Rapping and #overwatch.
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Crypto song i did for a competition enjoy .

Dope cryptocurrency rap for the guys at whalepool. Enjoy everyone. Has refrences to a lot of cryo life stuff. I mention bitcoin, etherem, monero , xvg, the t...
Jeffrey Scheidegger

If you feel like me you might feel a little drug down by all the negativity on Facebook. Even the things that aren't necessarily negative like gun debate. In th...e midst of all this i want to bring some positivity and remind everyone that social media can be seen as bad or a waste of time but it's all what you make it. So I'll be sending positivity your way tonight you may think there is no way i can do it individually but some nights i take the time to flash through all the faces i can remember of my former classmates friends family and more. To send them a healing love. Lets make tomorrow a good day let's take it in stride, go outside and enjoy the world and realize that social media will always be here. It's not bad if we check it every now and then so lets make it a pleasant experience and remember that maybe it's time to get off when you've seen the same post 4-5 times. It's something relatively new that people are still getting adjusted to but lets show the naysayers we can handle it and that our generation (if you're older still love to you) can live in the real world as well as use the internet in a useful way. In a way that spreads ideas and positive mind states. In a way that empowers us rather than divides our attention. Go get some sunshine if you can and if you can't make your own. you guys.

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Jeffrey Scheidegger

Watch me play CoD WW2 campaign before you buy.

If you like trippy/dreamy music and positive hip hop check this song out.

Watch me play Overwatch on Ultra graphics. I was playing ps4 now i'm returning to pc lets see how it goes!.

Watch me play Skyrim VR.

I hope you're having a good morning everyone. Wake up to the good ol' glory of Call of Duty. I'm streaming right now.

Streaming CoD and Overwatch.

Streaming CoD and Overwatch.

Written rhyme of the day:

sloppy - hoppy, shopping, lobby, lob me, poppy, cop freeze,drop me, cop me, rocky, got me,lost breed, cost me, gosh jeez, mock me, copy, costly, cocky, not me, sought me, not me, lost sea, blocky, talk me, glock sleeve, posse, aussie,stocking, stocky, pop p, stop me, locking, blocky, got beef, watch me, osprey, lobby,foxy, roxie (roxy), moppy, apostrophe, glossy, knotty, hockey, saucy, soggy, hobby, coffee, spotty, teriyaki, ashanti, cops be, prop weed, prop meat, shop spree, drop me, abu dhabi, karate, jockey, god speak, body, dotty, toddy, molly, lobby, volley, naughty, carbon copy, photo copy, embody,blocky, bossy, hockey, posse, shoddy, tommy, saki, milwaukee,

I'm streaming the Witcher: Enhanced Directors cut this morning. I'll also be playing other games before I go to work check me out on twitch. Ty for watching.

Kraken a cold one.

Rapping of the top of my head like Wayne Brady. If you don't know the true definition of a freestyle rap please check it out.\

Playing Fortnite with great hip hop check it out.

Kraken a cold one.