Here's how we are spending our night... Bonfire and the original Dracula

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For everyone interested in attending an event.

MANSFIELD – The infamous Ohio State Reformatory in Mansfield, Ohio has announced dates for its 2017 Ghost Hunts and Ghost Walks.

Any one interested in attending an investigation on June 17 please contact Keith Harris they have 7 open spots available

This is not the official Ohio Reformatory page. Please direct any tour or visitation questions to the facility by contacting them. The phone number is in the "ABOUT" Section... thanks

Hey Folks go check out some of the other pages that like this one there are some cool people into the same stuff out there!!! CANT WE ALL GET ALONG....LMAO

Holy hell is there a ton of snow out there... If you are in Ohio be safe the roads Suck...

Ok let me do this before I forget... I want to take a moment to wish everyone here a safe and happy new year...Please DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE there is too much to do yet!!! Happy New Year everyone!!!

We hope everyone had a Merry Christmas... sorry I meant to post this earlier in the week and it slipped my mind

Happy Thanksgiving to all the friends on our page... hope you find many things to be grateful for!!!

Check this book out

Lost in a gloomy village away from the civilized world, a young man lives the most horrifying experience of his life. This story is based on actual events and it follows faithfully the incredible narration reported by the very hero of this story. The reader might be tempted to doubt these facts&#...

Its just another day in paradise!!!

Its a sad day here today my vacation passed away early this morning and I will now spend the next couple months at mourning its passing... have a great day everyone, I am off to the sunny sandy beaches of Michigan...UGH

So long Florida... Its been nice...And WARM. . Time to go freeze my ass off again for another couple weeks...FML

I am thinking an Airboat ride is in order today