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Taylor Barnes Kristalyn
· March 9, 2018
If I could give zero stars, I would! The front office staff is horrible, no customer service, rude and disrespectful to their tenants. They are money hungry!! The owner accused my son of doing he did not do, even the owners grandson defended my son, stating he wasn't anywhere near where the incident took place and when my son and I got called into the office, we were taken into the back (like we were being punished), he asked my son what happened, my son told him and he looked at my son in the face and called him a liar! They charge for EVERYTHING! We have to pay $30 dollars a month per child (we have 3), I'm almost positive that it's against the law, falling under the Fair Housing Act, Familial Status (currently looking into this), they are trying to charge us for our service dog because she's over 25lbs, this is against Federal Law!! Trying to charge $25 for my husband's truck even though we have it parked in our spot that we pay for! I would NEVER recommend this place to anyone! Don't waste your time, breath or money... See More
Sam Gulizia
· September 7, 2017
I like the park but too many kids that don't follow the rules throwing rocks throwing trash I can keep on going I got a broken windshield out of my new motorhome I want their insurance to pay for it s...till haven't heard and it's been over a week.. See More
Pearl Bracamonte Cotti
· April 3, 2018
So sad that you have to have a newer RV just to stay here. Sounds like discrimination to me! Especially when our RV has less then 60k miles on it. NEVER HAD THIS PROBLEM! Stinks�
Les Rodwell
· April 2, 2017
We stayed at this park from July 2016 - April 2017. The park was in great shape with improvements occurring everyday. The staff there was awesome to work with. Would go back when the time comes!!
Joseph Jones
· December 6, 2015
Taking the garbage cans away gross now they want the garbage to be put at the front of the street so the cats could tear it apart and the ants n bugs could be everywhere this is not a good thing to do... when your trying to clean the place up nasty people See More
Joshua Priest
· May 29, 2014
I don't know about the park itself but business dealings with the owner and his son should be avoided at all costs Jim who is the owner is a thief. A friend of mine had me work for him for a day to fi...nish up some loose ends so he could get the remainder of the contract paid to him when he was finished and it was time to pay up all of a sudden he wanted to see his business licensce. Really!!!! So now my friend who has worked 22 days will not see a penny more from these guys.I called the man myself and was told that my friend hadn't finished which is Bullshit their expectations are unreasonable. He has already done and redone the job too many times and now has nothing to show for it.. class act!!! See More
Frank Dumancas
· August 9, 2015
The place are doing construction and they work 7 days a week making noise and when they dig there's no dust control by using water while digging. Your trailer will get very dirty and your vehicle. The...y don't leave any notice when this is done. If I known this I've would of went somewhere else. See More
Janet Weaver
· May 27, 2017
Very crowded, packed in like sardines. He campground is very clean, a lot of permanents. Don't think I would want to stay aga in.
Nestor Marie
· October 15, 2015
Very awesome place to live at But i hardly get my privacy I feel like im getting watched during night and day
Robert Vaughan
· September 4, 2014
Ricardo Salazar
· April 24, 2014
Muy buen lugar muy tranquilo
Melaine Koontz
November 21, 2017
Hey my ibew travelers in the bay area..any rV parks with spots open!!.. lemme know..
Tex Williamson
July 2, 2016
After Day 2 of The Williamson's Most Glorious Road Trip and Best Motorhome Combination Adventure and Sea Trials Ever, the score stands thusly:

Tex - 0...
RV - 2

Not a fully auspicious start, but it isn't as bad as it sounds. Day 1 went swimmingly until about 15 minutes prior to arriving at our destination. At that moment, we ran into what I conservatively estimate as 10 to the 32nd power mosquitoes. In the parlance used by us scientific types, we call that "a lot." Apart from the wipers smearing ex-mosquitoes (bereft of life, even) into a thick paste through which you could only vaguely see, the actual driving through them wasn't so bad. The subsequent cleaning, however, was horrendous. I quite literally cleaned the front of the rig for over an hour, scraping PILES of bugs off the rig. There were so many you could smell them!!! Yipes!

So I entered Day 2 with a one-point deficit, which stayed that way for about an hour. At that point, while prepping for departure, I heard something heavy hit the top of the RV. Fearing a branch had fallen on us, I climbed the ladder to see what had transpired. "Whew!" thought I. "Only a pinecone!" I swiftly rid myself of the offender, and proceeded back down the ladder. That's when my wedding band, conspiring with the RV ladder, snagged on a protruding step corner and, as I continued my fateful downward journey, stripped the skin off my ring finger from the knuckle to the next joint.

Yes, it hurt as much as you think it might!

So, down two, and with a finger on Injured Reserve, I enter Day 3 down but not out, ready to relax in the same spot for longer than a few hours. Somebody find me a cigar and an appropriate beverage!
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Joseph A Larrance
January 11, 2016
Stopped for the night short of the Bay Area
West Coast Garage Door and Automatic Gate
November 9, 2015
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Carman Eden Corbridge
September 8, 2015
Tiffany Irvin did you try this.... Casey look at this road trip for an Iced Mocha!!
Ulf Viney
October 13, 2013
Arrived in the Bay Area

We are a well-maintained and friendly RV resort that is nearby to all the local attractions of the city. Camp in nature or take your kids on an educational tour to a museum.

Have a checklist ready for your RV and hitch? If not, look online. There are printable lists that you can select according to what type of rig you’re driving, how many miles it has, and how far you’re going.


Do you know for how long RVing has been around? Well, it is more than 100 years old, starting in 1910. In February 2010, the US Congress designated June 2010 as RV Centennial Celebration Month.

Do you know that camping in nature fosters a healthy living? It rejuvenates your mind, body and soul, and gives you a refreshing break from all the worries of the world.

Our RV resort is a perfect option for travelers looking for an extended stay and world-class amenities. You can accommodate all RV lengths and enjoy numerous nearby attractions with your families for an unforgettable experience.

Q: How can I tell what my recreational vehicle’s max electrical load is? A: Most are 30 or 50 amps. Just google your make and model, or check in your user’s manual.

RV Pop Quiz: How were the stone arches of Arches National Park formed? a) Wind; b) Carved by Native People; c) Ancient Rivers; d) Rainwater Erosion. "D" Rainwater erosion.

It's not just cars that can be too hot for precious pets, your RV can also become dangerously hot so keep stops short and make sure to not leave your pet unattended in a hot RV.

Seasoned RV drivers know to pay attention to construction on the road. In a car, detours on dirt roads or turnarounds in tight spots aren’t a big deal, but in an RV, they can be more of a hassle. Make a plan, so there are no surprises!

Traveling to a destination too far from the city leaves no time for fun and activities. Moreover, it is costly too. Park your RV in our resort and spend most of your time having fun with your family.

In the 1930s motorized campers (before they were RVs) came with beds, electricity, water, and dinettes. The term “RV” (for Recreational Vehicle) wasn’t coined until the 1960s. Before then, vehicles or units were called campers, travel trailers, caravans, or come-alongs.

Looking to purchase an RV? Make sure you do your research first. If you’re going to be parking nearby for long amounts of time, a super light, gas-efficient RV with a low maximum electrical load might not be the best choice, for example.

Mobile phone technology and readily available internet connectivity have made RVs a viable and flexible option for telecommuting and working remotely. Other RVs uses include EMS mobile command centers, concert tour buses and onsite TV and film trailers.

An RV is a perfect option for traveling with large families and kids. They give you several options to travel comfortably with all the important things you need to carry along, such as picnic baskets, camping tents and more.

Q: What does chocking your wheels mean? A: This simply means using wedges so that your vehicle doesn’t accidentally roll back, in case the brakes fail.

If you can't get enough of Ricky, Julian, Bubbles and the rest of the gang at Sunnyvale Trailer Park, Netflix now streams the ever popular, inimitable, Trailer Park Boys.