This is a beautiful scientific and adventurous journey into the world of Fascia and gives you a better understanding of the way I work in Myofascial Release. Though its in german, so not everyone will understand the comments, have a look at the interconnections of the Net of Fascia in the Body! Brilliant Research !!

Alle Welt redet über die Faszien, das verborgene Bindegewebe, das unseren Körper im Innersten zusammenhält. Welche Rolle spielt dieses Ganzkörpernetzwerk wirklich? Bietet es Chancen für neue Therapien und Heilung, zum Beispiel für die Volkskrankheit Nummer eins, den Rückenschmerz? Die Dokumen...

Highly recommending this Course for pregnant women 🙂

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Kamini Stam

Pregnant with Chandra, 15 years ago. Open-minded and unprejudiced. No fear for birth, but clear ideas. Do you want to grow self-confidence as you grow towards b...irth? Do you want to make informed choices? Next courses Alignment Yoga for Pregnancy and Birth start Feb 17 & March 12. Save your spot by clicking here: #pregnancyyoga #goafamily #pregnantandperfect #happypregnancy #alignment #alignedlife #aligned

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