Centenary College (M&M) Majors and Minors is feeling sad with Matthew Lehrman.
May 3, 2017

Our group would like to take this moment to wish a farewell to our former treasurer Matthew who always kept the group organized and on going. He was a wonderful person to work with and a dear friend to our organization.

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A message from former M&M president

Dear M&M Board and peer mentors,
This year I am graduating from Centenary College and stepping down from my position as president. I am proud to announce that our next president will be Amanda Petrovich who will carry on the success of our organization next year.
The last three years at Centenary College, we accomplished so much, more than we ever predicted. We created the very first peer mentoring group specifically to help undecided st...udents to learn what major and minor they can choose from, or for those who already have a major, to seek out an appropriate minor. We are now very well recognized for all of our hard work, thanks to all of you who have given a lot of time and effort to see this group succeed.
Our charities also made a big difference in other peoples’ lives. In our Earth Day fundraisers we raised enough money to donate at least 5 wheelchairs to Free Wheelchair Mission organization and enough school supplies for a small school in Africa with low supply funding.
We grew from just a few people in the beginning to a network of many students. Our organization established good relationships with outside charities, with our student government and with the school’s authorities who gave us their recognition and blessing. With all of that, we are in the best shape we can ever be and will continue to grow to the best we can. Again thank you for all of what you have done and it was a pleasure to work with such an amazing team. Good luck on all of your endeavors and congratulations to those who are graduating this year.


Gil Shavit

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