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Jay is going to be back in Chicago for a quick visit in April, so we thought it would be fun to get together and play some tunes. We'll be at Quenchers on Saturday, April 14. We're working now on finalizing a rad lineup, with more details coming soon.

Tickets are on sale now. Link in comments.


2018: begin again?

From What Else? Records WE 25.0 Heart-shaped blue vinyl compilation also featuring Groovie Ghoulies & Slingshot Episode aka Steve & Lisa's wedding invitation

Never forget.

from the album Amscray

Here's a deep cut - "Silver Spoons" from the Punk TV compilation, 1995. The music is the Life Sentence song "Unemployment," which we had been covering for a few years, with the "Silver Spoons" lyrics swapped in. You see, we've always been idiots.

released on Red Dawg Records 1995,Bloomington IN The Idea is simple,Punk Bands cover your favorite TV Theme Songs in their own style. Tracklist: A1 –Rail Jos...

OK, Facebook, now what are we supposed to do with this information?

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Anybody interested in reissuing "You're Wreckin' Me" and/or "Untiled No. 3" on vinyl?

Here's one.

from the album "Untitled No. 3"

Today's a great day to support Bandcamp.

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The Quietus

In response to Donald Trump's recent decision to ban transgender people from serving in the military, Bandcamp will donate 100% of its share of today's profits to the Transgender Law Center. Here's tQ staff and columnists' reccomended purchases:

Here's one.

Further Beyond Records - 1993 - Picking More Daisies 2x7" Comp. Downers Grove, Illinois. Punk Rock.
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One of the single greatest evenings in our career! The Mr. T Experience and Jay Castaldi's rad band Lynards Innards!

Lynyrd's Innards added 24 new photos to the album: Flyers.

Some of you may be too young to remember this, but before the Internets and the Facebook and the Twitters, bands would notify interested parties and curious looky-loos of upcoming performances with "flyers" or "posters." These were typically sheets of paper which listed the names of the groups scheduled to perform, often accompanied by some lousy artwork.

Hey friends. As you may have heard, Bandcamp is donating all of its share of today's sales to the American Civil Liberties Union. Being that we are Americans who favor of civil liberties, we'll do the same and donate our share of all sales to the ACLU, too.

All our digital releases are set at the popular "name your price" level, so even a buck or two will help.

12 track album

We don't really follow football at all, but we're honored that it's the Lynyrd's Innards Bowl this year.

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All the best to you.

Recorded many years ago for a Christmas comp which never happened.
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Orange Amplifiers

WISH GRANTED! We're giving away $10,000/£8,000 worth of Orange gear this holiday season! Simply tell us what you want in the comments. Share it to double your chances!

RIP to unwitting Lynyrds Innards cover artist, Jack Chick.

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