On Wednesday, April 18th Active Minds will be holding a monologue night where real stories about mental health from Marquette students will be read in a safe space. Click on the link to submit your story!

On Wednesday, April 18th Active Minds will be holding a monologue night where real stories about mental health from Marquette students will be read in a safe space. Sharing stories and making human connections is one of the best ways to fight stigma, so we are really excited about this event! In ord...

Hey guys! Active Minds, an organization that focuses on promoting a positive conversation about mental health on campus is looking for an additional EXECUTIVE BOARD member: Membership Development & Campus Liaison Position.
Active Minds brings pet therapy to campus, gives out resources like the Suicide Prevention Lifeline phone number, and gives out the cute "laugh more" buttons you see on backpacks.
Serving this position would look amazing on a resume and is LOW COMMITMENT! All you'd need is to come to meetings with great ideas and a positive attitude! This is especially good for people looking to go into counseling, psychiatry, psychology, social work.
Application is due November 27th.

Active Minds is a mental health awareness group on campus that strives to promote a positive conversation about mental health on campus. The Membership Development & Campus Liaison Executive Board position will work towards obtaining committed members for Active Minds and work with other organizatio...

1,100 college students die by suicide each year.
Please consider donating even a $1 to Active Mind's Suicide Prevention team or joining us in our walk:

Here is the URL to donate:
Here is the URL to join:


Walk Date: 10/08/2017
Walk Location: Humboldt Park - 3000 S Howell Ave - Milwaukee, WI
Check-in/Registration Time: 10/08/2017 at 8:30 am
Opening Ceremony: 10:00 am
Walk Begins: 10:30 am
Walk Ends: 12:00 pm

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Team fundraising page for The Green Ribbon
Active Minds-Marquette

Join Active Minds for our first meeting tonight at 7 p.m. in Cudahy 118. Learn what we're all about and how you can get involved!
We want to promote openness, honesty, and non-judgment about mental health. Come join the conversation.

Active Minds-Marquette to Monologue Night

Join us tonight in Ballroom B in the AMU tonight at 7 pm to hear some really powerful monologues! We cant wait to see you there!

Mental Health Awareness Week 2017 is here and we are so excited!! We will be in the AMU from 12:00-3:00 today with coloring materials to help you de-stress. Also be sure to join us tonight for Wellness Night from 6:00-9:00 PM in the AMU first floor lobby!

A week from today is our Wellness Night event! Come to learn more ways to relieve your stress and for some fun on a Monday!

Mon 6:00 PM CDTAMU first floor lobby
25 people interested

We are adding a new event to our Mental Health Awareness Week this year! This is a great opportunity for you to share your story, either anonymously or yourself, it is up to you! We will be coming out with a promotion video soon to highlight this event and we hope to see you all there! Information on how to be a part of this wonderful night is in the "about" section of the event page.

Tue 7:00 PM CDTAMU Ballroom B
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We hear that 1 in 4 people are affected by mental illness, yet there is still stigma surrounding mental health issues. It is important to share the facts, but one of the best ways to reduce stigma is through human connection. To help bring awareness and acceptance, Active Minds is hosting a monologue night during Mental Health Awareness week on Wednesday, March 30th, for people to share their mental health stories. Stories come in many different forms and we would love to hear them all. Submit your own story or come to the event and hear the voices that so often go unheard.
If you are interested in submitting your story please do so here:…/1FAIpQLSfdGHojqYvCUPmlQ…/viewform…

All submissions have the option to be anonymous. However, we may need to make changes to your story before it can be safely shared. You may provide contact information if you would like to be notified of any changes. We will be RANDOMLY selecting 10 stories to be shared at our monologue night. Pleas...

Hey Active Minds! We are doing a Stomp Out Stigma 5k run/walk this fall to help raise awareness and funds for our Mental Health Awareness Week in Spring 2017! The link to register and donate are in the description section of the event page!

Sun 11:00 AM CSTUnder the Olin Overhang
56 people went

This year for Mental Health Awareness Week we will be hosting a Dialogue Dinner in partnership with MUSG on Wednesday, April 6th at 6pm. Sign up here to get a free dinner and to have some great conversations about mental health on campus with faculty, students and staff! All are welcome!

Marquette University Student Government is the representative body and official voice of students at Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. MUSG addresses concerns, advocates on behalf of students and hosts events for the Marquette community.

Only 3 weeks until Wellness night on April 4th featuring free yoga, Zumba, making stress balls and much more! We are so incredibly excited to kick off the week with that positive energy!

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