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July 7, 2015

Roads update.

Lori Lyle, WAVE TV

Out in Live Drive this morning.. Wet roads.. But nothing icy!! Temps are on our side today!! Happy Friday!!

THANK YOU!! From the bottom of my heart-- 16 1/2 years.. where does it go?
Let me just say it has been an incredible journey and privilege to share the stories of so many lives.. thank you for the kind words and well wishes... will miss you and WAVE TV.. LL


Out in Live Drive this morning.. Wet roads.. But nothing icy!! Temps are on our side today!! Happy Friday!!

Tagalongs, Thin Mints, Samoas... Got a favorite??
If you made an order.. They're on the way!! And if you still need to snatch up your cookie fix.. We can tell you how to do it.. Live on Sunrise!!

JCPS survey time... Let them know what you think!! Talking about it live on Sunrise!!

Looking for some cheap fun in February?? We are live at Slugger Museum and Factory on Sunrise... Talking about some crazy cheap deals the whole family will enjoy!!

in case you missed What's Going Around this week--- it's CROUP..
sounds like a seal just invaded your house... and typically in the middle of the night-- been there... it was one of those 3am ER visits--- followed by steroid shots to open his airways.... not fun!

Stomach flu is causing a lot of pain for little tummies this week-- it's hitting daycares and schools... and coming home to mom and dad! Starts with fever and maybe vomiting..... and then.... hello diarrhea.. can last 3 or so days-- Thanks Dr. Jeb Teichman at Jeffersonville Pediatrics for this weeks 'What's Going Around' report!

You name it-- it's going around!! RSV, flu, pink eye and strep!!
For itty bitties especially--- RSV- a respiratory virus-- can be serious! don't wait on checking in with your doctor.

Weight Watchers!!! Consumer Reports survey gives this diet plan-- lots of love... Nutrisystem.. not so much. People complained about the food. And for do-it-yourselfers-- check out the MyFitnessPal app for smart phones... very cool.

It's day 2 of the new year... are you looking for a diet plan?? Consumer Reports is rating several for us .. and we're talking about it on Sunrise.

Dodging UPS planes on the tarmac.. Now that's an interesting way to start a Tuesday!!
We're live here for Sunrise!! And there's a Santa sighting too!

Heading to the post office today?? It's the busiest day of the year .. And deadlines are looming to get packages there on time!! Ck us out on Sunrise for some important dates and tips!

Good morning!!! Just one day until we carve the Turkey (or Tofu for my vegetarian friends)..... What is your favorite side-dish??
Mine is ... hands-down.... cornbread dressing!!! This morning on WAVE 3 Sunrise we're finding out if there's a 'store-bought' version worth a taste.... hmmm....

Fill those pockets with some change.. The red kettles are coming out today!! Where those bells will be ringing this Christmas season-- reporting live @wave3 Sunrise!!

A sneak peek of all those gorgeous trees at The Festival of Trees and Lights .. And some of the special stories behind the decorations.. All morning .. Live.. on WAVE 3 Sunrise!!