Reorganising my music studio room right now to make it easier and quicker to record my new album. I already have 10 songs sketched out at different stages but this week is about grounding myself again, then I will dedicate so many hours a week to my music and you will hear more from me. I like social media in some ways but if there's nothing to tell or show you then I never wanna bore you or be trivial with photos of me cleaning my teeth or eating brunch!. That doesn't mean I don't love my fans or I have somehow 'retired' and given up on my music. When my songs are ready I will spam you silly again!! xx #spamyousilly #MarcieMycroft

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I'm totally hooked into binge watching Spanish drama on Netflix. I love 'Las Chicas del Cable' (Cable Girls), and 'Grand Hotel' and now i'm watching 'Velvet'. It's the clothes and the roles and the spirit and the brilliant acting that grabs me!

2018 has started with new songs!
I'm working on 'I Love you Back', 'Let me Go', 'The Hardest of All', and 'London' right now and my next album will have another change of direction, but a mix of genres My resolution is to get my music back on its feet this year.
#MarcieMycroft #NewSongs

Been watching a bunch of Netflix lately and find it weirdly inspiring and empowering! My board on Pinterest...

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At cinema doing what i do every Christmas eve, watching a movie! Watching Jumanji this year. Have a wonderful Christmas and thanks for the love and support xx #Christmas #Jumanji #MarcieMycroft

Facebook reminded me I haven't written in a while, but i doubt you want to hear about my baking today..or do you? New songs on the way, probably in the Spring, but I may do a christmas live show if i can get santa to duet!

Back from Cancun with a horrid cough and cold but some nice memories. Planning on working on some songs over Christmas and doing some recording for my next album, but need someone like a wedding planner, if such things as schedule managers exist to banish my procrastination! Right now i need sleep, 15 hours last night.

My Sun

I need you
You make me come alive and I'm reinvented
I want to bottle you up and open you on my darkest days...
And pour you into my skin like the sweetest lotion

I wish I could close my eyes, and today will always feel like the first day of my life
And I will remember to live every day like my last
When I am home I will think of you, and miss your warm arms around me
And you will read my mind and come fight the cold winter snow away for me

Will you be my sun?
I need you to go behind the moon while I sleep, and wake me in the morning with a warm slap
So I will never blame you, and we can share waffles and cream and laugh together
For you are my sun, you have my recipe and know what I need
And I will be your star.

First ever poem by a girl with SAD.. after a Mud Slide cocktail and 3
Strawberry Daiquiris who wants to stay here forever in paradise, inspired by Emily Dickinson today.
Cancun, December 2017

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On holiday for some sun to Cancun tomorrow. Already started drinking and a flashback friday came to mind! Writing for the new album

'Brag' performed by singer/songwriter Marcie Mycroft (Official Video). From the album 'Crave'. Words and Music by Marcie Mycroft. Vocals and all instruments ...

Yeeehah!! I've booked my long holiday and promotional trip for next summer. First stop Texas, and then Nashville for the country pop music scene. Taking my guitar and backing music so 'Anything Country' will do!
#AnythingCountry #MarcieMycroft

'Anything Country' performed by singer/songwriter Marcie Mycroft (Official Video). From the album 'When We Were Raw'. Words and Music by Marcie Mycroft (see ...

At the American Air Museum hanger on Remembrance day at RAF Duxford, the US base in WW2. Remembering those who gave their lives for the freedoms we have today

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Had my flu jabs today for my holiday to Cancun. I'm so tired I wanna sleep for a week!!..Yayyy..omg a new song is born on the spot...hold on just making it up now.... #wannasleepforaweek

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At the gym today it was fun! This sister is doing it for herself again! nunite fellow creatures. #gym #fitness #ArethaFranklin

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