Thanks to all of our sponsors today for our hospitality room! Please come out and support our 9U Red Raiders at 1:00!!!

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Getting Ready for SuperBowl!!!!

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We are hosting the NGYFA NFC Super Bowl this Saturday, please come out and support our 9U team as they represent the MCYA in the Super Bowl at 1:00pm! If any local businesses would like to donate towards our hospitality room please contact Ashley Waller 706-308-7459! We will advertise your business between each game!
7U-Gainesville vs Barrow County 10:00am
8U-Gainesville Robinson vs Flowery Branch 11:30am
9U-Madison County vs Gainesville Kemp 1:00pm
10U-Johnson vs Stephe...ns County 2:30pm
11U-Gainesville vs North Oconee 4:00pm
7th Grade-Jefferson-Clark vs Oconee County 5:30pm

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Congrats to our 9U boys for winning today 14-6 against Jefferson-Musser!!! Super Bowl Bound!!!!

Good Luck to our 8U, 9U, & 11U MCYA Red Raiders in the Semi-Finals!!
8U plays at 11:30 in Habersham
9U plays at 1:00 in Gainesville
11U plays at 4:00 in Habersham

Congrats to our 7th Grade team for upsetting the #1 ranked team! They advance to the next round of playoffs!

North Georgia Youth Football Association

7th Grade: Madison County 12 - Gainesville 7

Please note all games listed for Oconee County will be played at North Oconee High School!
Also we are NFC there are 2 conferences this year!

Youth Night is tonight at the high school game! All football players and cheerleaders in uniform will receive free admission and will be recognized before the game! Please be there at 6:15!

A touching moment was caught on camera during a middle school football game in Barrow County over the weekend.
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Posted by MCYA

With so much bad stuff going on in the world today, we wanted to share a special moment with all of you. As we are getting closer and closer to the end of the season, I am sure there are a lot of parents and coaches that are stressing about playoffs, conference champs and super bowl champs. We tend to get wrapped up in the game and wanting to win that we sometimes forget about the reason we play the game of football. Most of the boys that play have been playing since they wer...e four and five years old but for the 7th grade team, things are a little different. They have a child on their team that does have a physical disability. When the season first started, MCYA was very hesitant to let him play because of the liability of him getting hurt. After talking with his parents, we decided that we couldn't stop him from playing. That has been the best decision we have made. From day one, he has had just as much heart and dedication as any of the other kids on the team. He runs hills with them, he runs laps with them, and does whatever the coaches ask of him all while doing it with a smile on his face. He never gives up and never has a bad attitude. He has truly been a blessing to that team. Last week during practice the boys decided they wanted to plan a play for him to get a touchdown this year. Today was the day they executed that play. The video you are watching is a complete selfless act among 22 twelve year olds. No coaches or players from the other team knew what was being planned but once the opposing team saw what the team was trying to do, they gracefully took a knee and let the boys execute the play. Reese was able to get a touchdown today because those boys completely put the game and score and their own desire to get a touchdown aside and decided to be great teammates and respectable teenage boys. We are so proud that MCYA has kids that are growing up into respectful young men. The next time you want to complain because your child didn't get get enough playing time or that your team lost the game or the coach yelled too loud, just remember that sometimes it's not all about the game but about what we are teaching these young boys and girls about real life. Life is not always fair but if we could learn anything from Reese it would be to always strive to do the best that you can regardless of what cards you are dealt. Lets continue to lead these children down the right path in life. It's a great day to be a RED RAIDER!

Two videos of the same play, one from the stands and one from the sidelines! To the Winder Barrow coaches and players you are an Amazing group! Thank You!

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Posted by MCYA

Homecoming Money and Registration is due tonight from 6:30-8:30
Rec Dept Field House at the track!

Reminder we have one more week to raise money for Homecoming!!

MCYA Homecoming will be October 6, 2017 at 7:00pm @ MCHS. All football players and cheerleaders must turn in their registration and all money collected by September 26th, 2017! If you need a registration form please see your Head Coach or Team Mom. Everyone find your favorite player or Cheerleader and help them win Queen or King this year!!!