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What happened to the Trivia Questions and Answers?
I have had to take a short break from the responsibility of daily trivia; the fun will be back as soon as possible.

Note that Questions and Answers for 2013 to 2017 are available at my Trivia Archive Page,

Trivia for 31 December: What is the oldest city in France? Answer 31 December at


Apologies for missing a few days of trivia; you can see the ones that were not posted here by going to

Trivia for 30 December: What is the other name for the mountain known as K2? Answer 30 December at

Trivia for 23 December: Capital of Kiritimati, (or Christmas Island)? Answer 23 December at

Trivia for 22 December: Capital of the Isle of Man? Answer 22 December at

Trivia for 21 December: Which two countries have capitals with similar names: Basse-terre and Basseterre? Answer 21 December at

Trivia for 20 December: Eritrea’s capital? Answer 20 December at

Trivia for 19 December: What country's capital is Abu Dhabi? Answer 19 December at

Trivia for 18 December: What five national capitals have the highest elevation? Answer 18 December at

Trivia for 16 December: Kenya borders which five countries? Answer 16 December at

Trivia for 15 December: The USSR devolved into 15 independent republics; name them. Answer 15 December at

Trivia for 14 December: In 1991, the USSR became how many independent republics? Answer 14 December at

Trivia for 13 December: Sucre and Suva are the capitals of what countries? Answer 13 December at

Trivia for 12 December: According to the World Tourism Organization, what are the three most-visited countries? Answer 12 December at

Trivia for 11 December: How many official languages are there in South Africa? Answer 11 December at