Ok since this will only let you type I think like 420 charcters this may take me commenting on this orginal post to get everything in so please keep reading. First of all THANK YOU to everyone who added this page, passed it on, made their own flyers, and hung them up where ever they could. Pinckneyville police, Montgomery county, ( sorry guys I met so may of you and I can't remember all your names)

This is Tracy Sidnee's mom. Yes Sidnee is back with me! We are still on the road to get home. Had her checked out@the hospital & all is good!!! She was dropped off@Dennys in Litchfield don't know who but thank you. And I've been listening to the sweetest sounds ever, my 2 girls in the back seat giggling and arguing like they never missed a day together!! I will get back on tomorrow with more details and thank you's.


Tracy wants all of you to know that they have found Sidnee safe and she is bringing her home. She was found in Litchfield, Il. The police are bringing her in now.She is very sincere in letting all of you know that she appreciates the help and concern and compassion you have shown in her time of need,and will be letting you know herself as soon as she can.thank you for what you have done.

I've been in contact with LA PD They are on the look out for her!!!! Gave them all the info I had... she has always wanted to go to LA so it is very possible that she is really there. Sidnee Please come home I know you can see this you told me so.

I have made contact with the LA PD and they are on the look out for her. Sidnee just please come home!!!!

Sidnee made contact with me she is in LA. I don't know what to do now.

Myself, Sidnee's aunt, sister, and friend are now leaving the Pinckneyville area now heading to Farmersville and that area to pass out flyers. Still no leads. Paper work from NCMEC has been filled out and faxed back to them I was told that either later today or in the AM it should be on the web site and flyer will be sent out. Thank you everyone for all your help, thoughts, and prayers. Tracy Sidnee's Mom

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June 21, 2010

*UPDATE* I finally got in touch with the girl she left with. Last known to be wearing a blue/purple spaghetti strap shirt, light colored jean shorts (not something she would normally wear) green flip flops. Had colored her hair a blue/green color that fades into her natural color of brown her scalp is green(too much dye) carrying a black and red Hello Kitty bag.

I just spoke with Montogomery county police&they talked to joey&his granpa&2 a boy named brian on the phone. On thurs they went 2 get gas 2 bring the kids home Sidnee stayed @ the park & had joeys phone she handed it 2 brian & said 2 give it back 2 joey b/c he would see him again before she would. Brian the walked his dogs home & returned a few mins. later & she was gone.

She was last seen at the park in Farmersville Illinois.
When she left the Pinckneyville, Illinois area early morning on 6 14 I have been told that the boy she left with was Joey Welsh and he drives a silver Chevy Z71 with no front bumper. He is also the one who brought Sidnee's friend home but not Sidnee.

Sidnee Stephens went missing 6 17 2010 from Farmersville IL area last seen@the park around 4PM. She left from the Pinckneyville IL area early AM on 6 14 2010. DOB 5 15 1995. She has brown eyes & alway different hair color. Has her left side nose & middle of her lip pierced small scar on her right cheek & several scars on the inside of both forearms. If you have any info call your local police dept or 618 357 9295.