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May 11, 2016
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Unrelated to Mashimaro, but it's so cute ;__; I love cats!

Hug Your #Cat Day and #Yoga Day are coming up!

Know someone who'd need this? Tag or share with the biggest cat lover on your friends list. 🐱

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May 6, 2016
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Mashi Maro Episode 1 (Fishing) Mashi Maro Episode 2 (Picnic) Mashi Maro Episode 3 (Moon) Mashi Maro Episode 4 (Melancholy) Mashi Maro Episode 5 (Present) Mashi Maro Episode 6 (Action) Mashi Maro Episode 7 (Battle) Parodies of Episodes 2 & 3 starring ChocomaroMashi Maro Episode ...

Haven't been on in here since we only had 4k fans. Yay !

Is it your Summer yet? Not yet for me

For all you Harry Potter fans!

Get ready for a musical adventure as Harry and his pals go back to school for another year of learning shenanigans! Only this year their wizarding world gets turned on its head when the Dark Lord comes back from the dead to take his revenge on The Boy Who Lived. ...

Heeeeey, long time no update

lazy day

nom nom nom.

None of you are fans now. Now you all just like me

Crafty >:]

OH HEY! We got 4k + fans! Sorry I missed it... I was on vacation >:D

Only 1 more fan until 4k

My Spring Break is almost over. How about you guys ?