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Jamie Onica Tryon
· September 17, 2017
We had a similar experience to many fb reviews. We rented the limo party bus and right before they were supposed to pick us up called and said the limo bus was smoking and they would send us an escape...d limo instead. The limo had bald tires and while it was driving the groomsmen to the church got a flat tire and left them stranded on the side of the road. The replacement limo was unable to pick up me and my bridesmaids and we resorted to having my husbands father transport us in his SUV. We tried to call the limo company and they stopped answering their phone. We did not get what we paid for and it was a huge disappointment. Book somewhere else and save yourself the stress! I wish I had known what I was getting into before I booked them- horrible experience. See More
Paris Twin Jordan
· August 16, 2017
She is still waiting on her refund @luxurylimousinedetroit
My friend purchased a party bus from this place for her wedding (Aug 12, 2017). THREE HOURS before the ceremony they called and said the bus broke down and that they would send an Escalade. The Bride tried to explain that she had a large wedding party and that wouldn't work. The representative for the company was rude, unsympathetic and told my friend that's all they could do and if that's not good enough they can refund her the money with thin 3-5 business days. No apology, no discount just and "oh well, things happen attitude". Save yourself time, money and a head ache and book somewhere else!!!
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Jessica Lopez
· August 16, 2017
I'm only giving them one star because I can't give them ZERO stars. Paid over $1000 for the "VIP" 40 person party bus for my wedding on July 21st. It was 90 degrees that day. They brought the bus AND ...IT HAD NO AIR. They said the air broke on it the night before (allegedly) and they recharged it and it should be fine. It was not. Tried to tell me the air only runs when the car was moving, not when it was in idle. But we drove it around all morning to the hair salon, a friend's house, never cooled down. Had to call The company every 10 mins to request a new bus because even the driver didn't want to sit in that Sauna bus. They kept telling me they would call me back and then they wouldn't. Finally after an hour and a half I completely flipped out on them and they sent a 20 person bus WITH air as replacement. This was after they told
Me nothing was available for replacement, at 11am on a Friday. Then at the end of the night they NEVER sent me a car, which was included in the package as a "luxury car for the bride a groom to get home." We had to call a friend to come back and pick us up from the reception hall.
WORST COMPANY I have ever dealt with in my life. Wish I would have seen the reviews prior to my wedding day. They ruined the first half of my wedding day because I had to keep calling and eventually screaming at them to send me a new vehicle.
I was NOT gonna ride around in a hot box on my 90 degree wedding day. No way
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Tiffany Lowe
· September 19, 2017
BUYER BEWARE! I paid for an 18 passenger limousine for the day of my wedding, and a 12 passenger limo showed up. The groomsmen were forced to drive themselves around. To top it all off, I've been the run around about getting my money back. See More
Courtney Vahan Pilibosian
· July 16, 2017
NEVER USE THIS COMPANY! Horrible horrible company! For a bachelorette party last night, we were stranded outside a bar until 4 in the morning because our driver left the bar's empty parking lot with a... food truck to "get food" and broke down (he broke down over 30 minutes away). Wouldn't make any arrangements for us to get picked up at all and we had to uber back to the hotel and have family members come get us. Driver even dropped off his kids at the movies before taking us to the bar! See More
Paige Culham
· May 21, 2016
We came here to book a party bus for our wedding party from the hotel to the ceremony and back. We were booking it for a total of 4 1/2 hours, about an hour total time actually driving. Booking was and we feel that the price was reasonable. We got to look at the bus that day, and everything seemed to check out. The day of, the drive arrived on time, the bus was nice and clean, and we got to the ceremony without a hitch. After the ceremony, our wedding planner came up to us to let us know more about the driver. She said the minute he got to the hotel to pick us up, he was asking about his tip. She told him that he would get his tip when he was done providing his service (which I feel is pretty common sense). At the church, he came inside just before we started lining up and again asked our wedding planner where his tip was. He never bothered us about his tip, but if we had not had a wedding planner I can only imagine how bad it could have been! When we left the church to go back to the hotel, he started going the wrong way and we had to direct him which way to go. We ended up not tipping him, because we felt he didn't deserve it. When checking our credit card statement the next Monday, we saw that the limo company had automatically taken $90 for tip for the driver! My husband called the company and the guy he spoke to said that the driver was not paid at all by the company and is only paid in tips. We did not believe that was true, and are currently disputing the charge. Again, the party bus was clean and very nice, but the driver almost ruined the whole experience for us. See More
Steffanie Bell Cram
· November 21, 2016
This was the most unprofessional, uncomfortable and unsafe ride I've had in my life! 1st party bus - no heat, no music, broke down in the middle of a busy intersection.
2nd stretch limo (which 10 of had to dart out in busy traffic to get into)- no heat, no music. We were 45 minutes late to our event. 3RD stretch limo and new driver- no heat, no music, cramped into knocking knees and a crazy driver... the whip lash! Driving over curbs! Really speeding out of control!
SOOOO 3 DIFFERENT vehicles that were ALL beat up, no heat, lights kept flickering off, radios were ancient and looked stolen or something. Went to turn on one and it fell back behind the wall. And feared for our lives with the driving.
Do NOT ruin your time. Go somewhere, anywhere else!
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Sharon Hayek Downey
· October 1, 2016
My daughter and all her friends rented a limo party bus for Homecoming today. The bus was over 30 minutes late, very beat up outside with scratches, scuffs and missing tail light. To make matters wo...rse, it was not the bus they picked out. The worst part of all, the kids have to sit on each other's laps because it's not the 40 person bus that was promised. Never rent from this company, very disappointed. This is their senior year and this company is ruining their last Homecoming. See More
Marilyn Majors
· September 2, 2015
By far the worst limousine company ever. I would never use them and definitely told everyone I know to never use this company. They almost ruined my wedding day with their poor excuses any other limo would have had another limo in route to get us where we needed but management seemed to want to make us wait and wait until we could not wait any longer and had to call another limo company. Than sadly took well over a week to even get my money back. This company is very rude and I really hope no one will ever go through what I did and I plan to take this as far as I can so no other couple will have this experience See More
Nicole Petite
· July 27, 2015
Very poor service; if you want to have a ride when you leave your event, please book someone else. If you want your original contract honored, these are not the correct people to contact.
If there negative stars, I would rate them negatively.
Amongst the highlights:
-Over an hour late for pick-up.
-The day of the trip, the driver made us pay $300 tip in advance or threatened not to take us. -He brought a different contract the morning of the trip and made us sign it, or cancel.
-It was a party bus, and the sound system didn't work.
Please pick a different company.
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Al Goodlow
· May 31, 2015
First off they sent a different bus than what i ordered. The 37 passenger bus doesn't fit anywhere near 37. I had 27 guests and had to leave 6 people off. Driver demanded a tip before even pulling off.... The bus had no ice or cups. Driver was rather rude. I will never use them again. Never. I was initially told i could pay the balance the day of. I happened to be riding past the day prior to my reservation and decided to pay some more on top of the initial deposit. It was then stated the balance needed to be paid in full the day before. She said i almost lost my reservation. I didn't receive one courtesy call to inform me of any of this. Bad business. And to top it off...the driver left 2 bags of garbage at the drop off spot. Really? This was the worse possible party bus experience by far See More
Being Britta Mundy
· December 28, 2016
This company was the cause of me and my family missing my graduation from Nursing School, turned a beautiful day into a nightmare because the company got the pick up address mixed up with the destinat...ion address which was an hour away, the driver and the clerk were not on the same page, someone was lying. To make matters worse they told me I'd get a refund back of not all but part of my money, two weeks later the owner SAM is still lying about when, If and how I'll get my money back. The money helps but I'll never get a chance to walk across the stage after all the hard work I put in, yes I still graduated but to add insult to injury they have very poor customer service. Sam is not at all professional. Be cautious with any big day planned with them smh! See More
Cali Daniela
· December 5, 2016
Great service. Rented a party bus for my best friends 21st birthday as a surprise. The driver (RAY) showed up on time &&was very nice and understanding. Ray was just a blast! Highly recommend this ser...vice! Thank you so much for the service! � See More
Amy Young Cronin
· October 5, 2015
AWFUL company with Terrible customer service. I wish I had read reviews before as this seems to be a common thing with this company and obviously they don't care.

We rented a 40 person party bus for... homecoming dinner/dance transportation
- The bus was 30 min late showing up and when it did show mechanical issues prevented it from being able to take the kids to homecoming dinner. Parents ended up driving kids to dinner since they were already late for their reservation
- The bus that showed up was not what we rented. It looked like a school bus with white panels bolted on. Several parents were concerned to even put their kids on it
- The driver did not have any info, we had to provide him the address and itinerary
- When talking to Sam (owner) he told us this was not his fault. He ultimately took $100 off an almost $2,000 bill. When we told him that was not acceptable his answer was he would just cancel the rest of the reservation and let us figure it out
- Followed up with sales rep today and received no help. His comment was there was nothing he could do and I would have to talk to Sam
- Lesson learned --- believe the reviews and NEVER rent from this company.
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Lisa Richardson
· October 6, 2014
We had a terrible experience with Luxury. I booked limo bus #47 two months ago for a Tiger's game/downtown experience for 20 people. When the party bus arrived, it wasn't bus #47, I'm not sure what it... was. It didn't even look like a party bus. When it pulled up, it stalled 5 times, the air was broken (it was a super hot Saturday - 2 weeks ago), the ceiling was falling down, we had to duct tape the faceplate of the radio just to listen to music and the driver demanded his tip before he left my house. We called Sam the owner to let him know how disappointed we were and embarrassed that we didn't book this limo bus and that we wanted a different one. He said to call once we got downtown and he would see what he could do. While we were on 696, we got a flat tire and had to pull over. We called Sam again to let him know what happened and he put us right to voicemail. Called him 3-4 times again shortly there after and the same thing, right to voicemail. This all happened at 4:30-5pm so it was during business hours. Finally, our driver was able to get another limo bus to pick us up and were off to the game. The bus that came to pick us up, wasn't bus #47 either. It was smaller, so a couple of us had to stand. I even called on Monday to tell our story to the gal that answered the phone and she said she would tell Sam the situation, that were very unhappy and would like him to handle the situation. She said he would call me within 24 hours and never did. The moral of the story is - don't do business with Luxury Limousine. It's obvious that don't care about customer service or the safety of their passengers. If I would've read the reviews before I booked our limo bus, I wouldn't have chosen to do business with them. See More
Dewanda Thomas
· August 14, 2017
Canceled my booking for a party bus on my wedding day three hours before my pick up time, stating that the bus broke down the night before. Tried to send a limo as a replacement 🙃
Nicholas Kallabat
· June 11, 2015
Terrible experience, first the bus showed up late, then it was the wrong bus, then to top that off the radio on the bus did not work. I could not get ahold of anyone & the owner did not answer any of calls. The driver was rude, and if you have any issues, the owner will not answer your calls. NEVER do business with Luxury Limousine. See More
Mary Cortez
· October 28, 2015
Omgg we just used them 2 weeks ago for our wedding and the bus that showed up was not the bus we booked with them, that they showed us. It was smaller than the one we booked and it was so junky inside... compared to the one she said that we were going to get!! See More
Katelynn D'Hondt
· August 8, 2016
The worst customer service I have ever received... Planned to go to Canada and the bus never showed and ruined a bachelorette party night. Come to find out an hour after we were supposed to be picked ...up they assigned a bus driver that doesn't have a passport. See More
Emily Cacicedo
· September 15, 2016
Worst experience ever, the limo never picked me up from the hotel for my wedding. I WAS LATE FOR MY OWN WEDDING. The driver eventually made it to the church were my ceremony was and was the worst ever. It was a totally different car then I had ordered and there was NO radio. How do you enjoy your ride with the wedding party with no radio. I was told I would get a refund for half of what I paid. I never received the check and when I called the manager, Sam, to enquire about it, he told me that he had no record of me in the computer. This is the worst service I have ever had and I will highly discourage everyone I know from using this company. See More
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