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Leandro Lorenco
· July 11, 2017
Great certification, full of important information for who want to improve their athlete's performance. Science based, it will definitely add valuable knowledge to your career.
Abid Chaudhry
· May 29, 2015
This is the best type of training, where in lactic acid is built in your muscles you still have to be able to get through the next rounds. Metabolic resistance training with minimum rest in between se...ts. Train like a beast. See More
John Spencer Ellis
· January 20, 2015
Join the most elite martial arts fitness and conditioning experts in the world! See the list of champion trainers, coaches and athletes.
Scott Harris
March 7, 2013
An excellent course! I feel proud to display my MMACA logo on my website. The concept for My business was born while taking this course. Check me out at
Abhi Shetty
· August 28, 2016
Very interesting workout ihavae never seen before it's really good to weight loss and bodybuilding..
Zawen Anwar
· November 27, 2016
a must for personal trainers and high performance martial arts coaches
Shawn Butler
· January 1, 2015
This is a joke. You don't need a certificate to train mma fighters. This will be removed bc these guys are unprofessional and a bunch of hacks.
Trevor Ollison
· November 23, 2015
Detailed information easy to understand... Not finished yet but can't wait
Marcus Major
· July 8, 2014
I what this certificate asap.
Try this very cool combo! Left hook, right spinning back fist, right spinning side kick. It's tight, fast and effective. We break it down first then show you the entire sequence at speed. You can get awesome MMA fitness and conditioning videos at
Cool techniques from MMA Conditioning Association member and pro MMA fighter, Pete Martin and MMA Conditioning Association president and founder, John Spencer Ellis. First, Pete will show you some cool wrestling techniques to mix in with your BJJ and then John will show you different techniques for the rising front kick which we are seeing more and more often in pro fights.

The nasty kick made famous by UFC champion Jon "Bones" Jones. And this, too… Give it a try!!!!!

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Tracy L Markley

So excited to have finished this!!!
My clients are thrilled
Battle ropes are excellent for all my clients, all ages.... for so many fabulous reasons.
I've b...een looking for a certification course for quite some time, not just to say I have one, but I was searching for more knowledge & the reasons "why" behind the rope techniques & exercises and validate safety etc!
John Spencer Ellis, you & John Brookfield rock!
NESTA and Spencer Institute Community
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