• Tennis player from Mallorca cruising island waters together with Xisca Perelló and having lunch in FornellsJuly 14, 2013 0:25


    Rafa Nadal has chosen Menorca to rest and spend this weekend. Tennis player from Manacor, true enthusiast of the sea, has been cruising these days around the islandaccompanied by his girlfriend and a group of friends. The Ma...llorcan who's been preparing for his hard-court season and who will participate between August 5 and 11 at the Masters 1000 in Montreal, took a break to visit Menorca.


    Nadal, together with Xisca Perelló, made a tour around the island. Today he had lunch at Es Port restaurant in Fornells and afterwards he has returned to his boat to continue his day on the high seas. Rafa Nadal already posted on his Twitter account on Friday night a photo of himself cooking something that he presumably managed to fish, which is one of the things the Balearic tennis player is very enthusiastic about.

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  • Upon arrival of Wnbledon, which was eliminated in the first phase, Rafa Nadal came last night featuring Julio Iglesias concert in Barcelona. The player was accompanied by his girlfriend, Xisca Perello.





    Fresh from Wimbledon, where he was eliminated in the first round, Rafa Nadal traveled to  Barcelona to be at the concert of Julio Iglesias , one of their favorite artists. Beside him his girlfriend Xisca with which enjoyed the Spanish singer's concert. 

    Rafa Nadal is a great admirer of the Iglesias family because on another occasion was last seen in the concert of Enrique. With July has a special relationship. In 2011, the singer was in Madrid, at the hands of the player, the Award for artist who has sold more albums in Spain. So, this time after he was in Barcelona, Nadal did not miss the show that Julio Iglesias offered in Barcelona.

    How could it be otherwise, the singer gave her a few words Mallorcan tennis player, who he said had been the player who has made us dream over the Spanish in recent years. Also praised him in his role as a son "but I wish you were my brother," said the singer, who looked to the public to Nadal, which even asked "Where are you, Rafa?". Julio Iglesias offer only eight concerts throughout Spain, where he will celebrate his 70th birthday on stage. The final will be on August 3 Starlite Gala in Marbella.



    source : http://entretenimiento.terra.es/corazon/rafa-nadal-y-xisca-fans-de-julio-iglesias,4d147fcd1448f310VgnVCM10000098cceb0aRCRD.html


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    The trophy at Roland Garros this year has Spanish name. On Sunday, Rafa Nadal ( @ RafaelNadal )  took the victory in the final in Paris. His girlfriend Xisca  has always supported, showing her love for him

    Although the day of the birthday of Rafa Mallorcan was not with him, if he has supported in the final so important to the player.


    The only thing we missed on this end is the legendary kiss between these two lovebirds , who always has been featured on Rafa wins.

    With what we like kisses!

    For now, we'll have to settle for the hug that occurred in front of the cameras.

    Rafa had a  knee injury  that prevented him from competing the last year, so Xisca wanted to  be by her side  throughout her recovery, demonstrating that follows him wherever he goes and comes in the victories and defeats




    Source : http://www.elmundo.es/blogs/elmundo/happyfm/2013/06/10/rafa-nadal-celebra-la-victoria-en-roland.html






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    Rafael Nadal Roland Garros champion for the eighth time, said he never imagined he could become the first player in history to win eight times the same Grand Slam tournament. His girlfriend, the beautiful and discreet Xisca Perello, again show its elegance and discretion in the stands at center court Philippe Chatrier.



    Xisca Perello, girlfriend of Rafael Nadal, enjoyed and suffered as anyone during the final matches and the semifinals of Roland Garros 2013. Xisca Perello wore during the semifinals , he faced Novak Djokovic Rafa Nadal against a white tank and printed skirt. As supplements, straw hat featuring the organization, pearl drop earrings, her watch and ring silver Bvlgary Zero that stood beside the red manicure .With her hair down, wavy and parted to the side and very discreet makeup, Xisca was more emotional than other parties and was seen shouting and gesturing giving encouragement to your partner . Two days later, during the final between Rafa Nadal and David Ferrer , Xisca wore the same slopes and the same ring, but had to opt for a look over halftime composed of blue jeans, a white shirt and a trench coat ruffled camel color.  Rafael Nadal said after winning the final of Rolanda Garros 2013: "I never imagined that something like this could happen, but here I am and I can only thank all who have supported me throughout my career." "Thanks to everyone", he said in French Nadal, who explained that the key to add up twelve Grand Slam titles, eight of them in Paris, is "a lot of work since I was a child." 





    source :  http://www.mujerhoy.com/Moda/Moda-Vip/Xisca-Perello-novia-Rafael-730426062013.html



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  • Published on 27/04/2013 at 10:53, updated on 27/04/2013 at 11:37

    The great champions have all need support, especially their wives. After Mirka and Roger Federer , here Xisca, the girlfriend of Rafael Nadal

    After abandoning his crown king of Monte Carlo to Novak Djokovic after eight consecutive titles on land Monaco, Rafael Nadal quickly joined Barce...lona to try to win his eighth title.

    As in Monte Carlo, Barcelona Majorcan champion can count on the support of Xisca her discreet bride. Alongside the champion since 2005, Maria Francesca Perello never misses an opportunity to encourage the king of clay. Even if, contrary to Mirka Federer, omnipresent, or to a lesser extent Jelena Ristic (Novak Djokovic's girlfriend) Xisca accompanies Rafael Nadal on a few tournaments when his time of active young woman allows. But the season on earth is sacred to the Balearic and Xisca, who maintained throughout the seven months that a knee injury kept him short, has understood.

    More motivated than ever, Rafael Nadal finds the surface and tournaments that have a king and even if it is not yet back to his best, he hopes to maintain its status as terror of the earth. This will be first by good results in Barcelona, Madrid and Rome before the ultimate test at Roland Garros from May 26 to June 9 In Paris too, Rafa will need the support of Xisca.


    source : http://www.eurosport.fr/tennis/xisca-fidele-supportrice-de-rafael-nadal_sto3730953/story.shtml


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  • ...

    Yesterday afternoon Rafael Nadal debuted at Conde Godo tennis tournament, held in the city of Barcelona. Winning his match against Argentina's Carlos Berlocq , the player could not have the best support in the stands. His girlfriend Xisca Perello has been at the foot of the canyon to support Rafa .

       And it Xisca , though you have a busy schedule, always take time to go see her boyfriend dispute as to which tournaments you are registered. This timeRafa Nadal needed more support Xisca recently is that the player has returned to the slopes and still has dazzled us as he did before his injury.

       This encouragement from Xisca has made Rafa Nadal had a great win against Argentine Carlos Berlocq and maraconense tennis player could not start better this tournament. Xisca Perello has looked superb openwork beige jersey, but in the heat of the afternoon, it has been removed revealing a white basic shirt short sleeve to withstand the heat.

      Xisca no longer excited by the play of her boyfriend during the party.However, she also suffered the defeat of the companion and friend of Rafa Nadal , David Ferrer . The other Spanish tennis player that also offered its debut at the Conde Godo tournament has suffered a stunning defeat against Russian Dmitry Tursunov .  

       On the other hand in the stands we have seen that, Maria Isabel Nadal , the sister of Rafael Nadal and do not want to miss the opportunity to encourage the player. The sister of tennis player sat in a different part of which was located Xisca . It seems that the "sisters" wanted to enjoy the game from different angles. Wearing a simple black jeans and a short-sleeved polo, it appears that the temperature has been quite high in this city looks worn by both Maria Isabel and Xisca .

       However, the bride and sister were not the only ones who wanted to see the debut of tennis in this tournament. Javier Sánchez Vicario , accompanied by his wife Isabel Ruiz and parent of Javier , Marisa and Emilio wanted to see how Rafa Nadal triumphed in the tennis court. When Javier Sánchez Vicario met the press, has chosen to remain silent on the subject of the lawsuit filed by his sister Arantxa Sánchez Vicario to her parents.

       The surprise in the audience has given Miguel Urdangarin . The youngest of the men of the Dukes of Palma not want to miss as Rafa Nadaltriumphed. And is that Miguel is a fan of tennis and the Dukes of Palma have given permission to go with some friends to the party. Also in the audience stressed the designer Agatha Ruiz de la Prada , wearing one of his models with fluorescent colors stand out as the most.

       At the end of the match, Rafa Nadal did not want to miss the opportunity to sign autographs for all the fans who were waiting for him. Once again shows he has a very good deal with his followers and that continues to grow it.


    source : http://www.europapress.es/chance/gente/noticia-xisca-perello-fan-numero-rafa-nadal-20130425102250.html


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  • Ivan Pasillas @ Iv_Moony
    Wednesday April 3, 2013 at 02:40
    Rafael Nadal is certainly quoted the tennis heartthrob, but sorry, your heart belongs to a woman with whom he spent seven years of relationship. Did you know her?

    The envy of every amateur tennis has a name, and that name is Maria Francisca Perello, the woman who leads Rafael Nadal happy doing ...for seven years and which maintains an enviable relationship. But who is she? Nadal's girlfriend is poorly understood and the reason is you never wanted to make popular in the media, so shed some light onto this mystery and find out who exactly is Maria Perello.
    His friends, and her boyfriend know it simply as "Xisca". She is 24 years old, two years younger than the leading man of 26, and Rafael Nadal met in Majorca, where they studied together. University graduate in business administration Palma, Xisca no remote interest in fame and glamor, and prevents most media appear to be, although she Nadal images flood the network. Unable to turn invisible with a champion like boyfriend.
    Physically, Nadal could not have picked a better partner. From figure and thin but curivilínea completely flat abdomen, Xisca boasts a long and wavy brown hair, eyes Spanish (that somehow remind us of Paz Vega) and a great personality. And do not say just us! Friends close to the couple say that Maria Perello is a highly intelligent woman, extremely simple (not the Lohan will leave the club in designer clothing) and above all caring. Although involving not see her boyfriend in action, Xisca prefer not to attend Nadal matches so as not to distract. One more reason why the media rarely have a chance to capture it.
    "To travel everywhere together, even if we could, it would not be good either for him or for me. He needs his space when compiriendo, and the sheer idea of me being there all the time, worried about their needs exhausts me. I end up choke. And then he would have to be worrying about me ... no. If you follow him everywhere, I think it would be a danger that we allowed ourselves to get along, "he confessed to the Telegraph in England.
    And when he is not in tournament and it takes a while for her work in an insurance agency, what they do? The couple prefers family plans. In fact, it is well known that Xisca has a very good relationship with Nadal's grandmother, and for him the women in your family are a priority, including his sister Maribel. But even with how attached they are to their loved ones, even with they share details of their relationship. The privacy for them is the best kept secret of his longevity courtship. "Even when my family asks me about Rafael, prefer not to say much," agrees Xisca. "I do not feel comfortable talking about these things, even in private.'s What works for me and what works for us as Rafael and me. Makes no we would in any other way."
    And somehow we are happy to keep their relationship as intimate. After all, in a world of celebrities and stars in which couples often end before even reaching the year because of harassment of the press, Maria and Rafa are free to continue their engagement in the way that has kept them together for so many years. We may not see her wedding photos when it happens-or Instagram images have their first baby, but we are sure that protecting your privacy in this manner, both are dreams that succeed in meeting one day in peace and quiet ... together

    source : http://www.quien.com/espectaculos/2013/04/01/quien-es-maria-perello-la-duena-del-corazon-de-nadal

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    Don Felipe and Doña Letizia chaired the concert 'Classic for the youth of today' in Girona she visited Maria Francisca

    Just four days before traveling to Rome to attend the enthronement of Pope Francisco to be held next Tuesday, the 19th, the Prince and Princess of Asturias presided over yesterday's concert 'Classic for the youth of today', organiz...ed by the Prince Girona in Barcelona Liceo and aims to promote music as a tool to create a better world.


    With a huge smile and ready to enjoy the music, the Princes greeted a large representation of young people gathered there , with which not only prints but also shared seats. Among them was also Rafa Nadal's girlfriend, Maria Francisca , who did not miss the opportunity to enjoy the concert that gave Ventura pianist and violinist Alba Leticia Moreno, winners in previous editions of the Prince of Girona Foundation Awards and ended up putting the public.



    Letizia opted for this evening of music by a look total black , where the comfort and simplicity go hand in hand, as the occasion demanded. The princess donned dress pants, a black shirt with a cardigan and some simple heels. The Prince , meanwhile, decided to give a touch of color to your outfit standing a striking striped purple tie.


    Later that morning, Princess was visiting the Gran Teatre del Liceu, the same place where the concert took place, but did so in a much more discreet, as no one recognized her on the street, when she decided to walk to the building , choosing also to This time a wardrobe in dark tones. And while Letizia took part in a music workshop, Prince held a meeting with members of the patronage of the Prince of Girona.


    Nadal's girlfriend, who like the princess in the morning tried to pass unnoticed among the public at night, was not this time accompanied by the player, as it is contesting the tournament in Indian Wells , California, in which eliminated yesterday Federer 6-4, 6-2 in one hour and 24 minutes making it clear that it is more than recovered after seven months away from the ski game, which has just stopped training for a few vacation days next to his girl, the latest earlier this month when we saw them relaxing on the beaches of Acapulco, Mexico, hence the incipient brown that looked Maria Francisca.



    source : http://www.hola.com/realeza/casa_espanola/galeria/2013031563835/principes-asturias-novia-nadal-concierto/2/#2


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  • As Rafael Nadal wrote in his autobiography, his family, friends and support team “cocoon me from the dangerously distracting hurly-burly that comes with money  and fame, and create the environment of affection and trust I need to allow my  talent to flower. To imagine my good fortune and success in their absence is to  imagine the impossible”.


    Most... casual tennis fans could pick out Kim Sears, Jelena Ristic or Mrs Federer in a support box; whether they could identify Maria Francisca Perello as Nadal’s girlfriend is another matter. But Perello, the most low key of the Big Four’s other halves, has played no small part in Nadal’s success. The reason she hasn’t been around so much on the tennis scene is because she felt that staying at home in Majorca would be best for her relationship with the French Open champion. Though Nadal and Perello have been together for years, she didn’t watch him live in a grand slam final until the 2010 Wimbledon Championships; until that match, she had always felt it better just to cheer him on from the sofa. Perello, who has a business degree, and a job in Palma, would rather build her own life in Majorca than simply follow him around the world.


    “Travelling together everywhere, even if I could, would not be good either for  him or for me. He needs his space when he is competing, and just the idea of me hanging around  waiting on his needs all day wears me out. It would asphyxiate me. And then he  would have to be worrying about me … No. If I followed him everywhere, I think  there’s a risk we might stop getting along,” Perello wrote in Nadal’s autobiography. “The celebrity world is not a world I want to be part of, and I don’t think Rafa would have chosen to be with a woman who looked for that in life.”


    source : http://www.thetennisspace.com/top-10-women-behind-the-men-no-8/

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  • He spends most of his time flying around the world to compete in tennis tournaments.

    But Rafa Nadal's jet-setting lifestyle certainly has its perks as he spent a relaxing day on the beach in Cozumel with girlfriend Maria Francisca Perello last week in between matches at the Mexican Open.

    Taking time out from his grueling training schedule, the former... world number one treated himself to a little down time with his childhood sweetheart


    The 26-year-old tennis ace, who went on beat fellow Spaniard David Ferrer and win his second title in Mexico on Saturday, decided to have some fun while he was in the country.


    Looking as in love as ever, the long-term partners spent Rafa's day off lounging around on the white sands with their arms wrapped around each other.

    Maria, who usually shuns the spotlight and is rarely seen out with her famous other half, seemed happy and relaxed as she strolled around the beach in a strapless olive green bikini.


    Later in the day she changed into an eye-catching pink string bikini, wandering around with a loose-fitting white T-shirt and a pair of short denim shorts thrown over the top.

    Rafa showed off his toned physique as he spent most of the day wearing just a pair of sky blue swimming trunks with his mop of brown hair slicked back after a dip in the water.

    The pair treated themselves to a couple's massage during their indulgent day, making the most of their time to unwind before Rafa's matches.



    Later in the day the former Wimbledon champion clearly felt the need for a few thrills, hiring a jet ski and whizzing around the bay while his girlfriend looked on.

    Maria, who has a full-time job in insurance, doesn't always jet around the world with her other half, but made an exception for her trip to Mexico.

    'Travelling together everywhere, even if I could, would not be good either for him or for me,' she said back in 2011.

    'He needs his space when he is competing, and just the idea of me hanging around waiting on his needs all day wears me out. It would asphyxiate me,' Maria added.


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