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Graduation gap between black and white athletes sparks lively debate. #losingtowin #diversity

Coach, former players say: Ask the right questions when being recruited for athletic scholarship. #losingtowin

USA Today #college editor on racial bias in the media. #losingtowin #diversity

Chronicle of Higher Ed puts spotlight on #LosingtoWin. #diversity #race #NCAA

Does media coverage perpetuate racial biases in college sports? Do academic-support services foster true academic achievement, or merely preserve eligibility? Does race still matter in coaching opportunities? Have African-American women benefited from Title IX and increased opportunities in athletic
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Occupation segregation alive and well in #college sports. #diversity #losingtowin #NCAA

Videos from the Losing To Win Conference at Wake Forest University

Expert: No Asian-Pacific coaches in Division I college sports. Weigh in at our blog. #losingtowin

Here's a quick recap of what we have in store at this week's conference.

Join us for discussions on race and intercollegiate sports. We want to start a national conversation.

Losing to Win: Discussions of Race and Intercollegiate Sports, a two-day Conference at Wake Forest University