Wow now this is beyond kool and an honor.

1 track album

Its been way too long!!! Here's our newest track... this time a tribute to Bon Scott & AC/DC!! play it loud!!

MYSTIC-FORCE Touch Too Much (Highway To Hell: A Tribute To Bon Scott & AC/DC 1974-1979) Out in October 2017 is our (MYSTIC-FORCE) tribute of AC/DC's Touch To...
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MYSTIC-FORCE : Press Release (Aug 1st, 2016)

This past Saturday, July 30th MYSTIC-FORCE Bassist and founding member Keith Menser was a victim in a Hit n Run car accident as a pedestrian walking home from a local music festival (Hamilton Festival). The accident happened around 6:30 in the evening (still daylight of course) on Harford Rd. Baltimore, MD. Upon crossing a side street off Harford Rd. a car decided to make a sudden right on red light turn while Keith was ...proceeding to walk across the street and it happened so quickly he never saw it coming nor had a warning to jump out of the cars way. The car struck Keith Menser on his right leg n hip with the passenger side of the cars bumper and the impact slammed Keith knees down on the side of the street and face down to the curb which knocked him out cold from the power of the fall. Witnesses saw the accident but with it being so sudden no one was able to get a tag number as the driver took off high speed to flee the accident scene and turning it into a Hit n Run issue. Witnesses did in fact call 911 with the police and medics arriving to handle the emergency as Keith was still out due to the impact of both the car to the curb.

Waking up a few hours later in John Hopkins Emergency room and regaining his focus to ask "what am I doing in a hospital"? Keith Menser was informed of the fact he was involved in a Pedestrian injured in traffic accident hit n run. Several tests and procedures were performed, including CT scans and full body examination and Thankfully no acute injuries were fount at this time. Ultimately Keith suffered severe aches n pain and bruising on the left side of his body due to the fall, right leg n hip from car impact and scabs all over including on his face (nose, lips, chin, neck, etc.). Three top front teeth were broken and his glasses totaled. However were happy to report no broken bones or stitches or any life threatening injuries. Keith was discharged and was Thankfully able to walkout of the hospital still in one piece. A bit banged up and hurting, but Keith is home recovering and is doing fairly well in his healing process.

This press release was posted to inform everyone of the matter, as there has been posts that Keith Menser was in shock trauma and other incorrect facts and so we felt it was important to clearly state the matter at hand. Keith Thanks everyone for their caring concerns and kind loving words regarding this matter.

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June 7, 2016

Painkiller!!! coming out on Versailles Records later this year!

Out real soon is our (MYSTIC-FORCE) tribute cover of Judas Priest's Painkiller! MYSTIC-FORCE is: Allen Brunelle: Drums Mike 'Pic'Kil' Evans - Guitars Keith M...

Being mastered now and coming out soon on CD and for digital download is Billion Dollar Babies: A Tribute to Alice Cooper's Greatest Hits. Here's MYSTIC-FORCE's version of 'Is It My Body' with Keith debuting on vocals and being backed up by Allen on drums, Pic'Kil' on guitars and yes, Keith on bass. enjoy...

Out real soon is our (MYSTIC-FORCE) cover of Alice Cooper's 'Is It My Body'. MYSTIC-FORCE on this song is: Allen Brunelle: Drums Mike 'Pic'Kil' Evans - Guita...

Mixing part I for next tribute...DIO 'Last In Line'!!

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A group shot in front of our last show of the European leg of our 2012 tour, a headlining show in athens @ An Club.

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Great times with good friends @ the After show party, in which the great promoter setup for us to really hang with fans. What a blast!

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Another group photo on the roads of Thessaloniki, Greece

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A banner hanging on the wall of Block 33

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A group photo outside of the killer club Block 33 in Thessaloniki, Greece before we had the honor to once again share the stage with Pyschotic Waltz (as we did in Germany@ KIT). The energy from these crowd was unreal.

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Our first dinner in Greece and all I can say is the food is out of this world.

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A Flash back look at some Tour photos from our European tour 2012... This is what we saw from side stage as we prepared to play. Very Warm Welcome Indeed!

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