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Megan Beard
· November 2, 2017
There isn’t enough to space to say everything I love about this place!! Love the classes. The equipment. The space. The location. The pool during the summer. The kids yplay! I never thought I would pa...y to go to the Y after being at cheaper membership gyms for years BUT it is SO worth every penny! And you can go anywhere! Will say a few of the bikes in the spin room seats go down on me , don’t know if it’s Bc of my weight of the clamp needing assistance. But that’s the only problem I’ve seen! See More
Andrea Lynn
· September 27, 2017
I've been a member of this Y since 2012, I love so many of the classes because of the music, the instructors and the energy. My crew and I are find ourselves looking at other gyms in the area because... it seems the music isn't loud enough anymore and blaming it on Osha seems like a flimsy reason. It's the yoga class that is going on at the same time. Other gyms don't seem to be pulling this stunt. If the problem is yoga, change the times of the classes. Why hasn't this been done? Why so many problems? Why come into a pump class and turn the volume down? We aren't complaining about it being to loud. I'm very disappointed and I know I'm not the only one. I know there are other people just like me choosing to find another gym, and I suspect the instructors aren't staying much longer either. Losing good talent isn't a way to keep clients. See More
Jacquelyn Alford
· August 13, 2017
I live in Atlanta and with my boyfriend living in Nashville, I checked out this Y last weekend. It was great, clean, and super friendly staff. I was told I received a 14 visit pass. I told my bf about... it and he wanted to check it out this weekend/potential member. We went in this morning (Sunday, August 13 @ 8:30am). The lady working the front desk was rude. I told her that I received a 14 visit pass, she practically called me a liar saying that I didn't (even when I asked her to check this system because my Drivers License was on file) . She said they don't do trial passes and my boyfriend and I would both pay $15 each. I'd understand him paying, but why would I make up a 14 visit pass? Evermore so, her attitude was nasty and was the worst I've ever experienced at a YMCA. It's a shame such a great facility has now left a horrible impression due to an employee. See More
Pamela London
· August 26, 2017
Awesome Y, if you want to call it that. i like to call it a Country Club 😊. Spacious, up-to-date equipment, many group classes and a Siubway Restaurant and Smoothie King inside to boot. This is my fav...orite YMCA in town and I have been to many. The staff and members are very friendly. See More
Pamela Lange Larson
· July 23, 2017
I visit the MF YMCA for the outdoor pool to swim laps in a 50 M pool. It's now closed because some forgot to put chlorine in the pool. Is there some way you can notify us in advance when something lik...e this occurs? I have wasted a lot of gas and time over the years due to pool closings for various reasons. I hate to be negative, BUT... See More
Thomas Hemenway
· January 2, 2018
I am an "Out of Towner" and I go to Maryland Farms when travelling thru Nashville. I have always been made to feel welcome
Paul Mondesire
· December 23, 2017
Folks were nice and there was plenty of space for #FreestyleFrisbee. Thanks for the hospitality.
Jerrod Johnson
· February 9, 2016
While rehabing my spine down in the fitness center overlooking the indoor pool. The hanging elbow straps gave me poison ivy on my elbows.. A friend told me the same thing happenened to him a while bac...k. 13 days now i have it and its still bad. 5 years in the Marines and not once.. . But the mats and the straps smelled and were definitely the cause ... I love it there otherwise See More
Wes Postlethwaite
· July 1, 2015
Love the staff, the facilities are tremendous, but the procurement is killing them. Small things always make the difference. Shower soap was changed from a spa liquid soap to a foam hand soap and di...sappears with water. New hair conditioner is like water.
They would be better off, saying they do not provide either, rather than trying to go cheap.

The staff should be in charge of ordering they would get it right!!
See More
G.W. Rudy
· December 30, 2016
Sometimes it's difficult to find a parking spot if you have to go during lunchtime or right after 5pm, but there is so much to do there it would be difficult to get bored. I love the indoor pool and c...ardio theater. See More
Dana Lewis Guy
· April 18, 2014
Joined about a month ago. Unbelievable how much i enjoy it. The people are great, the members and the staff. They are so helpful. The ladies locker room is quiet and u have everything u need to get re...ady for work. The class teachers are great. The sauna with eucalyptus is wonderful. Love the hot tub. The environment is just perfect. And 9fruits and subway are right there for healthy eating on the go. Love a smoothie after my workout. See More
Byron Hatcher
· March 5, 2015
Probably the best Y that I've ever been to. Everyone there, including the staff, has been friendly and willing to share machines/offer spots when lifting. Like everyone else mentioned, there's a built... in Subway and Smoothie bar! That's pretty rad.. It has everything! Tennis courts, pools, hot tubs, amenities in the restrooms, a huge kid's area, Pilate's studio... You name it, they have it. That's why I love it. Because it's obvious that people have invested time, hard work, and a ton of money into this YMCA. And they were fitness lifestyle-minded. I appreciate their hard work! See More
Debbie Ardis Lassiter
· April 19, 2015
We have been YMCA members for many years! From the swimming lesson days at the GH Y, to wonderful swim team memories at both the GH Y and Brentwood Y, to lots of reformer pilates and yoga classes. Our... most recent great experiences are working with Marlaine Collins for yoga and Angel Bachuss as our new Personal Trainer. They are both amazing and work hard to create a customized workout to meet our needs and work toward our goals! Thank you Angel and Marlaine! We love you both!! See More
Welton Wells
· December 1, 2016
The Y has finally got me moving at age 75 after decades of neglect. Arthritis of the knee first got me into physical therapy and then the Y. I now do water aerobics three days a week and chair yoga tw...o days. Social activies such as luncheons and bingo are fun, too. All in all, mind, body and spirit are nurished. See More
Virgilio Guma
· July 2, 2017
Wonderful community center. The pool is great. We joined after just one visit.
Judy Landreth
· July 22, 2017
Loved it. Visiting again this morning! Pool is wonderful on such a hot day.
Dana Abbott
· July 15, 2016
I hope the new Y in Katy can be half this nice. What an amazing facility and staff. I'd join if I lived here. I'd join the one in Katy if it had amenities and environment like Maryland Farms YMCA. Kudos!
Melody Clarke
· October 18, 2016
I love the group exercise classes at the Maryland Farms YMCA! The instructors are excellent---especially the yoga and pilates instructors. Plenty of options for all times of day to find classes that w...ill work with your specific schedule. See More
Toshi Puckett Boissiere
· March 21, 2017
My favorite thing here is the outdoor Olympic sized pool along with the kiddie pool.
Taylor Searfoss
· October 20, 2016
I love that there are classes at anytime of the day at this Y. The facility is kept extremely clean and there is something for everyone here.

Good Morning Members! We are happy to announce that hot water has been restored and you will have access to the wet areas in the Women and Men's locker rooms.

The Maryland Farms Y will have normal hours tomorrow March 22. However, there will be no hot water or access to the wet areas in the locker rooms. Thank you for your cooperation.