Happy holidays and drive safe! If you're exploring the country, don't miss this uniquely Malaysian age old tradition spanning many generations .. the formidable meriam buluh. For the sake of longevity of the cannon, some - like the ones you see here, uses coconut trunks so it can fire repeatedly throughout the Eid celebrations. But you'd have to be in here in person to have your soul truly shaken by the immense sound they make.
Malaysian pretzels aka keropok lekor. No need for elaborate weighing scales .. just cut, powder and roll - like how its been done for generations. And in 1988 Auntie Anne came for a holiday in Malaysia .. 󾌲. They are then boiled (if you wanna bring them home) or deep fried immediately to be eaten with a sweet chilli dip. Awesome!
Tracking Newly Opened SDL

Got your pickup truck / SUV but not very sure where to drive and park for a bit of glamping? Check out this guide locatiion - best viewed by using a desktop as you can view each site individually. Shared by Kelvin Chua and augmented by us a little bit


Glamping sites to park your vehicle / campervan. Use the linked Street View to see if it suits your requirements. Majority work by (c) Kelvin Chua with additional inputs from (malsingmaps)

Rawang Bypass full video with elevation, grade and other details

Newly opened Rawang bypass with views coming from KL, Serendah and Sg. Choh respectively. Expect this to be the new darling segment for road cyclists for its...

Mapping Rawang Bypass 29/11/2017 - clocking as the highest road bridge in Peninsular Malaysia, this bypass takes traffic from Kuala Lumpur to Serendah and avoids the busy Rawang town. After delays of 7 years - this bypass is now open to public. Fantastic scenery but please don't stop to take selfies by the road side!

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Mengutip data untuk memeta Sri Damansara Link (DUKE) yang baru dibuka semalam.

Collecting tracklogs to map the SDL Highway which officially opened to public yesterday. Toll free for a month - a viable option to get to Sungai Buloh / Sri Damansara from KL / Ampang quickly by bypassing the SPRINT / Jalan Kepong / MRR2.

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No river can return to its source, yet all rivers have a beginning and a tale to tell.…/highways-of-past-spirits-and…

A harvested beehive and soon-to-be According to Ustaz Amin, this is a beginner tree for the budding beehive harvester. Usually working...

Did you know that Port Dickson has many new bypasses? Lines in orange are all the new bypasses which makes travelers heading towards south of Port Dickson skip sections of the old and busy trunk road. E.g. from E29 you can cut short your travel time to Thistle Hotel or Palm Springs Golf - toll free! Certainly my trips to Sungai Baru would now follow this route.

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"All that is gold does not glitter, not all those who wander are lost" .. tracking the remote Gold Mine of Bukit Kenderak, Pahang
Check out “Bukit Kenderak Gold Mine” on Relive!

View my ride Bukit Kenderak Gold Mine

Bila guna laluan A119 .. confirm tak akan jumpa pekan Kuala Dipang!…/the-most-interesting-thing-a…

.. there is NO town! Continuing where we left off from our previous Chenderiang post - if you continue heading northwards, you will e...

Felda Tementi mapped by our superstar mapper Mijan Hamzah

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GPS Dan Gadget Murah

Fill in the blanks kat Gugusan Felda Tementi. Berkat aktiviti ziarah-menziarahi sempena Hari Raya Aidil Fitri 2017.

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Malsingmaps shared a memory.

Repost. 6 years ago

A Nuvi owner wrote to us asking for his town of Manong to be mapped. And we obliged.

Manong is situated along the Perak River and is shielded by a mountain ra...nge. The name is taken from a girl named Sarbanom who rebelled ("derhaka") against her mother. Manong is famous for being close to Pulau Semat - an islet on the Perak River itself. Legend has it that before the Sultan of Perak can take the throne, he has to wet his feet at 7 rivers found all over Perak. Pulau Semat is one such location and the ascending Sultan would make his way from Manong to the little islet.

The island itself is mythical for another reason: Makam (grave) Sultan Tajol Ariffin is located on this island and tradition calls for the his grave to face where the sun sets. However his grave faces the rising sun. As such, this islet is also as "pulau keramat" or a mystical island where 4D punters would flock in search for lucky numbers to buy.

Further up the road, there is Laksa Pak Ngah, a favourite eatery amongst the locals. Next time you travel to Perak, take a trek along unusual roads and you may find an interesting village steeped with mystery and intrigue!

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And you thought Chenderiang didn't have anything to offer .. Draco Nature Camp…/chenderiang-draco-nature-par…

Chenderiang - a name that is seen many times in my lifetime but never have - set foot on until almost 5 decades later. Accessible via Tapa...

Festive holidays is not all about eating .. tracking too 🤓

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GPS Dan Gadget Murah

Jalan-jalan berhari raya sambil jalan-jalan cari jalan. Walaupun Online GPS begitu terkenal sekarang, pengguna offline Map GPSr tak kami lupakan.

Tracklog time ...raya dr Bidor -> Butterworth -> Tapah -> Ringlet -> Sg Koyan -> Kuala Lipis -> Jerantut -> Temerloh -> Bandar Pusat Jengka.

Ari ni, nk track, align & test jalan alternatif (Klang - Sabak Bernam). Nak pastikan jangan ada yang masuk sungai... 😁😁

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Our MVP tracker tracks the newly opened exit at LATAR. 😎

Kuchai - NPE Flyover.jpg This newly opened flyover will cut your traveling time from Jalan Kuchai Lama to New Pantai Expressway (Subang Jaya bound) - bypassing the long waits at the on-grade simpang empat traffic lights.

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DUKE Extensiion.jpg New DUKE access opens linking traffic from Jalan Tun Razak to DUKE (Shah Alam and Batu Caves bound)

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The popularity of Waze and Google Maps may have made GPS devices less relevant but fans continue to find a use for it.