“It’s a great honor every day to serve this community. I’m proud of Vicksburg and Warren County. Being a county sheriff has a wide range of responsibilities; it can be very rewarding, it can be heartbreaking at times, and the job doesn’t come with a lot of sleep.”

Sheriff Martin Pace received an award for his service to our community!

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Mississippi Department of Corrections

Hinds County Judge William "Bill" Skinner presents Warren County Sheriff Martin Pace (center) with the George Phillips Public Service Award. MDOC Commissioner Marshall Fisher (right) received the award in 2015. Both recipients are longtime friends of Phillips, who died last year.

This is a page to SUPPORT our sheriff, Martin Pace. It is run and maintained by his FAMILY, not Martin himself. It is not a place to bash him, his deputies, or their decisions. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but please do not post negativity here. If you post something negative, it will be deleted. If you continue to post negative things, you will be banned. Thank you for your understanding.

Another election in the books. Martin Pace has been elected once more to be YOUR sheriff! Thank you to everyone for your continued support!

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Last Precinct!

Martin Pace 250
Lionel Johnson 32...
Lee Kennedy 19

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Martin Pace 696
Lionel Johnson 46
Lee Kennedy 51


Martin Pace 482
Lionel Johnson 73
Lee Kennedy 39

St. Al:

Martin Pace 67
Lionel Johnson 53
Lee Kennedy 1


Martin Pace 377
Lionel Johnson 150
Lee Kennedy 26

Oak Ridge:

Martin Pace 63
Lionel Johnson 25
Lee Kennedy 1


Martin Pace 482
Lionel Johnson 145
Lee Kennedy 25

American Legion:

Martin Pace 426
Lionel Johnson 211
Lee Kennedy 16


Martin Pace 1661
Lionel Johnson 217
Lee Kennedy 123

Elks Lodge:
Martin Pace: 537
Lionel Johnson: 89
Lee Kennedy: 21

Number 7 Fire Station:
Martin Pace 346
Lionel Johnson 124
Lee Kennedy 17

Cedar Grove:
Martin Pace 382
Lionel Johnson 189
Lee Kennedy 15