To better understand remote code execution attacks, Malwarebytes decided to select a number of web properties that had not yet been validated to determine if they were affected. After confirming over 900 injected web properties, we determined that web miners remain the most popular tool of injection for cybercriminals. Read more of our analysis on the blog.

Back-to-back Drupal zero-day vulnerabilities are being monetized with malicious web cryptominers.

The Georgia Senate Bill 315 (SB-315) raised several concerns for cybersecurity researchers. To their relief, Governor Nathan Deal chose to veto the bill. Here's an in-depth analysis on why tech companies are happy about this decision.

Georgia Senate Bill 315 aimed to make all unauthorized access to computers illegal—sounds good, right? Read why provisions in its fine print made t...
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Michael Sharp
· 16 hours ago
I couldn't work out why my CPU was constantly running at 100% and hard-drive space was constantly being eaten up. Norton would keep cleaning thousands of temp files, but would never offer any other so...lution or offer any concern about the constant max CPU use.

Finally, a page recommended I download Malwarebytes and after a half hour scan it found 10 suspicious files which were quarantined or replaced. Instantly my CPU usage went to 10% or less and the constant hard-drive use stopped.

Highly recommended program.
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Shawn S Eicher
· May 17, 2018
horrible purchase process. paid for the licence and then had to wait several days to get my activation code and when i tried to contact support they were unavailable.

I have now had to uninstall thi...s program because it is blocking one program that i use for work and it took me several hours trying to figure out what was wrong. Finally found one of its subprocess quarantined by Malwarebytes. I know i can exclude this file and others, but i am so frustrated by the time wasted that i do not want to mess with this anymore. See More
Dana Johnston
· May 8, 2018
I didn't like the checkout process your company offers via Paypal, which would force me to only use my bank account instead of a credit card to pay for my Malwarebytes subscription. I don't want YOUR to have my credit card on file, and that's one reason I'd use Paypal. But, because of your programming, that is exactly what has happened, and I am very disappointed in your company's manipulation.

Additionally because there was no way to actually contact a person at your company to report this problem, my dissatisfaction was increased. Your vending software has no accountability, no public facing customer service, and that is a huge miscalculation on your part.
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Sue Ishii
· February 16, 2018
My husband and I paid for a subscription for MWB Premium for multiple devices (paid over $100). We received an email instructing us to set up our account, and a second email thanking us for choosing ...MWB. But, we have NOT received our license code. I reported this to MWB customer service and received an email with a link to general instructions re: how to get a license code (steps which we have already taken several times) and a message to email back if the link was not helpful. I have emailed back at least twice, with no response and no license code. But, our credit card has been charged and our account shows that there are 362 days left on our subscription. The download button that appears when we sign into our account does nothing more than re-download the free version. We are very disappointed. I guess we will need to dispute the charge on our credit card. I would give MWB zero stars for customer service. But that is not an option. See More
Gerard Cunningham Jr.
· March 6, 2018
Best malware, Ransomware, adware protection on the market...
All the best radio, YouTube and Real-life technicians recommend MWB (paid version)
Lousy Contact options if you need to speak to a live person...
Beware of scammers posing on Google that claim they can help you with malwarebytes products... Especially if you hear an East-indian Accent
(sorry India people, but that's where most of the scammers are calling from)
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Lori Vines
· May 5, 2018
Hi new member . I have a problem with my moto Verizon phone. I one day could call people and the next day I couldn't call on any type app..(I don't). I use my phone not goggle+. Well I guess you also ...have not noticed with the protection plan that my phone is now a provider that Verizon hasn't heard of ever! My phone is fine with everything else but I then found a guy who I ran into my 50th he trying to figure this out:/).. I seen that this guy had linked himself to my phone and says who it belongs to..It said some guy and my name but his last name. I'm thinking he has by imail using it to get a different number and I have zreo Data..but 87% .of data remaining.Hummn..I was told to bring it to a store because they have know idea what to do and never heard of network. I googled it and it is a cheap based internet service .. I received just that. Cheap service.. I found a beginning and Verizon could see that I am there active customer and.. that's it. I have a provider who is.. unknown.. I'm just wondering how could I..pass all yr protection and not noticed any kind of ..anything?? I hope you have a answer for me that nobody with protection from you and Verizon but go unnoticed by both? See More
Nate Ferguson
· February 9, 2018
My mom was having issues with unwanted programs that would hijack the search bar and / or do webpage redirects until I installed Malwarebytes on her PC and ran a scan, since then no issues.
This is worth having if you use Windows.
Windows Defender definitely doesn't catch everything from my experience.
The cost of the license for the full program is fair for what you get and worth buying if you can afford it.
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Brayden Schulze
· March 22, 2018
I hate giving a one star review for a product I do find quite valuable and have never had an issue with before. But I am trying to inquire about more information on Endpoint Security and this seems to... be the only way I might get your attention unfortunately.

I have tried calling your business customer support number multiple times for the last couple of days. I have left messages that have not been returned in days. I have filled out a request on your site to have a sales rep reach out to me with no response in days.

Just a little bit ago I started a live chat to ask about the product and was directed to the phone number I have been calling with no answer in days. When asking if there was another way to get in touch with someone your rep closed the chat window and ended the conversation.

I was extremely interested in either your Endpoint Security or Endpoint Protection products as I really liked what I saw from the trial but it's a bit difficult to trust a product when I can't even get in touch with the company to answer some pretty simple questions.
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Dee Speers
· April 21, 2018
Just sent email to welcome email and now posting to facebook. It looks as though they are still taking payments and not sending license on upgrade. I used their website from the upgrade on the free pr...ogram. Hopefully, I won't have to take this further.
Today April 24th, I received the license key I needed from Malwarebytes. Only took them a few days to respond but finally got it done. Once I had the license to go to the premium product, it was easy to do. Thank you for responding - hope your new CFO looks at what is happening with customer service. Took way too long to get this done. I decided to up my star rating to 3.
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Patrick Gary Montgomery
· May 1, 2018
MalwareBytes is a bait and switch outfit that rarely keeps its promise. When the product works it works very well, but if it gets a glitch there is no repair. The only option is to remove it. I have r...emoved the product from my personal systems and am removing it from all our computers in our radio broadcasting and aviation companies. See More
Mick Waring
· April 24, 2018
I have been running Malwarebytes Premium for over 3 years now and have only had 2 problems - both caused by updates to Avira Free AV. Support tickets created and responded to within 2 working days (pr...etty good considering we're in Australia) maybe 1-2 days more when weekends are involved. I have never had to chase them up re a response. Every time, I have been given prompt replies to my problem/questions with clear simple instructions from the support team. Have never had a Malware problem on my machine since MB has been installed. I would recommend it (and have) to many friends and they are more than pleased with it. See More
Lisa Landrum Troxler
· April 20, 2018
Downloaded malwarebytes on to my Android. I can not uninstall it. WTF? I want it OFF now! I can not recommend since there's no way to get rid of this app on phone. Clicking on the X does nothing. ... Going into APP to uninstall, it's grayed out. Crapware more like it!! See More
Paul Glenn
· May 18, 2018
I have been trying to contact someone with Malwarebytes for several moths to no avail. I have had a subscription for years, but it has not worked since my last renewal. Antone know how to get in touch... with these people. They do not answer emails. See More
Stephen Norton
· February 16, 2018
Your product is great; Your customer service, not so much... Took a week for a response to my trouble ticket, and the response had nothing to do with my issue. After several more emails back and forth..., it was clear the technicians did NOT understand my issue.
I really wish there were a support phone system in place... I made the mistake of calling a number presented as a Malwarebytes support phone, and they didn't fix my issue either, go figure... and I should have known better... In the end I managed to finally solve my issue.
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Bern Figg
· February 18, 2018
I bought a supposedly "life time" Malwarebytes license about 7 years ago. Recently one of my PC's, which was running Malwarebytes Premium, blue screened and as it wasnt possible to retrieve it so I re...installed Windows, on the same computer, same processer and mobo and the same ssd. I downloaded Malwarebytes and when I tried to enter my license key etc it was rejected stating something about me having exceeded the number of instalations I was permitted.....excuse me, I was under the impression that I had purchased a lifetime license for any computers I owned and that contract would be honoured.....would I trust this company given that the crash may well have been malware related in the first place? See More
Ed Smith
· March 29, 2018
I purchased your home premium edition and the charge already posted to my card. You have no customer support but when I opened a ticket no one responded to my request. Your program to load it only gi...ves me the free edition and this did not clear all ad ware on my desktop. This is very frustrating See More
Frank G Bilbro
· April 17, 2018
Your product performs quite well, when it load the complete protection I paid for. Too often it simply refuses to load on boot.. Currently my Malware protection is turned off and refuses to turn on. I... guess that makes it rather worthless unless I want to jump through hoops and remove and reinstall it all over again. See More
Scott Shoup
· April 24, 2018
The key to being successful in your trade is to have the correct tools. Malwarebytes toolset provide a fantastic base set in a easy to use interface. Every tech I have introduced it to has been more t...hen impressed.The added ability to incorporate personal toolsets is a great addition. See More
Jim Adgate
· April 17, 2018
No way to talk to a human being when you have issues.

Like Umpteen other web site registration pages their CAPTCHA doesn't work in Firefox and Chrome and they won't let you copy and paste passwords i...n IE. When contacted about this they absolutely refuse to address these issues and just keep referring you to a registration page you can't use. See More
Juan Andreas
· May 9, 2018
Hi there, your anti-malware are based signature like another traditional AV. on Asia Region there is to expensive price u can get. I better chose another AV why i must buy this?
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