We got special access to check out the latest Prime Access WARFRAME Zephyr Prime! Find out the run down and our thoughts.

Colton got his hands on the Warframe Zephyr Prime Access Bundle, and here’s what it contains.

Kai'sa is o'kay. KingsDecree takes a closer look at League of Legends's latest champion, Kai'Sa.

League of Legends' latest champion release is one of the most dull and unimaginative characters to grace Summoner's Rift in a long time.
Day 1 E3 Showcase about to start! Waiting at the doors!
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Today's #HIddenGems from Jason features a game by another name: Final Fantasy Legend, which is a part of the SaGa franchise.

Roleplaying Game marketing in the 80s-90s was a very tenuous, risky time. The only RPGs we had access to were on computers: Might & Magic, Ultima, The Bard's

SEGA of Europe recently previewed Thrones of Britannia - and we have footage & new information for you! Colton breaks it down in our newest video.

Total War: Thrones of Britannia was shown off at a Sega of Europe press event! Here’s what they showed us.

Today's #TopdeckTutor features a pirate-themed deck from Jason: Grixis Pirates! Stack treasure tokens to the ceiling and take a cheap win.

Welcome to another Topdeck Tutor! With Magic the Gathering: Arena on the horizon, I wanted to suggest another cheap/fun deck. Today: Pirates!

Last week, Jason got a sneak peek at the next Trove expansion: Heroes. He may not be the hero they deserve, but he's the hero they're going to get. Get a glance at the updates coming next week to Trove.

A lot is going on with Trove right now with their expansion into Japan and the Beta Test in China but today we're going to just talk about Trove Heroes.

Fable Fortune is a new F2P card game on Steam. Find out more about it in our review!

Fable Legends is another new card game that has its own take and special style.

Last weekend, TERA had an Open Beta on console, and Jason took a swing back into their vibrant world. Here's what he thinks about where it's going. Is the console version of TERA the definitive one?

I did not play much of TERA on PC but I absolutely love it on console. Something felt off with it on PC, but a controller corrected that.

Jason recently sat down with the ArcheAge developers to talk about Update 4.5, "Legends Return". Some terrific quality-of-life changes, dragons, and much more are on the way.

A few weeks back, I got a chance to see the changes coming to ArcheAge for update 4.5, and I have to say, there’s some really big stuff on the way!

KingsDecree takes a closer look at Darwin Project from Scavenger Studio in his open beta preview.

Scavenger Studio’s Darwin Project has something a little different that goes along way in the oversaturated battle royale market.

Ojogo offers a review of the mobile fantasy RPG, NTales.

Bad grammar and good story telling don’t mix, and that’s pretty much what screams at you when you start playing NTales: Child of Destiny.

Hand of the Gods is the latest game from HiRez Studios and is a hybrid card/board game. Jason reviewed it recently and coupled it with a review of each faction to help new players get started.

SMITE Tactics: Hand of the Gods has come a long way from the time it was conceived to where it is in the full launch.

Jason recently sat down with the Ship of Heroes team to take a combat tour of Apotheosis City. The VOD is here, so get a peek at what's been brewing.

Jason teamed up with the Ship of Heroes developers to take a tour of a portion of Apotheosis City.

Considering your pantheon picks in Hand of the Gods ? Jason offers his thoughts on each of the game's pantheons. Keep tuned for our full game review coming soon!

Not sure which Pantheon might be right for you? I have a few thoughts on all the pantheons, some cards of note, what the leader does and more.
We have a pretty good week for news, I think! SMITE is celebrating their fourth birthday, and Paladins: Realm Restored (or Cards Re-Bound) is here!

Elsword releases the final 3rd Job update – and we’re giving away $150 K-Ching!

KOG Games launched Elsword's third and final update in the 3rd Job update series today.