Irfan Makki feat. Maher Zain - I Believe

You’re the reason my life’s worth living
You’re the reason I’m alive
I’d be lost without You
You’re the reason that I strive
You’re my destiny...
You’re my reverie
You’re the reason that I breathe
You are all that I believe

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NEW MUSIC VIDEO: Check out "BilThikr" the first song on the Arabic Version of my new album "One".
اشرحْ صدري بالذِكرِ يا اللهْ
يسّرْ أمري في كلِ ما ألقاهْ
نوّر دربي واحفظني يا ربّاهْ
أنتَ أنيسي دوماً يا اللهْ...

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Official music video for "BilThikr" - from Maher Zain's new album "One" featuring Zulu choir Amakhono We Sintu. Filmed in South Africa, and directed by Amr S...