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Founded in 2005

Our vision of the future is one in which our corporate values are put into daily practice for the benefit of our people, our clients and our partners. This is a vision of sustainable, long-term growth based upon the health, wealth and spirit of all our stakeholders.


Lead by example.


We hold five core values:

Community – Encompassing our responsibility to take an active and participatory role in our local, professional and international communities, and to strive for the happiness, dignity and well being of the people who make up these communities.

Professionalism – Our definition of professionalism is: high standards, best business practice and clear communication.

Integrity – Just as a structure requires integrity to make it whole and effective, our business is dependant upon the honesty and strong moral principals of our people.

Sustainability – Encompassing: our responsibilities as stewards of both the natural and built environments; our ethical business practices; our long-term and strategic planning; and our respect for that original source of all timber buildings…the forest.

Wealth – Our business exists for the purpose of increasing the health, wealth and well being of all our stakeholders.

We believe that the implementation of these values is practical and achievable. The demonstration of these values on a daily basis is our definition of success and business excellence.
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Macdonald & Lawrence Timber Framing Ltd. M&L) is a specialist carpentry company based on Vancouver Island in BC, Canada. We build and erect new structural timber systems and conserve historic timber buildings
Company Overview
M&L specializes in working collaboratively with architects, engineers and other professional clients in order to deliver logistically-challenging projects withi...n agreed timetables and budgets. No single person or firm can provide all of the answers all of the time: M&L understands this, and knows that its best work is achieved through the cooperation and support of a larger team.

Our teams have delivered projects in some of the most complex environments to be found anywhere on the planet. From equatorial jungles to uninhabited islands, and from tree-tops to mountain tops, our people have delivered successful projects on five continents. Whether it is a time-critical project for television, or a budget-driven challenge for a non-profit organization, we thrive on tough logistical challenges. Many people assume that these sorts of projects have unlimited budgets and flexible timelines, but nothing could be further from the truth. We pride ourselves on delivering our work on time and on budget. There’s really no mystery to how we achieve this: just good old-fashioned planning and plenty of hard work. As we are fond of saying, “Plan the work…then work the plan!”
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BC Wood Design Awards - Best Residence 2010
Heritage BC award 2011 - Certificate of Recognition - The Native Sons Hall, Courtenay, BC
Heritage BC award 2011 - A...ward of Honour - Bill Reids Haida House, Vancouver, BC
Heritage BC award 2011 - Outstanding Achievement - The Bastion, Nanaimo, BC
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M&L typically works on three or four projects concurrently; project scopes and values range considerably from modest additions to complex multi-year projects that included a full range of design, engineering and construction management services. Annual sales revenue is circa $4M, with single project awards up to $4.5M. Most projects fall within the $50 to $400k range and are completed within 6 to ...8 months from the time of award. M&L has a portfolio that demonstrates competence in new construction, timber engineering and the conservation of historic timber buildings. Increasingly, M&L has been called upon to answer design and build opportunities where challenging logistics and complex locations are a common theme! See More