It’s very rewarding to tell the stories from beyond the leaderboard.

Props to Belmo, and I’ll definitely be ordering my #MSDStrong T-shirts this week!

Simply put, Jason Belmonte loves bowling, and he'll soon be on his way to Florida to recognize a family that has rallied the South Florida bowling community in a time of tragedy. Read more now!

#AFutureForTheSport #GoBowling

Simply put, Jason Belmonte loves bowling, and he'll soon be on his way to Florida to recognize a family that has rallied the South Florida bowling community in a time of tragedy.

Congrats to this youngin’ on an amazing week in Syracuse, New York!

Andrew Anderson, 2018 USBC Masters champion!

#USBCTradition #DoYourThingAndBowl #AFutureForTheSport #GoBowling

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Don't let anyone tell you the Storm Bowlers Journal Championships isn't exciting. Watch Mark James of Hannacroix, N.Y., finish off the second perfect game of this year's event at the National Bowling Stadium.
This is ceremonial in a way, right?
One of the best and smoothest there is. And definitely a team player, regardless of what Ronnie Horton says or the numbers show. But maybe a big team set this year would help....

Always a pleasure to share the history and excitement of the #USBCOpen with the local students and community. Thanks for joining us!

“Great day for my @SUSportMgmt classes. Incredible hospitality by Matt and Greg of the @USBC. Discussion on managing, planning and event sponsorship. Bonus, we got to see the #1 ranked bowler @JBelmo in action.”

It's #WinningWednesday at the #USBCOpen!

Prizes every week over at the official USBC- Open Championships page. Don't miss out!

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USBC- Open Championships added 2 new photos.

It's #WinningWednesday at the 2018 #USBCOpen, and we raided the on-site USBC Bowling Store for this awesome souvenir shirt!

This week, we're sharing our one-of-...a-kind venue with the USBC Masters, so the giveaway requirements will be simple.

Just SHARE this post, and in the comment section below, tell us who you think is going to win the 2018 Masters.

You don't even have to be right. Just participate, and you'll be eligible to win. Good luck!

#OCPOD #DoYourThingAndBowl #USBCTradition #GoBowling

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Before he was Tom Clark of the Professional Bowlers Association (PBA), he was a bowler and a bowling fan.

Now, he gets to work with bowlers he looked up to and enjoyed watching on TV.

Who do you love to watch on the lanes?


Make sure to follow the 2018 USBC Masters all week at!

#MasterTheCompetition #DoYourThingAndBowl #USBCTradition

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USBC- Open Championships

ICYMI: We recently caught up with Professional Bowlers Association (PBA) Commissioner Tom Clark to talk about the USBC Masters coming to Syracuse, New York, in ...2018.

Did you know that the meeting at which the PBA was created happened in Syracuse during the 1958 #USBCOpen?

Did you know that Tom Clark grew up in Syracuse?

Did you know it’s free for fans to come watch Masters qualifying and match play this week at the Oncenter Convention Center?

Visit for more information!

#DoYourThingAndBowl #USBCTradition #AFutureForTheSport #GoBowling

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Here’s a video of Aaron Smith videoing the first 300 of the 2018 #USBCOpen at the Oncenter Convention Center in Syracuse, New York.

Among the first to congratulate USBC Hall of Famer Steve Kloempken on the feat.... Curtis Odom, who rolled the first perfect game of the 2011 OC.

Side note, this 300 was possible because Steve listened to his wife, Marcia.

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It's #WinningWednesday at the 2018 #USBCOpen.

You can't win, if you're not in!


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USBC- Open Championships

It's #WinningWednesday at the 2018 #USBCOpen!

In the weeks leading up to the 2018 OC in Syracuse, New York, we introduced you to a variety of local pizza places... and restaurants through a series of videos starring yours truly, USBC’s own bottomless pit (Matt Cannizzaro - USBC)

Tell us in the comments below which place topped the OC pizza leaderboard, and we’ll buy a pizza for one lucky bowler who provides the correct answer. If you invite me and Aaron to join you, we’ll make it two.

Also remember to share all of your Syracuse pizza and dining experiences with us during your trip to the 2018 OC.

If you haven’t yet checked out the video series, you can see the whole collection at:

Also, if you find a great spot we haven’t featured yet, let us know, and we’ll be sure to check it out!

#DoYourThingAndBowl #USBCTradition #GoBowling

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The goal was to settle down for a few minutes after a long day at the #USBCOpen and then go to bed.

Brandy Silva found me asleep on the couch at 4-something a.m. with my phone in my hand, and I babbled something about needing to show the new hires how an OC social post should look before I could go to sleep.

#LiveItDreamIt #USBCTradition

We had a quick break in the action, so I went for a walk around downtown Syracuse, ultimately ending up here. Whoops. 😀

I didn’t have time to stay for the funk, but some waffles are going down.

#DoYourThingAndBowl #USBCTradition

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How about this memory popping up on unofficial Bill Lillard Sr. Day at the #USBCOpen.

Sadly, this was the last time I threw a bowling ball.

USBC- Open Championships added a photo and a video.

Better known around the #USBCOpen as "the guy trying to take the Chris Barnes bobblehead," USBC Marketing Coordinator Brant Houghton made the leap from the squa...d room video to the championship lanes this week for his OC debut.

To show that there were no hard feelings about the incident, Matt and Brant are teaming up to bowl doubles this morning.

The Chris Barnes bobblehead was not in attendance to see the reunion.


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On this day three years ago, we watched a #USBCOpen legend throw his final ball on the biggest stage in bowling.

He ended his 68-year tournament career as the event's all-time pinfall leader, averaging nearly 200 the entire way.

In the decade I knew him, I was honored to call him, his wife Dorothy, and their family, friends. We definitely miss seeing them walk through the door each year at the OC.


When I retire and write my memoirs, guys like Bill Lillard Sr. will have their own chapters.

For now, here's a recap of that record-setting day, and a story I'm especially proud to have written.



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Many of you have seen us in action and know how hard it is to escape for a meal or to grab some food.

This spot is close and quick for us, and a great option for bowlers heading to or from the 11 a.m. team event, or just hanging out downtown and hungry. It's right next to Ale 'n' Angus Pub.

These are the two closest places outside of the concessions or sandwich options inside the Oncenter Convention Center.


Both Randy at Ale 'n' Angus and Steven and his family at Panini's have come by the venue to visit us, too.


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USBC- Open Championships added 3 new photos.

As we roll on here at the 2018 #USBCOpen, we’re getting chance to meet and eat our way around Syracuse.

This week, we got to visit Panini's, barely 100 steps the Oncenter Convention Center. They’re excited to meet and feed all of the bowlers this year, and we appreciate the hospitality!

If you’re on your way to or from the downtown Marriott or want to pop in for a quick bite before or after you bowl, they’ve got some unique and delicious options.

Right now, they’re open M-F, but could be flexible for groups.

#OCPOD #DoYourThingAndBowl #USBCTradition

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Finally got a chance to visit our friend Randy Beach and his family at Ale 'n' Angus Pub!

The visit came after seeing their photos on FB. The power of suggestion won me over.

It was a close, quick option when we only had a little while to eat before heading back to work at the convention center.


I opted for the burger special, no bun, and broccoli instead of fries. #Responsibility

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We checked the forecast, and there’s a wave of bowlers headed this way, so we wanted to get in a quick visit before the rush.

First time for Brandy Silva, so when you check in your team at the 2018 #USBCOpen, make sure to ask for her recommendations!

#DoYourThingAndBowl #USBCTradition #GoBowling


*Below, side one of two. Come see the other side in person!

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We were told by one friend to definitely make this a stop on Mondays for the prime rib special. So we will.

Another said it’s eclectic and delicious anytime, so we ended up stopping by last night, and it was.

The food was great and the prices were good, too. Also might make a nice spot for a team dinner during the #USBCOpen. Mangia!

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The offer is on the table. Instructions are simple, if you want to take me up on it!

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USBC- Open Championships

Over the last few months, we've been able to show you a variety of pictures of the 2018 #USBCOpen venue.

Now, we're here and days away from the start of the 201...8 OC.

Coming up this week, we've got the Special Olympics National Unified Tournament and the Syracuse BA City Tournament.

Before things get crazy, who wants a guided FB Live tour of the venue? You'd be able to see behind the scenes and ask questions, too.

Like this post if you're interested, and if we can get to 300, we'll fire up the FBL. Also, tell us in the comments below your favorite part of the OC!

#DoYourThingAndBowl #USBCTradition #GoBowling

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