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Dawn Beard Farley
· March 14, 2018
I have never been to the castle so me and my daughter decided to come today. I called to find out the hours the recording said you are on summer hours,facebook says you were open so we showed up at 12... pm today and NOPE all the gates were locked up and nobody around to take money. So disappointed. Need to update facebook and recording so people dont waste their time. I may or may not come back. See More
Gloria Cast
· February 23, 2018
Make a point, when you have guests come for a short stay or weekend to visit the LOVELAND Castle, it will be a memory sure to delight... and talked about. This has always been one of our ‘highlights’... when choosing the ‘things to do’. There are videos posted on YouTube if it’s interior... I think it costs a few dollars at the door See More
Tristin Renee Coontz-Yehorov
· September 11, 2017
A very beautiful castle with a wonderful old looking style, but unfortunately with horrible management and disorganized and incompetent staff. I had planned my wedding there for the beautiful scenery ...and ambience it would create on my special day. I didn't receive responses to most of my emails and when I arrived for my wedding, they were not prepared or even expecting my arrival. At first, I was informed the chairs were not in our contract and could only be rented out for fee and we had not stated we wanted to rent so they were not prepared. After a knight consulted, he stated he was unaware the policy had changed and chairs were now to be provided at no charge. I was originally informed I would be provided a locked room and bathroom to get ready in....the staff there stated this was not the case....there were no working toilets in the castle, only the port a johns available for my use. And the area I was given to get ready was an open room with no mirror or doors where all guests could walk through. My wedding was delayed over an hour and half due to these issues, I was stressed, unprepared for all the changes to what was originally told to us before at our visit. After the ceremony we barely had time for photographer to take some pictures before it was dark and we had to clean up and leave. This experience was nowhere near how I ever envisioned my wedding going, but thankfully due to my family and friends, and the love between my husband and I, we made due with what we were dealt and were still able to make it a very beautiful, special wedding.
-Tristin & Yuriy
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Jeremy Townsend
· September 5, 2017
A visit to the Loveland Castle was on my list of Ohio things to see. We went over the 2017 labor day weekend. My teen children were not impressed. But that is teens these days. I however thought i...t was interesting and neat to see. I only wish all the areas were open. The landscaping has gone down hill and seems no one is taking care of it any longer. I understand the upkeep is through money made from visits and volunteers but it really is a shame how the outside is starting to be neglected. There is even trash starting to pile up on the hill behind the garden beside the shed. I just wish the upkeep by the KOGT was better. See More
Rick Collins
· September 11, 2017
We had a great time and enjoyed all of the aspects of the hard work that has been put into that Castle and the grounds surrounding it. Would be fantastic to be able to access the roof and the rest of ...the castle, though I understand that unattended children are the reason for not being allowed to roam freely up top ..... makes sense to me, tho I wish it was accessible to the responsible adults. See More
Lisa Carter Partin
· September 6, 2017
Loveland Castle is an amazing place to visit! A great place to step back in time, wander castle grounds and take in all of the beauty both natural and constructed.
Panda Vastine-mccann
· October 28, 2017
I was just wondering, if they still hold a “haunted house” during October. I remember going there in the 90’s during Halloween for a haunted house where people were dressed up. I don’t remember if it ...was the full house or just a section. See More
Carol Marie
· September 24, 2017
Very beautiful place so full of interesting history. The staff was very knowledgeable and so helpful to answer any questions. We even enjoyed our lunch in the shady part of the gardens. I would refer ...this place to anyone looking for a nice few hour journey back in time. See More
Brandy Pollitt
· March 10, 2018
It was amazing!!! Loved it. Would recommend this to everyone. It's beautiful and the history is amazing!!!
Cheryle Hart
· July 30, 2017
My first time there and it was amazing such beautiful history of times gone by he had a dream and went with it kudos for a job well done if he only knew how well he faired out on it would be amazing I...'m ready to go back oh and weather was perfect for it as well See More
June Reilley
· June 30, 2017
I had been to the Castle when I was younger and wanted to take my granddaugther. She really enjoyed seeing how big the castle was, the knights in the rooms, the swords, and the staircases. She is ten,... so castles are still cool! We ate our picnic lunch by the river and went back to the castle again to hear our guide tell us the history of the Loveland Castle.Interesting, so reasonable in price and wonderful pictures and memories. Thank you. See More
Jean Joyce
· July 16, 2017
I went here for my birthday surprise and I love it! I will be back when the place is not so packed, as to here about the history more. But I love the castle and I also like how its out of the hands o...f the goverment. See More
Jenny Brown
· July 25, 2017
I have always wanted to visit Loveland Castle and today, Tues 7/25/17, was such a beautiful day so my husband and I decided to make the one hour drive to visit. The Castle opened at 11:00 am. We arr...ived at 10:55 am and came across a half opened gate with a closed sign hanging on it. We proceeded thru the gate to the parking lot and sat in our car in the parking lot with about 5 other cars doing the same thing. At 11:01 am, we got out of our car and proceeded to the booth to pay admission. There was a closed sign on the admission booth even though it was after 11:00. There was no one there so we quietly waited in line. Others came from their cars and a line was starting to form. At about 11:04 am, a parking lot attendant (a man) walked up and immediately told two young boys and then my husband and I to get back to the parking lot. He said "can't you read signs, it says closed". He then accused all of us of trespassing. I reminded him that it was after 11:00 when Castle opened. He was extremely rude. I asked him for his name and he would not tell us. I asked for a name of his supervisor and he said he is the owner of the place and had no supervisor. Things escalated to the point that every car that was there (about 5 cars..several with young children) turned around and left. So, what started out to be a lovely day at a local historical gem, turned into one of the rudest experiences I have ever had. Unfortunately, never got to see the Castle. See More
Lorenzo Cole
· July 22, 2017
This is a really cool place, $5 bucks to get in. A neat story and its actually the official bomb shelter in the area, thats how nice this cool castle is. I have nothing bad to say at all. Staff is friendly.
Shauna Mearkle
· September 27, 2017
What is there not to love about The Loveland Castle? And the fact that I was married here by Sir Joe will forever hold a special place in my heart!
Pati Ryan Belfatto
· June 29, 2017
Somehow I missed this growing up here but no matter! My son and I got to discover it together! After spending 2 hours his only complaint was having to leave. Bear in mind that we are piddlers and can ...poke around for a long time so you may not stay as long. We will most certainly go back. See More
RL Harkins
· May 30, 2017
My church youth group had a party there sometime in the mid sixties. Mr. Andrews was working on the castle while we were there. He took the time to show some of us things that others didn't normally... see. He was a wonderful man. Even as a kid, I was in awe of him and what he was doing. Anyone bashing his work is a moron. Can you not see the heart and soul that he poured into building this castle for ALL to experience. I feel sorry for you. See More
Cindy Savage
· July 12, 2017
I visited yesterday with my mother and aunt. Found it while searching the internet. We loved the stories about Harry Andrews and watched all of the videos. They were all professionally made. He was a ...very interesting man. Love what the Knights stand for and hope they can continue with this wonderful legacy. Loved the gardens and the castle. The man we talked with was so genuine and informative. See More
Stacy Davis
· October 1, 2017
The staff was very friendly and they can tell you all about the history of the castle. The stairs was kinda hard for me but the castle and gardens was so beautiful and peaceful
Arliss Meinerding
· July 5, 2017
Beautiful place! The only drawback for me was a lot of clutter and things out of place. Looked to be doing a lot of work on the grounds (which is understandable) but really a drawback. Would have like...d to have seen water in the gardens. Would have also liked to have seen the whole castle not just part of it. Would be better if all the photos on the walls were in one place in another area perhaps. It detracts from the beauty of the architecture and the purpose of the rooms. It is a great rendition of history. You can't beat the $5 admission either! See More
The KOGT has many talented knights among it's ranks.

A little Info on How Sir Harry acquired the lots the Castle stands on today

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sunday 3-4-18 if any member would like to help with duty today come on down