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Barry-Micki Moon-Welch
· January 9, 2018
We had our daughters 4th Birthday party there this year(January 2018). On the day of the party about an hour prior, I received a voicemail stating that they were having plumbing issues and could not o...pen to the public until the problem was resolved. They gave us a few options on what we could do from there.... mini panic attack.... My daughter was already in her party outfit running around so excited about her party.... before we could discuss what we were going to do, I received another call... this time saying that the issue was resolved and we could have her party as planned. I know things happen but The Children’s Museum staff were so kind and they took great care of us. We had a wonderful time and we will continue to visit until our daughter grows out of it. They really did an amazing job of alerting us there was an issue to resolving that issue super quick and following up with us to let us know. Great job guys! See More
Sianna Wikel
· December 29, 2017
I've been a member for a couple years now. It was great when my kids were babies. like 1-2. But now that they are older. It's getting harder to keep there attention on any one thing. And honestly, I bored just looking at the place. I don't think I've ever stayed there for more than an hour. They are getting bored with the options, and they are only 2 & 3. The main fun thing is the bean bag pulley, but really only one child can use it and so they can't spend that much time with it. If you really look at the place, there is not much to play with except the trains and the kitchen set. I never see kids in the book area, so that area is a waste. They only have a few costumes in the vault area, and that area could be used for something different. There really is nothing in the sailboat area to play with except the steering wheel. They'll play on that for 2 seconds. There are bean bags everywhere that hardly get used at all. The huge puzzle in there is only there because it's made by the "artist". The pieces are too big and heavy for kids to use. I have only ever seen an adult use it. Waste! It just seems like there is nothing for long term, constructive play. Kids will play with something for a minute, drop it, and move on. There is more kids running around aimlessly than playing with something.
We still go there once a month or so, but we go to the Museum of York County more now. They have more things for active kids to play on/with, as well as being educational. There are three separate rooms with different displays/attractions for each age range. Plus, they have all the museum animal rooms! That's four long term activities/rooms for them! And everything is hands on and active! My kids could spend an hour in each room, probably longer if I let them!
Long story short, if you don't pay for the membership, don't waste your money on that location! Go to the Museum of York County on Mt. Gallant!
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Aubrey Caldwell
· January 6, 2018
My children have many delightful memories of visiting the Main Street Children's Museum. It is a beautiful place where young imaginations can grow, a welcome respite from screen time. I have enjoyed b...oth playing with them and watching them play. See More
Monique Nicole Dockery
· April 18, 2018
Very clean, very nice place for young children. I absolutely loved it here.....oh and so did my little one lol. Very friendly people.
Rachel Parker
· October 26, 2017
Perfect place for my two-and-a-half-year-old to run around, explore and touch just about everything. Very toddler-friendly. The staff is amazing. We absolutely love it there
Mary Holland
· January 5, 2018
Super cute place. Very much geared to the imagination. Love all the rooms and activities. It is smaller but my kids love it.
Elisa Brown White
· June 17, 2017
i would not actually consider this a museum. It is mostly just an indoor playground. I took my granddaughter there last week and we paid our $18 for 3 of us and we may have spent 20 minutes in there! ...We thought it was actually a museum?? We also did not realize the top age was 6. My granddaughter is almost 8 and the lady who took our money, I feel, should have explained that she was probably too old to enjoy it! I feel like we were taken advantage of to a degree! Won't be returning and think it would be wise to call it something other than a museum?? Also it would be nice if it stated on the front door it was geared towards toddlers up to 6 yrs old! Very disappointing for my granddaughter. See More
April Osburn Menendez
· May 16, 2018
My 2 year old loves the Main Street Children’s Museum! Just attended “Tunesday” and he loved that too! 🎶😊👍🏻👍🏻
Chrissy Ferrell-Tharp
· June 9, 2017
This was our 1st time coming here. We have a 4 year old son. He LOVED it!!! He went to a morning drop-off class for ages 4-6 and had a great time. It was the 1st time leaving him anywhere and he just ...went on it, did not even want to wait to say bye ;) He had so much fun during the class, he asked to go back after lunch and we did. It was so quiet with not many children just after noon, but at 2pm it picked up and got busy. I would definitely recommend this museum, but I suggest trying to go when it is not too busy. See More
Mary Smythe Hansen
· March 18, 2017
My little girl is 1 year old and it's so difficult to find places that are appropriate/fun for such a young age. I love that she can move around, climb on things and socialize with other children here.... Also, I agree with the reviewers that said the staff is friendly and that they keep everything very clean. We got a membership that also works for the Museum of York County and Brattonsville and will be using it often at all 3 places. See More
Julie Zasa Underwood
· January 30, 2017
This is a small, awesome place for kids to play for a couple of hours. It's filled with play houses and dress up clothes, as well as a large train table. My son is 4, and with the layout I can sit on ...a bench in the middle and see him wherever he goes. He loves it! The price is a winner, too, at $6. See More
Teresha Lowery
· October 1, 2017
My son loved it!!! He's 2 and at that age they are so adventurous and it was right up his alley to explore. We will be going back !
Becky Jaworsky Johnson
· December 20, 2017
I love this museum! The kids have a ball every time they go!
Aimee Sernick
· April 13, 2017
This place is excellent for toddlers ! The staff is very welcoming we went on a story hour day unfortunately my son wasn't a fan of it but we enjoyed all the others amazing things love all the imagina...tion and hand on stuff and also he was also able to make a craft See More
Heather Morgan Sherrill
· April 9, 2017
My 3.5 y/o son loved this place as its full of using your imagination and fun! We usually go to Discovery Place Kids in Huntersville, NC as we live there but this was a wonderful change in scenery! It... wasn't very busy and was easy to watch him w/o a crowd. He loved the treehouse the best! See More
Donna Grove
· October 14, 2017
I take my grandson here all the time. he loves. it it is not a museum it’s a toy and imagination playground. More like discovery place on a small scale.
TimandJocelyn Morse
· July 12, 2017
I used our membership to get us in for free. The kids kept busy for a few hours. I was able to read my book. They dressed up as kings, queens and dragons and use their imagination playing hide and see...k with magic potions. My kids are 9, 6, 6 and 5. They asked to come again. See More
Brenda Rose Porcello
· March 25, 2017
I truely loved taking my 2 year old grandson to this museum for the afternoon. Caleb loved it all especially the pulley toy with the bean bags. I couldn't get him away! I loved how that museum was tho...ught out and it even brought out the child in myself!😉 I will go back with my young grand-children definetely. 👍 See More
Katie R. White
· April 27, 2016
I don't think we will be going back there. It's small and the costumes and some of the toys are so gross and chewed up looking. One area had a bad smell and I also wasn't impressed that the woman at t...he front desk tried to correct my 21 month old from yelling. Toddlers make noise...comes with the territory. I didn't realize they had to be silent, to go there. See More
Shannon Brandy Hill
· August 1, 2015
I love taking the kids here and watching their imaginations unfold!! The museum is always clean and full of toys, books and the coolest puppets. The staff members are ALWAYS super friendly and helpful... and they always have the cutest little projects for the kids to create upstairs! An annual membership is so worth it when you have little guys! We especially love going in the winter time when its too cold to play outside! See More
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