur of the moment thing last week. I very rarely do shoots in FRONT of the camera anymore, but I wanted to do something just for me, and it was very cathartic!
So here is me in all my freckley glory~~
Thanks TJ!

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Announcement from my new homebase medical spa, Blue Med Center!
I'm excited to be here, everyone is wonderful and I get to do all my favorite things like makeup, facials and more! ❤️❤️
Free makeup applications for month of June also! 🎉🎉

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Blue Med Center

We are very excited to have the beautiful and talented Lindze's CosMedix join the Blue Med Center family. Lindze is a licensed Esthetican and a professional makeup artist. For the month of June book your FREE makeup application with Lindze. #juliansatblue #atlmua #atlskincare

I had to wait till it was published, but now I can post this makeup work I did for Let's Make /Jennifer Barclay for her photo for being one of Adweek's Creative 100 for 2017!
Its a HUGE honor, being shared with like of Jordan Peele, Donald Glover, and Barry Jenkins, the Writer and Director, Moonlight, among others!
Of course Jenny being the creative whiz she is, she had to do something fancy for her photo~ I had fun throwing paint on her for the under photo! haha

Makeup by:... Me
Photo by: Pixelette Photography

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I'm so excited to show off this amazing Cowboy Bebop cosplay photo from Kyle Matthew Williams: Photographer that he took Saturday!
Zella as the perfect Radical Edward, and God Save the Queen Fashions as Faye, who I also did makeup for.
When Cathy (GSTQF) asked "Would it be weird if I made your kid a costume?" I was like DUH NO cause Zella was MADE to be Ed!
Her friend Travis made an amazing Spike as well as Louie, Volpin Props doggie joined us as Ein!
Zella was so in love ...with ol Louie, she cried and hugged him when it was time to go. 😭
More photos coming soon as well as my con in review photos!

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Kyle Williams is with Emily Krix and 2 others.

"I think it's time to blow this scene"

Anyone who knows me, knows that this shoot is what dreams are made of. When I was in college, I LOVED me some Cowboy Bebo...p. I remember watching it religiously on Adult Swim and to this day, I will put on the bombastic jazz influenced soundtrack by Yoko Kanno and the Seatbelts. Its animation style, subject matter, and music just gave off a vibe of 'cool' that took it miles above its contemporaries.

So when Catherine Lewis of the Atlanta based "God Save the Queen Fashions" created a costume replica of Faye Valentine, one of the main characters of the show, I was very excited to shoot with her. When Cathy texted me shortly before the shoot to let me know that we would have a group with other main characters Spike (Travis), Ed (Zella), and Ein (Louie the Corgi), my brain broke.

It was a shoot from my "bucket list of shoots that I didn't realize I had a bucket list for."

Costuming: Catherine Lewis (GSTQ Fashions)
Cathy's makeup: Lindze Lindze Duininck Merrittt (Lindze's CosMedix)
Special thanks to Emily Krix and Volpin Props for letting us use Louie for the shoot

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I'm terrible at self-promotion, but Zella & I have table at MomoCon in Atlanta this weekend! We will be at the table Fri-Sun, and Zella will be taking commissions for her catacatures (aka you as a cat, drawn by her 😂) Fri-Sat. I'll also be doing henna tattoos and selling Cosplay for a Cause calendars, plus Allison will be joining me with her Sirius Apothocary bath goods!!

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Made more of my fabulously luxurious Inner glow facial oil this week! I need to reorder more 2oz dropper bottles, but you can pre-order now on my Etsy!
Gives skin beautiful glow with mineral pigments, and the natural Vit A in rosehip seed oil encourages cell turnover for younger skin!

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So Im getting a pretty big nerd tattoo tomorrow on my rib cage!
Would you guys like to watch me live stream it? My appointment is at 11am, so I will post the link if there is interest tomorrow!