The Massachusetts Association of Conservation Districts (MACD) has an opening for an Engineering Technician in the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) West Wareham office. The position is funded for one year and is focused on providing a variety of standardized operations to support the NRCS Eastern/Central MA Offices. The position is under the supervision of a NRCS Civil Engineer in the Amherst, state office.

Major Duties And Responsibilities
The Engineering Technician position is designed to support NRCS staff in completing field surveys and collecting field data required for developing engineering plans for projects through. The specific responsibilities of this position are described below.

Assists Engineers (50%)
The Engineering Technician will:
• Prepare and revise Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) technology and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) drawings of engineering design representations, e.g., plans, elevations, sections, and details.
• Review and analyze drawings and revisions made from markups by higher graded personnel; and
• Use engineering scales and change scales of drawings on CAD work.
Data Collection (50%)
The Engineering Technician will:
• Assist engineers in conducting on-site field surveys and collects field data required for developing engineering plans.
• Compile engineering data, using judgment and knowledge in selection from a variety of prescribed but non-standardized sources.
• Recognize and report or correct readily apparent discrepancies and errors; processes data according to well-defined methods and designed formulas; and
• Select a method for presenting the information in a concise format.

Applicants must have the following:
• Sufficient training or field knowledge of surveying and drafting standard rules, procedures and operations to prepare engineering plans and drawings.
• An ability to conduct on-site field surveys using total station or GPS surveying equipment to compile technical data, appraise work, exchange ideas, and assist in obtaining any information required.
• Knowledge of and proficiency in Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) system and software package sufficient to provide CAD support to higher-graded technicians and engineers in any phase of work having various complexity levels; recognize and resolve errors that are readily apparent but require a limited knowledge and keep appropriate records.
• Knowledge of, and skill in applying, communication methods and procedures sufficient to discuss, explain, and advocate solutions to problems in section meetings or in discussions with supervisor or other engineers.

Application Process
Interested and qualified candidates should submit a letter of interest and resume to the Executive Director of MACD at
West Wareham, Massachusetts · Full-time · $35,000 / year