Ok everyone, normal practice has to be put off just a bit longer, until after the new year. In the mean time, look out for some fun Saturday practice sessions!

Hey everyone, we love the excitement we've seen about practice getting up and running again! Unfortunately, we may have gotten just one step ahead of ourselves. Turns out there are a few last minute things we have to iron out with USA Rugby and Macon-Bibb Parks & Rec in order to officially start practice and get the lights on.
Our apologies for the false start, but let's not lose the excitement. Without lights, practice is dangerous, so it's cancelled for tonight. I'll update everyone tomorrow on the status of Thursday night, but if we're not able to pull it off on Thursday then we'll have a Saturday practice to get everyone together.
Thanks to all those who were committed to coming out tonight, there were a bunch! Let's keep that up and keep growing it. We'll be back at it soon


Friends and neighbors, hear the good news!

Macon Love is starting practice back up in earnest this week. Practices will be held I Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7-830pm on our home field at the back end of central city park. There will be a brief but effective rehydration session scheduled immediately afterwards at our sponsor bar, the hummingbird!

Whether you've been a rugby player for years or just discovered the game, all are welcome! All you need to get started is a water... bottle and some heart (although cleats and a mouth guard will come in handy, too), so come on out and join us Tuesday at 7.


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This event was canceled
This event was canceled

Practice is on for Tuesday, August 8 at 7 PM at the back of central city park rain or shine.

Practice scheduled for 7pm on the football field at the back of the central city park.

All are welcome.

Thursday, Thursday, Thursday!
Practice at 7 p.m. on the back football field at Central City Park.

Tuesday! That means practice at 7 p.m. on the football field at the back of Central City Park.

All are welcome! All you need is water and cleats.

As always we're practicing on the football field at the back of Central City Park at 7 pm.

All are welcome!

Practice is every Tuesday and Thursday at 7 pm on the football field at the back of Central City Park.

Bring water, cleats, and anyone who might be interested.

All are welcome!

Rugby Practice 7pm Central City park. Bring water and cleats. Come learn to play the best sport on the planet.

Rugby practice, Sunday 3pm at Macon State. Bring water and cleats. Field is on the right hand side of campus by the tennis courts. Come give it a go!

Good runout today boys, lets keep at it and build on the numbers. Lets do it again next Sunday.

Rugby Practice tomorrow, Sunday. 3pm at Macon State College. Field is by the tennis courts and the walking track. Bring water, cleats, and players. If you have ever thought about playing Rugby, this is the practice for you!

Spring Matrix:

Jan 7: @ Columbus
Jan 14: @ NARC (unless changed due to Serrs)
Jan 21: High Country...
Jan 28: @Old White
Feb 4: BYE
Feb 11: Augusta
Feb 18: Renegades
Feb 25: @ Bucks
March 4: @ Grits
March 11: St. Patty's
March 18: Athens
March 25: @ Savannah

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With practice unlikely due to the field situation, get a workout in and we'll see you next week as we prepare for deep roots.

Unsure of our field situation, but we will try and practice at 615 tonight at Central City Park.

Tomorrow's match vs Morehouse has been CANCELLED due to circumstances outside of our control.