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Susan Brinkman-Black
· November 12, 2017
I have been a patient of MFH for years. They're always very kind and caring. They work very hard to see you as soon as possible. The medical staff is top notch. The office and nursing staff are wonderful.
Alyssa Burns
· August 30, 2017
I would not recommend this office to families with children- asked for recommendations for a specialist and they could not give us any because. Charged us $30 to transfer records to a pediatrician (af...ter being told that they probably would not charge us because it wasn't many records) and lost the immunization records for our son. See More
Bob Marion
· July 19, 2017
Been going there about 40 years. I used Dr Baird who recently retired. My wife goes to Dr Jones.

Never had to wait more than a few minutes when I had appointments. Nursing staff is competent and c...aring.

I would not hesitate recommend this practice though your experience may be different depending on your doctor.
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Deb Weber
· September 20, 2017
Excellent doctors and staff! They take the time necessary to help you. Love Dr. Edmonds and Dr. Altimare but they are all just as good.
Kevin Jones
· July 8, 2014
I recently moved to the other side of Lancaster County and had to switch doctors. After switching to a provider closer to my home, I am finding that the service at Manor is well-missed. All of the do...ctors and staff are incredible. Dr. Emmert especially has been very helpful and attentive to pertinent medical issues I currently am experiencing. He is an excellent physician and genuinely shows a great deal of care and compassion for his patients. Cannot say enough good things about the excellent care and genuine concern he and the other doctors have for their patients. He places patient need well before bottom $ line and treats everyone with respect and goes the extra mile to ensure treatment is effective and readily available. I will be driving the distance across the county to continue my care at Manor. Excellent practice, it's worth the gas and 35 minutes. See More
Emily Stone
August 15, 2013
I have been a patient there for about 27 years. I cannot say enough about how wonderful all the doctors and staff are. But, there is one who goes above and beyond for me and always has. That is Dr. Da...vid Emmert. When I was unable to afford mental health care, he took the time to listen to me, although I know it put him behind schedule at times. He adjusted and monitored my medications, called to check on me, and made sure I returned to appointments so he could monitor my condition. Until I was able to get that care, he aptly played the roles of family doctor, therapist, and psychiatrist. I cannot thank him enough or tell you how lucky you are to have him on your staff. Thank you Dr. Emmert! I am eternally grateful to you. See More
Paige L Pipkin
· October 22, 2014
I gave 1 star because it wouldn't allow 0/5. From the start things were rocky. I called, made sure they accepted my insurance, made an appointment for my newborn. Upon arrival with my newborn, two children, and husband, I was told we could not be seen because I was misinformed and they did not accept our insurance. What a mess. We left, purchased additional insrance and then were seen. The second visit was worse. When I tried to talk to the office manager they gave me the run around about who I should speak with and gave me two different names. Neither of which were available to talk to me. Terrible, terrible experience. See More
Steve DiGuiseppe
· December 20, 2013
I have been a patient at Manor Family Health Center in Millersville for over 25 years. I have found the doctors, nurses, medical and clerical staff to be professional, caring, trustworthy health provi...ders. They have a clean, pleasant office and examination rooms. I believe they are one of the best medical facilities in Lancaster County. I actually enjoy going to the doctor's office. The staff is friendly and portrays a welcoming environment, even taking your blood or working with you on your medical issue at hand. I recommend this practice highly. See More
Kathy Kelly Carter
· December 1, 2015
A shoutout to Dr. Weaver....calling me at 7:30 at night with results of blood work! Thank you for this and the many other times you have worked with me and LISTENED to me!!!! You are a "TOP DOC" !!!!
Douglas Smith
· March 30, 2017
Terrific practice that I've gone to my entire life. Excellent, knowledgeable and compassionate physicians and staff. Highly recommend going to this practice!
Angie Rhodes
· August 25, 2014
I love this place. I just started to come here. They really care for you an is really concerned for your health. I like to see doc's that are passionate about there job. Even if we move out of era we... still goin there. See More
Alison Smoker
September 7, 2012
I was at the office yesterday for an 11:30 appt. I wasn't seen until 12:20. I understand that the doctors will have emergencies but the problem that I had with it was the fact that I was left sittin...g in the exam room over 40 minutes without anybody informing me of the delay. After 30 minutes I went out of the exam room and told somebody that I thought I was forgotten because I was told that I was the next patient and the doctor would be in shortly. What I would suggest is that if a patient in in an exam room for 15 minutes that the nurse should come in and give the patient an update. If another 15 minutes goes by with no doctor the nurse should go in and give the patient an option to reschedule the appt. or wait for the doctor. It is not good to leave a patient sitting in an exam room for more than 15 minutes without an update. After all my time is just as important as the doctors time. See More
Joy Shelly
· January 31, 2014
I've been a patient here since I've been born (29+ years ago), and every doctor I've seen has been caring, efficient and effective. Sometimes the wait time can get long, but I know I'm in good hands.... Once in the room, I never feel rushed, and they always ask if there is anything else I'd like to talk about. Great, friendly environment! See More
Mary Ellen Rice
May 7, 2013
love Dr Altimare and Dr Baird and all of them . they are great and I don't mind waiting since I know they will take time with me and not rush me out the door. All the girls at the desk are great too a...nd the nurses too. See More
Marge Lynch
October 21, 2012
The phone system is better then it was. I agree that patients should be told if the doctor will be extremely late seeing us, but I also realize that my doctor, Dr. Emmert, never rushes me when he is w...ith me, even if he is running late when he comes in my room. So, I have no complaints.
Everyone is very friendly and you feel like they are all interrested and know who you are. I actually enjoy my visits.
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David Emmert
September 17, 2012
Thanks, Ann! That is good to hear.

Alison, I am sorry to hear that this happened to you. Believe it or not, that is something we actually preach to our staff. I'm not sure what happened that day, but... we'll try hard to make sure it doesn't happen again. The most stressful part of my job is knowing I'm keeping people waiting; I hate that, though I know it must sometimes happen. But we should always keep you informed. Hopefully, we'll do better. Thanks for the feedback. See More
Ann Scott
September 12, 2012
i can't say enough great things about the offfice, and the employees.....always satisfied and grateful to have you.....

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