Amazon is kindling the mobile-devices market by introducing its FIRE - The first smartphone with head-tracking technology!…/06/18/amazon-announces-the-fire-ph…/

Meet the Fire Phone, Amazon's first venture into smartphones. At first blush, the phone looks like any other smartphone currently on the market, but it has a..

The State Of The Mobile Industry 2014 In Brief!

Mobile World Congress 2014 state of the industry short film

Born For The Internet!

Must Watch

The MTS 3G Ready Internet Baby using tablet, Google, Youtube, Instagram.. Surprising his mother, fainting his doctor.. so amazing!! Best Ad Video i

Social Media in the Middle East: The Story of 2013!

Social Media usage in the MENA region is growing at a fast pace. From finding a missing child to starting a revolution, Middle East users have put Social Media to good use. The majority of the Arab Internet users (less than 40 YO) use at least one social media network- for several hours a day! it’s not just the ordinary people who have realized the tremendous potential of Social Media, some governments are leveraging its po...wer!

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These slides, curated and analysed by ictQATAR's Damian Radcliffe and Shahd Dauleh, look back at the key developments and data points in the Middle East's so...

2014 Tech Trends You Probably Haven't Heard!

Likely or Not Likely: Vote on frog’s 15 Tech Trends for 2014

So, what is your best Facebook marketing strategy?!

Check out this great infographic!


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Right-Brained or Left-Brained?! Check yourself!

"the ultimate brain game" Post to Facebook: Like BuzzFeedVideo on Facebook: Post to Twitter:

One of the most interesting social platforms for investments in the stock market is definitely eToro, a social network for investors with crowd-sourced insights!

Once you join, you will get 20$ credit! Check it out yourself:

Awesome! Transfer money to anyone by Email!

Yes, now you can simply EMAIL money in an easy, safe and fast way, and it's free of charge!

38% of Children Under 2 Use Mobile Media, a research on "Children’s Media Use in America 2013" says!

More interesting highlights are in the attached valuable infographic!…/fi…/zero_to_eight_2013.jpg

Facebook ‘Liking’ is a protected free speech in the US under the 1st Amendment, US-Federal Court says!

“[Liking] is the Internet equivalent of displaying a political sign in one’s front yard, which the Supreme Court has held is substantive speech”!…/28c8e324-2070-11e3-b7d1-715…

The appeals court in Richmond rejected a lower court ruling that “liking” was not “actual speech.”

Apple’s big iOS 7 update is now available and it's a good time to recall some ideas exercised by #Apple back in 1985 on early prototypes for what would eventually become the #iPad. Here's what happened when the company designed wearable devices:

One of the challenges Steve Jobs handed to Hartmut Esslinger, who was head of design at Apple from 1982 to 1985, was to imagine products that Apple did not yet have the ability to build. The idea was that, as long as Esslinger was creating a consistent "design language," or collection of colors, for...

Already upgraded to iOS7?!

Check these top 20 hidden iOS7 features that you likely didn't know about!

More hidden features?! add your own as a comment.

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With hundreds of new features to boot, iOS 7 for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch is a gold mine waiting to be explored to its full potential. Today, we’re going to go through some of the most lesser known features and tips which we believe you should try right now.
Futurist Peter Schwartz and a group of thought leaders talk about the consumerization of the enterprise and how social, mobile, and local technologies are ac...

How do ideas spread? What's the best way to get something to be shared across networks??

Influence In Social Media - An energetic talk by Dr. Sinan Aral

In this energetic talk Dr. Sinan Aral describes how he devotes his time to studying influence on social networks. How do ideas spread? What's the best way to...